Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Check to See if Your State is in the Star of David False Flag Sights

In my case, went to the State of Missouri SEMA page, that operates in conjunction with the DHS and FEMA and found several Active Shooter drills coming up. And an exercise involving the use of a vehicle to commit mayhem.

FEMA Training: Emergency Management Institute

Looks like Farmington and Troy, Missouri are having back-to-back AS drills/seminars on March 15-16. If you have kids going to any schools in that area, I'd keep them out on those dates.
You can also go to the ALICE--Alert Lockdown Inform Counter Evacuate--page to see their ALICE Training Class Calendar to find out if some Mossad assassins are planning to visit your local school. (Thought that Commiefornia was next in line for another Mossad fireworks show and tried to check that state's EMA page, but their web site and search engine is a fucking mess.)

A casual search of Arizona finds that Antelope Valley College is holding one of these 'hide in place and get shot drills' next month:
Lock Down Drills (aka Active Shooter Drills) – March 14, 2018

Main Campus (entire campus)

9:45 AM and 7:30 PM
GET INFORMED! Don't be a target that some Chabad Mossad-FBI assassin team uses for practice.
Or maybe you prefer the loving embrace of DHS and their Active Shooter Seminar, like the one held in Las Vegas 6 weeks before the Harvest slaughter?


  1. Thanks for this public service announcement. Highly recommend this alert to all parents with children in public schools.

  2. Damn! Even parochial schoos! As I seen a drill is scheduled for St. John Lutheran in Luxemburg, WI for April 12th.

  3. The Zionist entity is a documented crime factory since it's existence, it does nothing but evil. The Nazis were saints compared to the Zionist Jews.


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