Friday, March 30, 2018

List of Contributions SJW's have made to the World!

"I have not yet begun to Flame!"
This might take two blogs, the list is so long.
H/T to those lovable maniacs at ED!

Even that fount of knowledge bullshit, Wikipedia, has drastically changed their Social Justice Warrior definition from January 2018 till now.
“The problem is, that’s not a real category of people. It’s simply a way to dismiss anyone who brings up social justice — and often those people are feminists.”

Vice’s Allegra Ringo
Let's check in on the sleaziest--for now--SJW that is thriving like a recently plopped turd in the toilet, except someone just reached for the flush handle...

Tick tock tick... Davie, your 15 minutes of fame shame are almost up!


  1. White men are terrorists ? You're right, the White Race known as JEWS.

    1. Jews are NOT WHITE! KHAZARS are actually Indo-Turkish and Mongolian in origin, and have absolutely NOT one single drop of white blood in them all...

      Some intermarriages between white caucasians and other Europeans over the millennia have put some 'WHITE" blood in them, but the majority are absolutely NOT white!


  3. I once mentioned that durian fruit stank (it does have that reputation) and some SJW accused me of being a racist. They're completely off their rockers.


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