Thursday, December 28, 2017

"CNN Goldman Sachs & The Zio Matrix"

Starting to get the picture?


  1. Voltaire, were he to rise from the dead, certainly would have no trouble figuring out who rules over France today. Very interesting presentation by Dr. Duke. Thanks for posting it.

  2. HPrice ( 29, 2017 at 8:43 PM

    Rational Wiki is part of this organisation: The Rational Media Foundation.

    Board members in 2014: All Board members were present: Alexander Davis (Director), David Gerard (Director), Jacob Murane (Director), Ian Rhile (Chairman, Director), Jason Shanfield (Secretary, Director), Trent Toulouse (Operations Manager).

    Any names that seem familiar? I've not heard of any of them. It's meant to be a charity, of course.


    Interesting stuff from the Ripoff Report website:

    Sound like a bunch of losers to me rather than Zionist stooges, when you hear that one of the people on the board goes out of his way to be sued by "mad people" but you never know ...

    From this creationist website, the Toulouse guy at some point was working in an university in Canada:

    (not a creationist myself or religious at all but the information is important to reference).

    More from wikispooks this time:

    It sounds like they do have an agenda, are censoring certain things, and are being noticed because of it.

    More if I find it.



    ps and this from rationalwiki about "ZOG":

    "Many conspiracy theories, particularly those that revolve around the supposed "New World Order," refer to a Zionist conspiracy to establish and maintain a "Zionist government" in the U.S. Adherents will often claim that "Zionists" control the United States for the purpose of realizing fiendish plots involving word domination. Thus, the U.S. is saddled with the Zionist Occupation Government, or ZOG. When used by these cranks the term "Zionist" is an obvious stand-in for "Jewish" — the groups using the term are anti-Semitic and/or neo-Nazi."

    I particularly like the "obvious" ... ha!


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