Sunday, February 11, 2018

VIVA Ahed Tamimi The REAL WONDER WOMAN..VIVA Palestine

‘A Real Wonder Woman’: Irish artist on detained teen Palestinian activist

The video below is worth going to just to read the Hasbara trolls getting bent out of shape.

Here's my favorite Ahed quote. How many anywhere would have the balls to stand up to injustice like this brave young lady?
What a courageous young lady. Standing up to the most repressive, sadistic, murderous, treacherous regime in the world.
This is what Jew Inc has devolved to; tossing young ladies and grandmas into prison for daring to question their authority.

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  1. In America, all we see are shamelessly social engineered females pretending to be women. Narcissistic, craven, angry, loud, demanding, unforgiving, stealing, evil and mean spirited. All under the protection of a liberal (insane) society that enables them. I had a disturbing dream of women neck deep in mud depicting their souls immersed in darkness. One glared at me with "What?". As if it were normal.

    Then I read about this young Palestinian girl whom I've read about before. She is an example of a modern Joan of Arc. Her fight is real. Not someone screaming because her Starbucks coffee is cold or her smartphone went dead. I'm a father of two daughters and I would be proud to call her one of my own. As it is, I am proud of her even now.

    Viva Palestinia
    Viva Ahed al-Tamimi


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