Friday, February 9, 2018

"I genuinely want to see RAPE, PEDOPHILIA, and CHILD PROSTITUTION legalized" says Tom (((Grauer)))

Is there no depth that these humans creatures will not sink to?
How to Shift The Overton Window, or: Why You Must Support The Legalization of Rape, Pedophilia, and Child Prostitutes

Again, to be clear: I actually, sincerely believe that male sexuality should not be criminalized at all; I genuinely want to see RAPE, PEDOPHILIA, and CHILD PROSTITUTION legalized. But my point is that you must grasp the logic behind my form of propaganda. Grasp the logic! If I can get a bunch of people from FSTDS — a bastion of extreme Puritanism and extreme Feminism — to consider that puberty is relevant, that’s an indication that my strategy has at least some merit to it.
Feel like retching? No, try again...
My Dream Job is Child Pornographer

I’d like to watch prepubescents, pubescents, and adolescents performing the wildest sex acts on camera, be it through the eye of the camera as a cameraman, or through my naked eyes as the stage manager – and get paid for it big bucks. Had it not been illegalized by the Anglospheric Puritan-Feminists who have taken over the world, child pornography could have become one of the most profitable businesses out there.

Furthermore, I’d like to see a higher quality of CP. Currently, the quality is often shit, because there is no way to produce it professionally like regular porn. But professional CP would look really fantastic; imagine the hottest performances you’ve watched featuring “legal” women, only with pubescents doing the acting. Mind blowing.
This budding child rapist should be locked away. Anyone that twisted and sick that isn't already locked up, must be part of some operation, like the Mossad, that is using this monster to tear the USA apart.

Or maybe he is just a sick, twisted pedo that incurred some major emotional trauma as a child?
Another Mossad 'limited hangout' is a sludge generator called "The Daily Stormer." They could make the points they're trying to make without always using such nasty sounding pejoratives, like 'evil kikes,' or 'rat-faced Jews.'

That they use those terms like a carpenter uses nails makes them highly suspicious, since that gives outfits like the ADL--Another Damn Lie--and the hate generator SPLC the excuse it wants to paint all alt-media as some kind of anti-Semitic, Jew hating storm troopers that need to be regulated so they'll stop writing nasty stuff about EVIL Israel.

When you add in that the Daily Stormer owner, Andrew Alan Escher Auernheimer, is Jewish, then my speculation becomes fact.

Neo-Nazi Who Calls for 'Slaughter' of Jewish Children Is of Jewish Descent, His Mom Says

This noxious behavior also gives Zionist lackeys like Senator Ben Cardin (D-Israel) the backing he needs to shove that Bill of Rights busting anti-BDS bill down Americans throats. They want to conflate legit criticism of Apartheid Israel into hate speech, and make it VERBOTEN.

If left unchecked, the problem of Goyim Noticing inevitably becomes one of Goyim Knowing


  1. Vile is vile is vile. Anglin is, to me, a zero tolerance thing, I have none towards him. He tried to work me and my blog many years ago but I was out of Dodge in a nanosecond. Just a nasty little thing.

    This paedo-creature Gauer is despicable; the persona Gauer must be a planned psy-op. His wording is done with full intention of creating a reaction to his baiting. Not to mention the filth he spews. He is an Israeli Jew, looks like a settler type; we know how mad they are. Ugly as crap, too. But so are the others in the original article.

    The chutzpah to come out and state some of the filth this thing does is a sign of madness, a desperate plea for attention at the basest level. Bullet to the brain is my personal recommendation; some things are beyond rehabilitation.

    Over the years I have drawn attention to these evils but slacked off. I thought we had plumbed the bottom, well not really, but I had had enough. PizzaGate will some day explode; eventually these things will come out.

    Give this creature as little sensationalism as he obviously craves but work against him as powerfully as you can. Good post, Greg. TYVM.

    1. With ya 100%, Bro ; bullet to the brain, no hesitation. Actually lots of bullets to lots of slimy Jew brains would be so nice. And yes, Pizzagate was REAL, those smelly old Jew bags of pus using our teenager's organs to keep their decrepit old useless ugly carcasses alive many more years so that they can keep their stolen STATE of ISRAHELL in top criminal condition, oh yah. Honestly, I love knowing every Jew alive today has to someday die. My Gawd, what a glorious thought.

  2. "the Daily Stormer owner, Andrew Alan Escher Auernheimer, is Jewish"
    Wow really! Not that I go there much, I am directed there sometimes through a search result for some topic. I don't stay there long, because I am not looking for well, whatever it is this website is about. It's just vulgar bs. I read that it's compared to the German newspaper Der Stürmer, I beg to differ. I even use the cartoons from Der Stürmer because it's right. That's why they hung him.


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