Saturday, December 16, 2017

What REAL anti-Semites Look Like

Here's the leading anti-Semitic asshole. Made worse by the fact that true Semites don't have blue eyes, light-colored hair and skin, but Bibi the Destoryer does. And like other anti-Semites, he's never happy unless he's invading or bombing or making life Hell for the real Semites.
Other anti-Semites like to pretend to be some raging mad Jihadi, blabbering about how they are going to martyr you and your family, and what are you going to do? Raving idiots like Adam Azzam/Gadahn, whose real last name is PEARLMAN. Yes, that's right, Jewed up to the max.

Then there's the Judaic foot-solders, slaving away in the trenches of Tel Aviv, posting threats to Jew synagogues, centers and schools all over the USA, Australia and Europe. Which gives the MSM copy to scream that America is turning into a carbon copy of Nazi Germany, Gassem Chambers are being built, VE must do something before Holocau$t™ 2.0 rears its ugly head.

Problem is, damn near everyone of these threats were made by Jews or Israelis posing as some neo-Nazi skinhead carrying a vial of Zyklon-B gas.

Like that punk ass Israeli teenager who used sophisticated computer masking equipment and had a BTC account worth millions to fund his nefarious activities. Which begs the questions: Who was backing this prick and why is Israel refusing to hand over this sorry fuck to the USA for trial?

There is also a Jew Fifth Column in the USA that is always posting nasty threats to Jews and threatening all sorts of mayhem. And like Pavlov's dog, the MSM reacts predictably, forecasting another Auschwitz is being built to eradicate the kindly, generous, peace-loving Jew.

Except these assholes are also Jews, the worst kind of anti-Semitic filth.
Jews that post anti-Semitic comments on websites & social media

A Jewish Harvard graduate in his thirties who was irritated by the discussion of issues involving Israel posted anti-Semitic diatribes in order to make people think that a website was anti-Semitic.

Similarly, a Jewish student admitted that she herself drew swatiskas on her dorm room door. And five Jews were arrested for painting swastikas on Israel Consulate. Indeed, there are many, many, many, many examples of this type of false flag.
Then there's the Jew holy men, who are trotted out to justify Apartheid Israel's butchering of the real Semites in Palestine, Lebanon, Syria and Iraq:

These are the REAL anti-Semites.

Any questions?


  1. some might think the Almighty has a rather twisted sense of let these "proselytes" run loose on Earth...out
    in the not even hiding...being "Jewish" with malice in a loooong time

    when specifically did the First Jesus hating "JEW" show up...?

    how does one become a "JEW" without a TALMUD...?

    With the Jews, there is no future.

    There is only their wretched past,
    stealing everything from everyone until there was nothing left
    but their own greed spewing putrescent puss over the corpses of all its victims...

    These are secretive, untrustworthy people who steal
    the reigns of power to eternally
    seek revenge over those who have no power.
    Revenge {{{ENMITYY}}..for what, you might ask?

    Well, that is a question for the sages....who looked into
    the origin of the synagogue of Satan TALMUDIC..."Jew" that was never
    a Hebrew to begin with, but a MASS MURDER FOR FILTHY LUCRE -
    {{{{BUSINESS MODEL}}}}...
    genetic offspring of the first two legged reptile..

    The Jews aim to erase everything natural and replace them
    with sick twisted unnatural "artificial creations"..perversions
    of their own synagogue of Satan design.....

    thing is if the braindeadgoy who are the Children of Israel weren't
    so pathetically stupid, and overcome with pathological altruism
    with programming oozing directly from an open sewerage outlet
    in every braindeadgoy residence called Talmudvision...things
    might get better, like overnight...just flip it

    clearly the violation of the 1st commandment has other consequences
    aside from just debt bondage...

    besides where exactly do the braindeadgoy go to collect their
    "REWARD" for "JEW" worshipping with wild eyed enthusiasm...?

    Jerusalem is the "CAPITAL" of Israel, it's in the Bible...

    Matthew 13:39-43 !!!

    don't throw the "JEW" down the well,
    put the "JEW" in the oven of TRUTH !!



  2. #unbonjuif....

    you gotta dig the irony on this one...

    Iran on Sunday criticized French President Emmanuel Macron over his
    "tough stance".. toward Tehran and said Paris would soon lose its
    " international credibility"... if it
    “blindly follows” ZOG U.S. President Donald Trump.

    Tensions between Iran and France have risen in recent months after
    the zionist lap poodle Macron said Tehran should be less aggressive
    in the Middle East,
    citing in particular its involvement in Syria’s civil war.

    without zionist perfidy, there just might be a shot at
    Economic Justice....

    No "Jew" -
    No Problem.



  3. Killing and Stealing, Killing and Stealing, Killing and Stealing, Killing and Stealing, Killing and Stealing, Killing and Stealing, Killing and Stealing, Killing and Stealing, Killing and Stealing, Killing and Stealing, Killing and Stealing.
    This is ALL Jews know how to do !!!!!
    Time for the countries of planet Earth to unite and completely obliterate this SCUM.


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