Saturday, March 24, 2018

Parkland Crisis Actors Striking out with America

Fuck these little punks, who are either being paid to act like belligerent assholes, or they've spent so much time in mandated Holocau$t™ classes, they can no longer think for themselves and are taking a page out of the eternal victims playbook of NEVER AGAIN.

The day of the FALSE FLAG, some/many of the students were in holoHOAX classes, learning how to play victim by the pros.

Bet they don't give a damn that at least NINE people are killed each day while texting and talking on their not-so smart phones.

Looks like GMA readers know the score.

I don't recall any of these sob sisters crying about the millions we've butchered since the Israeli masterminded 9/11 False Flag.

Oh, that's right, those are GOYIM and not worth the Juden's time.

Maybe these punks should ask why Broward County Sheriff ISRAEL told his deputies to hide behind their cars when the massacre was taking place and why their radios went dead during the slaughter?

Or who really did the shootings, since the patsy Cruz's gun jammed?

I've got to cut this short, as I need to go out and buy some ammo, then put in some target practice shooting.


  1. I think more effort in police control
    They kill more people per year than school shootings
    Why I think these brainwashed teens should start another march
    It is called
    Stop police from impulsive shooting
    Some day you will get pulled over driving drunk
    The police will think your beer bottle is a gun
    Dwell on this please
    thank you

  2. one of the highlights was a teenage girl hurling while reciting a poem,




  3. I'd like to know what you really think.


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