Friday, December 22, 2017

Nutty Nikki Haley; Trump's Consigliere & Reliable STOOGE for Israel

It only took five nations for Nutty Nikki to get PO, throw a fit, and leave the UN voting on Trumpy giving Jerusalem to the Khazar land thieves.

After watching the seriously disturbed Nutty Nikki go apeshit at the UN, threatening nations that were getting uppity and wanting to vote their way on the UN resolution, a scene from "The Godfather" came to mine:

The only thing more frightening that Nutty Nikki's war mongering for Israel is her obviously pathetically low IQ. Just the kind of clueless buffoon Israel likes to have groveling at its blood-soaked feet.


  1. isn't supporting the global Zionist perfidy project in Palestine
    an overt act of RACISM....?

    "HOLY" Racism...?

    nothing like a healthy dose of hypocrisy from the blind guides



  2. Ya know, there is a really smart guy... the smartest in his estimation... that says all of Trump's pro-Israel acts and statements are cleverly intended to actually rein in Israel and bring it under control.

    Oh, and the time Trump recently twitted some anti-Muslim remarks, this really smart guy, the smartest in his humble estimation... it wasn't Trump who did the twitting. Someone else hijacked his account and did it. How this really smart guy knows that and can assert that?... he's really, really, really, really smart.

  3. Hey!!! Shut up you anticriminalites...Rubashkin was cheated I tell ya!!! CHEATED!!!

    You just can't make this shit up.


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