Friday, December 1, 2017

Is Judaism a Front for Pedophiles?

When Judaism sanctions their holy men Rabbis to do a Brit milah--circumcision--on a baby boy, the Rabbi wraps his lips around the baby boy's penis and sucks, that is oral sodomy of a baby boy, not some religious ceremony. They can hide the Rabbi sucking on the baby's penis behind a fancy sounding name--metzitzah b'peh--but its still involves an older male sucking the baby boys penis.

Can you imagine the uproar in the corrupt MSM if this was an Islamic ritual and not a Jew one?

It's estimated that this male genital mutilation and Rabbi Blob Job is performed 3,600 times a year in NYC alone. That's a lot of dick smoking.
Some of these cases involve the Rabbi transmitting diseases like herpes to the infant boy. Since oral herpes is mostly transmitted thru oral sex, where did the Rabbi acquire the herpes? From his boyfriend or someone he picked up on the street to satisfy his unholy urges to suck on baby dick?

Maybe the Jews insane self-promotion that places them above all others is why they get away with letting their holy men suck baby dick?

Jewish taste for GOY blood is so intense, when their holy men can't suck on baby dick, they find other ways to spill blood.

The Jewish Ritual Murder of White Christian Children

Matzo of Zion by General Mustafa Tlass - English Translation

In 1983, Tlass wrote and published The Matzah of Zion, which is a treatment of the Damascus affair of 1840 that repeats the ancient "blood libel", that Jews use the blood of murdered non-Jews in religious rituals such as baking Matza bread. In this book, he argues that that the true religious beliefs of Jews are "black hatred against all humans and religions," and that no Arab country should ever sign a peace treaty with Israel. Tlass re-printed the book several times, and stands by its conclusions. Following the book's publication, Tlass told Der Spiegel, that this accusation against Jews was valid and that his book is "an historical study ... based on documents from France, Vienna and the American University in Beirut."

"The eating of the foreskin for the sake of [entering] pregnancy is common among the Eastern Jewish communities. In Safed and in Jerusalem, barren Sephardic Jewish women ate the foreskin as a charm for pregnancy. In most instances, the circumcisers were ordered, in advance, by husbands of infertile women to save the foreskins for the latter, for which they [the circumcisers] also were paid. Among the simple masses of Egyptian Jewry, the barren woman would swallow the foreskin so that she would be capable of becoming pregnant. This same practice was also prevalent among the Jewish and Muslim women in Tripoli, in Northern Africa. Among Turkish Jewry, if a woman bore a child once and then ceased to give birth, she would eat a foreskin in order to become pregnant once again.
CNN report: IDF sexually abused Palestinian children

Child sex abuse scandal rocks Orthodox Jewish community after 85 arrested

Judaism is Pedophilia

Yes, Judaism is certainly a special religion front for pedos that all good Christians like the followers of John Hagee should worship. That should put you in good with your Lord Jesus.


  1. Honestly, Greg... Is this a trick question?

    I too have been equating Judaism with Pedophilia more and more these days... They seem to match too perfectly together!

  2. greville janner sodomised little boys for many many years, his pals clement freud leon britten allan freeman the amazing james randi peter wyngarde peter rachman were part of his gang conspiracy news investigated this for a prog which was aired last year, barnardos homes in particular supplied boys for these jewish men, because its part of their religious ritual, they were allowed to run free with all this perversion

  3. I would have appreciated it more if you had not resorted to photoshop, etc. The truth is enough.

  4. the graphic details are....

    well, GRAPHIC !

    Talmudic Judaism is not the story of

    the children of Israel in the Bible.

    how about those soldiers of Odin...

    600% increase in anti-semitism just yesterday
    probably triple by tomorrow

    In recent weeks, the Jewish world has been inundated with stories
    about the Synagogue of Satan TALMUDIC {{{BAD FAITH}}}
    "Jewish religion" in the ZIONIST/BOLSHEVIK TERRORIST
    so-called "Jewish state" which is DE FACTO a STOOL SCULPTURE
    DEITY CULT COMPOUND for psychopaths. Making sense of these
    stories is not easy, especially since non-Orthodox Jews are mostly
    described as desperate and despairing and Haredi Jews as
    "smugly triumphalist".....  But this is a deeply distorted picture. 
    read more: About Paranoid Schizophrenia & being "Jewish"....



  5. Dearest Davy, I always hate your comments. Can you boil them down a tad bit more? Thanks in advance.


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