Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Gaza: The Killing Zone: What's Tubby the Grifter Going to do Next to Please His Jew Overlord$$$?

Nearly fifteen years ago, an Israeli army sniper shot Tom Hurndall in the head as he tried to rescue small girls from Israeli gunfire.

Tom, 22, was a student and photographer who traveled to Gaza in 2003. On April 11, he watched as children playing nearby suddenly came under Israeli rifle fire.

Most of the children fled, but three of them, aged four to seven, froze with fear. Tom rushed one to safety. When he returned for two little girls, an Israeli sniper shot him in the head.

Despite the urgency, Israeli officials delayed his transport to specialized medical care for over two and a half hours. Tom remained in a vegetative state until his death nine months later.

Israel has the REICH to defend itself? From babies, kids and teenagers?

This is what gets 'Nutty' Nikki Haley so hot and bothered, she has to call her Mossad honey pot to come over!
What's this all about?


  1. Will Hell be hot enough?

  2. The Killing Zone is a most compelling documentary. I recall years ago seeing it at our local peace action center when I was just becoming cognizant of what was happening to the Palestinians. I momentarily joined the Middle Eastern committee... momentarily as I couldn't stomach it domination by "good"... "altruist" jews. I was quickly... and so easily considered "anti-Semitic" for my concerns for the Palestinians.

    I'll never forget the strong reaction of one recalcitrant jew to the film. He actually screamed out loud in the middle of it something to the effect of No! This is jewish!

    I originally thought he was outraged the same as I was. But I was wrong. His outrage was that the jews were being slandered so. So you get a hint from this why I couldn't stomach being a part of their Middle East committee.

  3. Oh... and I'm sure the chubby grafter is fully cognizant of the plight of the Palestinians and that in his battle of wits with Netanyahoo he has him exactly where he wants him. Not really. This a joke. Trump loves him some Netanyahoo. He's family. His mother of all peace deals implies total submission of the Palestinians. They must be good, happy, and completely pacified water carriers and hewers of wood for judaism.

  4. Oh... and the recalcitrant jew screamed something to the effect... this is NOT jewish, not possible.

  5. They can scream all they want. Short of turning off the Internet (don't put anything past these monsters!) they're in deep shit.

    They have a whole world getting up to speed.

    And when enough know...well...stay tuned, the fight

    for the planet is coming up real soon.

  6. Stunningly well-done documentary. I had not seen it before. So this actually aired on a British TV channel? If so, amazing. "James died because we trusted them to behave like a civilized Army..." Words that should be quoted far and wide.


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