Thursday, March 15, 2018

Apartheidism in Action--Zio-Gangsters Demolish Home(s) in Wadi Joz, East Jerusalem & USA

Where's Wolf Blitzer? Where's that 'Fair and Balanced' news outlet?

If even one Jew Khazar home had been demolished by the Palestinian Authority, all Hell would break loose and the Zio-press would be on the scene for days, running around-the-clock sob stories about the kindly, peace-loving Jews Khazars who only want peace and how they're fighting for their lives, and existence against the Palestinians mobs.

Home demolitions in East Jerusalem have occurred at an average rate of 50 per year since 2004.

"But muh Holocaust! Think only of that GOYIM or else!"

Palestine isn't the only one living under the Zionist boot of tyranny, here's a short primer on the Jew occupation of the USA. Take the US Treasury Department, which Jew Inc has a stranglehold on. Guess there's no available Gentile candidates to fill this powerful position.

When not working sabotaging the Treasury, these fine fellow and gals stay in DC, taking positions in the WH and on the National Security Council, which helps inform the president when to go to war.

Wolin was succeeded by Yacob the Jew AKA Jack Lew.....It's good to be the King!

Click here to see the list of Treasury officials... or maybe it's a Bar Mitzvah guest list?

Sigal P. Mandelker is in command at the Treasury's sham outfit on terrorism and financial intelligence, which is the bureaucratic twin of the 'War of Terror' against the Muslim world. A monster that was spawned after the Israeli masterminded 9/11 False Flag.

Before Siggie, it was run by Adam Szubin. The answer is YES.

Mandelker is a 'former' Israeli? WTF that means, I don't know, since Jews don't relinquish ties to the Mothership.

That outfit is supposed to go after money launderers and FINANCIAL crimes--" safeguard the financial system from illicit use...", but I'll bet most Americans don't even know they exist, since they are AWOL when it comes to Wall Street money laundering and financial crimes. They spend most of their time and OUR money conjuring up new and punitive sanctions against Iran and Russia.

Economic sanctions are a form of warfare, which is what we waged against Japan back in the 1930's and 40's and you know how that turned out. Just think what might of happened if Japan had nukes to use, because Russia sure as Hell does.

Below is a good article that lays out what those traitorous SOB's are doing in American's name. The current Under Secretary is Sarah Bloom Raskin. Before her, it was David COHEN, who went to the CIA for two years, before leaving to go back into the public sphere. Don't worry about the CIA, since Tubby the Grifter has appointed a Jewess as Director who's very adept at torture and destroying criminal evidence

Between the Zionist Jew control of the FED and US Treasury, they've got the USA by the short hairs and all we can do is gaze with stupefied faces at our HDTV.

This is the 'soft side' of occupation, the Palestinians know first-hand what the other side looks and feels like. But they do go after 'bad guys' here in the States, like Farmer's Markets. And oversee casinos, which must make Sheldon Adelson a very happy and rich fucker.

And don't even ask, don't even think or question why there are so many Jews, most of whom have dual-citizenship with Israel, don't ask why so many Jews are in control of our nation's economy.

Some may be wondering why it matters that so many Jews are in charge of the USA's vital departments, like the Treasury, the FED, State and are all over the Pentagon. Here's why:

Picture still a little fuzzy? That's understandable, since the same parasites control the MSM, which fills your mind with what they want you to see, not what you NEED to see. Let's try again!

WTFU America, there isn't much time left to take back our nation before the parasites suck all the life and wealth from our marrow, and set off a nuclear war with Russia.


One Jew quits Tubby's Economic Council and another Jew, Kudlow, takes his place.

If you want to see how clueless--or a true inside 'Made Man'--is, click here to see how a former coke-head--and now head of the Economic Council--viewed the oncoming 2008 MBS disaster.

Yes, it's good to be the King!

Spain: The Jews that opened the gates of Toledo


  1. Just a great, comprehensive overview of the nature of the danger that faces America! This article should be wi
    dly distributed

  2. No. There's no need to panic. These things are foretold. You will hear of wars and rumors of wars, but don't worry. These things must happen.

  3. "list of Treasury officials"
    Yep, full of them Yids, alright.

  4. it is time we are concerned with world peace, pleasee


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