Thursday, February 15, 2018

Was the Florida Shooter Jewish?

That appears to be the case. As his last name--from adopted family--is Cruz, which is a Jewish surname.
Add in his middle name, Jacob, which is definitely Jewish and it looks like Nicholas Jacob Cruz is a Jew and not a white boy. Jacob is a popular Jewish name, since he was a patriarch.
It's possible his adopted family is a Marrano Jew, those that hid from the Spanish Inquisition by pretending to be Catholic, but kept true to Judaism.

Now let the holoHOAXERS shout to the heavens that this is anti-Semitic, while at the same time, they can blame 'whitey' 24/7 without anyone uttering a peep.

Cruz was either an Antifa member or a fan. He was wearing a RED shirt and BLACK pants when caught. Those are Antifa colors.

Antifa is a Jewish Commie outfit that is trying to destroy the USA by inciting race riots.

If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck and carries the Star of David...

One more news item you WON'T see on ZNN.

Student: There 'Had To Be Two Shooters' Because I Talked With Suspect Shortly After Shots Were Fired


  1. The following is quite a lot, hope it gets through the commision.

    The marrano jews enlarged the then already existing Amsterdam houses to the now wellknown grachtengordel (canal belt) in a menorah shaped form. Found myself living there for 2 decennia . Beginning opposite the Rijksmuseum which houses Rembrandt’s Nightwatch. The central axe of the Rijksmuseum can be seen as the menorah’s central pillar.

    Have since quite some time a diff. view on Amsterdam and its place in human history. Amsterdam muf (=musty) open air museum that is sinking away in its talmud shit.

    Since 2 years Amsterdam has a official holocaust museum. It of course already had it’s Anne Frank museum. Good old fake news by the fake 'jews’ which is swallowed by an ever increasing tourist tsunami from all over the globe.

    (Based on my own esp & normal daily perception + rationalisations I can say there is a whole lot of practicing magica judaica going on – which helll on earth means child/fuck/ kill & the delicatesse on their menu list: little child arms and as aperitif superieur: child blood drinking - in private houses and public places as well when there are naturallemente no s.o.s. synagogue of satan members present.

    The Spanish kings from 1492 up to Juan Carlos and offspring are crypto jew satanists too, seen through that lens. The move up North to Antwerp / Amsterdam and from there to England was necessary since Marco Polo and his back pack Orientation and return to the Occident aftermath had after he had died met a major accident. The Silk Road the highway that Polo took - also travelled by JC several times- was blocked by war road blocks in the Ottoman empire and the Spanish who had gone through a Intifada against the Muslim rulers after 800 yrs had to find another way by sea to get to the wells of the Muslim culture which enriched Spain: India, China etc.

    Which finally led to the ‘discovery’ of the America’s by marrano Christopher C. :

    Chicago based Dane Calloway has eyeopening recent videos on this still relatively unknown historical subject.

  2. Let's see if his SCUM-race buddies can get him out of this situation. Hehehe, welcome to prison, SCUM. Hope you're ready for some REAL action now, hehehehehehe.

  3. I wish my peeps would understand that this is fake. But, alas, they don't.
    They seem to believe everything presented to them. Huh.
    Let's go and read wikipedia, shall we? They sure are on top of things, aren't they?

  4. Jewish? Child please. The whole thing is jewish.

    1. ...or rather, the synagogue of satan. Those that say they are jews, but they're not.

    2. Holocaust class and Sheriff Israel, not to mention the hilarious overacting from jew mother, screaming on msm.. And the kids that know all there is to know about the NRA!!!

  5. Ugh, I'm through with it. Disgusting.

    1. You can't throw a cat without hitting a jew. Disgusting.

      I'm not anti-semetic.
      I'm just anti-jew. Capiche?

    2. semitic/semetic:
      Someone look it up please?

    3. Apparently Israel thinks it's a big deal.

    4. They think they have the U.S.

      But they don't. Not really.

    5. Hey BIBI, go fuck yourself, you asshole.

    6. ISRAEL, go fuck yourself, asshole motherfucker.


  6. Name, Nickolas means peoples victory, de Jesus, Cruz. translation....Peoples victory over Jesus and the cross.


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