Sunday, February 4, 2018

How Hasidic Jews Take Over a Town & Chase out the Gentiles

This could be your city, if you don't stop pestering God's Chosen from their mission of subverting the USA completely.
If you're living in a New Jersey town that has been overrun by Hasidic gangsters, who keep bullying the Gentile residents into selling their homes and you complain about these thug tactics, why you're just another Jew-hating anti-Semite...

Let G-d's Chosen explain to you GOY dogs why your rights to not get molested don't count.

If I was that town, I'd rename it GAZA, to reflect what it actually going on... the planned expulsion--EXODUS?--of the original Gentile inhabitants.

It's the same Jew tactic they use whenever they don't want to talk about an issue someone has brought up...a well-trained battalion of harpy's screeching anti-Semitism will shut down the debate without the original issue ever getting discussed.

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