Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Syrian Girl Bana Albed Asked the US for Help & This is What they Got

Syrian girl Bana asked Israel's bitch, the USA to invade Syria for the glory of Apartheid Israel. Wonder how her book deal is going?

This is the help we gave to Homs...
This is the help we gave to Aleppo, before & after we HELPED!
This is the help we gave to Damascus, at the Umayyad mosque, which had stood for 1090 AC.
And here is a pic from Israel, the main beneficiary of the West's invasion of Syria, the bustling city of Tel Aviv. America doesn't it make you swell with pride to know that we give Israel tens of billions each hear in free money; tens and tens of billions in free weaponry; tens of billion each year in loans, which NEVER get paid back and an unlimited amount of positive PR from the American (((MSM))).
Now an Iranian girl, also named Bana, is asking Tubby the Grifter for help. Will President Kushner hear the pleas of embattled Israel PM Nuttyahoo and respond to save Bibi's corrupt ass?
Just for comparison, here's a pic of what was one of USA's most vibrant, and livable cities, Detroit.
And one from Baltimore..better not wait for the next ride
America, doesn't it feel good to wage endless wars for the glory of Apartheid Israel, while watching your nation fall apart due to all the money that gets spent fighting wars for Apartheid Israel?

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  1. Just hang on...the bastards are gonna burn the

    whole thing to the ground.

    As planned.


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