Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Memes that Might Make You Sick, but Only if You're Patriotic

Memes about a subject everyone in the USA should be talking about, since it's now officially confirmed that there was NO Russiagate, but an Israeligate, where rabid Orthodox Jew Jared Kushner was directing former WH advisor Flynn to directly contact UN SC members to get them to either cancel or vote against the resolution calling out Israel's land thefts.
But no, we can't talk about Israel hijacking the Congress and WH, violating the Logan Act and other Federal laws that are supposed to protect Americans from spies and saboteurs, why that would be anti-Semitism and you don't want to be called that, do you?
From an astute comment left at another site, taking to task a JIDF/Megaphone/GIYUS thug.

The problem is that your kind control the media, and the laws in our countries WHILE prioritizing the well-being of your country over our own. You force us by law to refrain from looking out for our self-interests, and then write in laws specially protecting your interests. You destroy our countries from the inside because it benefits your country and your tribe. How in the everloving hell can't you understand that?
Here's one to get you grumbling...
Another to get that heart rate up...
We're not the only ones getting gang-raped by a six-pointed star of Lucifer...
...and finally, one that is the scariest of all.
Except their Commie-loving professors taught their budding Antifa thugs that guns are bad, we must be disarmed, hate, hate guns. But they forgot a quote from one of their heroes, Mao when he said power comes out of a gun barrel.


  1. that's what is so good about the good news from Jesus
    who so-called "Jews" must hate....

    Jesus declared emphatically that these workers of iniquity
    would be rounded up and put into ovens @ Matthew 13:39-43

    YEAHWAY !!!

    could that be the reason {{{THEY}}} have to hate Jesus so
    that {{{THEY}}} can be "JEWISH"....?

    is not a country...

    the Zionist "TERRORIST CULT COMPOUND" for psychopathic JEWISH =
    Jesus hating TERRORISTS an open strip mall for global "JEWISH"
    crime syndicate cult members...calling themselves "JEWS".

    would you recommend this ugly mug to your "friends"....,7340,L-5053069,00.html

    "Jews" with a could that happen...?,7340,L-5050109,00.html




    with Zionist "Jews" there always is...

    a new messiah for the "Jews" in Oregon...

    with a cost saving idea for the global braindeadgoy

    check this out....

    Aaron Silverstein

    Chief executive officer at Self-Employed

    We Jews should build a man made island over by Hawaii.......
    And then move the Jews in is real{sic} to the island.....
    I could buy a ship in Hawaii.... And start the building.....
    We could do a movie of the island building.....
    but I am homeless in Eugene OR.....if you got money you could fly me to Hawaii.....
    And we could buy a ship and.....start building the island....
    and we could make a movie of us.....the you tube video will make
    " big money " {huuuuge}..for you......
    and you can pay me like $40,000 before I come to Hawaii..
    For this idea .....
    about building an island for the Jews Is the best idea in the world ....
    and will make you famous.... And will save the the jews

    little short on chutzpah, but you gotta hand it to him
    at least he's looking around the corner

    then a bonnie fine lass chimes in...

    Bonnie Geller ·. . .
    Works at : Ha ha me work?

    The American assimilated so-called Jews are rapidly going to disappear
    according to a study just completed. They do not marry as often,
    or have children and if they do, often raise them as non-Jews.
    This will be a welcome relief for Diaspora Jews as these assimilated
    progressive entitled self-abosrbed Jews support the deligitimization
    and destruction of Israel, support anti-Jewish left wing organizations
    including BLM and Antifa, and vilify traditional and religious Jews.



  3. Martin Luther, JFK & Family, Hitler, Napolean, Andrew Jackson and the countless others involved throughout history missed one thing.

    This is a zero sum game.
    To play it any other way is suicide.

  4. curiously,

    the Synagogue of Satan so-called {{{JEWS}}} the Jesus hating
    TRUTH hating {{{{ASSHOLES}}}} who "BEAR FALSE WITNESS" are
    in bed with the perverts who "LOVE" the JEWS" and hate the TRUTH
    and work for the perverts that print the currency... <------- {{{{TARES}}} @ Matthew 13:39-43 !!!

    SPLC President Richard Cohen testified/bearing false witness
    before the
    ZOG U.S. House Committee on BOLSHEVIK Homeland Security about the need to
    focus on domestic terrorism from the radical right.....ADL/FBI.

    what are the freaking ODDS of that ...?

    speaking of odds...what are the odds someone might ask
    where in the hell do the "JEWISH" terrorists get their






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