Monday, March 12, 2018

Laughing at the Most Sacred and Holy Holocau$t™?

"There are now more than 100 Holocaust museums and research centres throughout the US and a Holocaust monument in nearly every major US city." [That was written in 2002. Since then, the US Holocau$t™ hot dog stands have proliferated, as there are more than 150 now.]

"The omnipresence of the Holocaust is evident in the coverage devoted to the subject in the two most politically influential US newspapers, The New York Times and The Washington Post. In 1996, for example, The New York Times published more than 500 Holocaust-related articles, The Washington Post more than 300. And the trend seems to be growing."

Dedicated historian and man of principles, David Irving.

Alison Chabloz is on trial in the UK Court of Inquisition for ThoughtCrime. She dare ask questions--in a musical way--about the Most Sacred and Holy Holocau$t™.

Evidently, Judge Torquemada allowed in to the Court Dungeon Alison's friends and supporters who find the usual Holocau$t™ nonsense to be frivolous.

What will these devilish GOYIM think of next? How dare they laugh at the most important event in history, the one that keeps on giving to us Juden! The world must NEVER forget that we are the eternal victims!
Karl von Hohenstauffen writes: “Just to let you know that you [Mr Irving] were ever-present at the court hearing on March 7, 2018. There was Alison Chabloz sitting in the dock listening to the rubbish spat out by Prosecution Counsel, and your name came up loud and clear, linked with the name of Adolf Hitler. . . There was so much laughter in the public gallery that the judge threatened to empty the gallery if there were more signs of support. The number filled the gallery so the judge allowed some to sit right inside the main courtroom. The trial will continue and the next sitting will be in May where the final submissions will be made.
What foul deed did this Alison Chabloz instigate?

She dare ask historical questions about WW II! The brazen hussy!

Here's a video by this GOY harlot. Naturally, JEWtube has made it VERBOTEN, so you will have to sign in so the SPLC can get your IPA, then contact the DHS, FBI and FEMA to let them know to add one more to that 'list.'

How I managed to recruit the enemy and claim victory by Alison Chabloz

Time to teach these uppity GOY a lesson! First, we toss their women into prison, then VE VILL come back for the other infidels. Truths? We don't need no stinkin' truths, GOY, just worship and moar shekels.
Implication of the Prosecution’s case is that Truths could be illegal

The background to the prosecution

Ms Chabloz denies three charges of sending obscene material by public communication networks and two alternative charges of causing obscene material to be sent. The case involves three songs which the Campaign Against Antisemitism (CAA) claim are anti-Semitic: Survivors, Nemo’s Anti-Semitic Universe and I Like The Story As It Is.

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) refused to prosecute the case originally but after the CAA started a private prosecution and threatened a judicial review of the CPS’ refusal to prosecute, the CPS agreed to reverse their original decision and take over the private prosecution.
Karen Robinson began the day by outlining the prosecution’s case. Importantly she made it clear in her opening remarks that the case was not about whether the holocaust existed or how many Jews died. Rather, it was the level of insult generated by Miss Chabloz ‘s songs which was the issue. Robinson allowed that material resulting in insult was within the law but gross insult was not.

"There's no bu$ine$$ like show bu$ine$$, cause SHOAH bu$ine$$ is the only bu$ine$$ I know"

Songs of the Shoah by Alison Chabloz

Converting suffering into shekels

OMFG! Ausshitz? Dachau? Madjanek? No, these are piles of German corpses set on fire after the February 1945 fire-bombing of Dresden, a non-military target.
Where's the "Dresden" holocaust museums? Or the Dresden charity's that take in an endless stream of money for this REAL WAR CRIME? There are none, as they weren't Juden, who have cornered the market on phony suffering.

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  1. When Israel is finally attacked and is begging for help from the world, the ENTIRE WORLD will turn its back and gladly watch as the world's most vile people are obliterated into ash. This time there will be a real Holocaust with NO survivors, and the Jews will have earned the ire of the world. The Jews are sooooooo stupid. They really think they can force-feed the rest of the world their pathetic lies. OMG, do they have any idea how much we are all going to enjoy watching them BURN ?


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