Wednesday, February 7, 2018

More LIES: Jew Invention Myths

One of the BIGGEST Jew thefts of an invention was Thomas Edison's movie camera, which was hijacked by Hollywood, who didn't want to pay the fees to Edison for his patent. But the Jews did make the first porno pics.

TRIGGER WARNING! This slap in the face with TRUTH will be upsetting to good little goys and girls who have been taught to worship their Yid handlers.


  1. thanks for this.

  2. Geez, Greg.. You antisemite you..... The Jews can be credited with one invention though.. Inventing the Holocaust fable! We should all indeed give them credit for one of the biggest lies in history....

  3. They are only originals when it comes to porn and every vile thing.

  4. The Jews believe that their criminal cunning is synonymous with "intelligence."
    WRONG !
    It just makes them CRIMINALS.

  5. What have I always said? Self-important blowhards!


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