Friday, January 12, 2018

Ask Holocau$t™ ?? in Germany & Get Tossed in Prison

The Holocau$t™ junkies and fanatics are getting desperate, when they start tossing grandmas in prison for merely asking questions or showing doubts about the BIGGEST con of the 20 Century, the very lucrative racket AKA the Holocau$t™.

This brave lady got tossed in prison for merely talking about her WW II views. Jew Inc is getting desperate if they have to resort to imprisoning the elderly for Thought Crime.

Read these memes while you can. I'm sure the Holocau$t™ junkies are pushing desperately for their lackeys in the US Congress to enact 'hate' speech laws making it VERBOTEN to ask historical questions about WW II.
66 questions and answers on the Holocaust


  1. Nice work, GS.
    The world is waking up from its slumber.
    Soon all countries of this Earth will unite and put down this rabid dog.
    We have all HAD IT with these lying piece of genocidal psychotic sh*t.

  2. Oye vey, you Anti-semite, you......

    Don't forget about the shrunken heads that they claim were from "victims" of the Holy-hoax.... And don't forget about that Shits-blatt woman that claims that she swallowed diamonds daily and then crapped them out to be ingested again.. And don't forget about the 1/2 dozen or so "victims" that claim that they were at anywhere from 5-12 'death camps' and never got "gassed".....And the one that "escaped" from Auschwitz to go live with wolves for over a year....

    The ridiculousness of the entire tribe goes on and on... But the dumb-ass goyim have to give their shekels to these monsters as "reparations" that will continue long after you and I are long gone...

  3. Monika Schaefer has recently been imprisoned in Germany for Holocaust denial.

    Alfred Schaefer - January 12th Update

    Monika Schaefer - Sorry Mom, I was wrong about the Holocaust


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