Friday, March 9, 2018

Tonight on "What's in it for Israel!"

Good evening and welcome to another showing of "What's in it for Israel." I'm your host, Wolfie Blitzer bringing you more Talmud approved news.

We'll open this edition with an intense panel discussion on the subject, "Should Americans be giving more free money and weapons to glorious Israel?" Stating that those GOY Americans should pay at least 50 billion a year to their occupiers is Mr. Stein. Taking the opposite view and demanding that Americans should give at least 100 billion a year to our dream is Mr. Berg. The moderator will be Rob Steinberg.

As in the past, our dear Goy Toy, Senator Lizzie Graham (Likudnik) will be on hand, but will neither be seen or hear, as 'Lizzie' will be at his usual spot, under the table, on his knees, with his mouth working OT.

After that, we'll be taking callers who want to know why GOY have sexual relations with dogs.

Then we'll talk about the Internet; do Israel and American Jews have enough control of the 'Net or should our deep-pocketed billionaires buy up ALL domains to ensure that only Kosher approved messages and memes get published?

We'll end the program with readings from various Holocaust diaries of some of the 6 gorillion survivors who are living in absolute poverty. Something must be done about these poor souls and we demand that Congress act NOW to make sure they live a life befitting their position.

Our call in number is 1-800-666-1984 and our web site is Kill the GOYS


  1. HEE HEEEEEEEEEEEEE, I love it, Greg. Someone not afraid to let out the damn truth about these scumbagging cunts. Did you ever think that LYING could evolve ? Like the layers of an onion, lie upon lie upon lie so that no one knows where the truth really is anymore ? That's the Jew for ya, what a serious bunch of goddamn LOSERS and evil dicks. They still cannot figure out WHY THE ENTIRE PLANET OF EARTH HATES THEM. How long can these deluded pusbags exist in a state of denial ? Hey, HAHAHAHAHAHA, that's what we should call the place ; not the State of IsraHell, no no, it should be called THE STATE OF DENIAL !!

  2. Please read in, all Americans . . . Wondering what those sonic booms are, going on all across the country ? That's right, you guessed it ; the Jews are detonating thermite explosive charges on all major fault lines across the USA. If they cannot beat Trump, then they are gonna take it right to the citizens of this country by destroying their land and their homes directly. The result of these blasts ? You guessed it ; EARTHQUAKES. I highly recommend EVERYONE to get Earthquake insurance, and NO, I'm not an insurance salesman, no Siree, I am a Jew-hating sonuva bitch who knows evil when he sees it. Alert your authorities to this diabolical plot to destabilize the Earth's crust. These leftist pricks are not stopping until they destroy America, by hook or by crook !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. "alert your authorities"....define "Authority"

    when specifically did "Jew" worshipping psychophants,
    or Mass Murderers for filthy lucre,
    get some so-called...."Authority'...?

    problem is stupid "JEW" worshpipping braindeadgoy won't
    stop with the "JEW" worshipping long enough to extricate
    or "LEAVE" the "JEW" worshipping cult compound.....

    incidentally stupid will never change true...

    and Abraham was not a "JEW"...! <------- FACT !!!

    "Israel" cannot be a "JEWISH" {{{{PROSELYTE}}}} "STATE"
    as "JEWS" can't be Israel !!!

    {{{MONEY CHANGERS}}} & {{{PHARISEES}}} are the
    Synagogue of Satan ....Anti-Israel ...Economic Terrorists
    who may have FAUX-Authority only as long as the ACTUAL
    TRUE "Children of Israel" {white people Nations} believe all
    the "JEWISH" lies...John 8:44




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