Saturday, April 7, 2018

Are these Memes anti-Semitic?

Just a rhetorical question, as damn near anything Jew Inc doesn't like or understand or wants to control or which its suspicious of or which Jew Inc wants destroyed is branded anti-Semitic.
And my favorite, because it's so TRUE..
But as we all know, truth is anti-Semitic, Rabbi Shekelgrubber said so!

Here's some more anti-Semites, mostly based in DC, who always cheer-lead for endless wars against Israel's existential enemies, paid for with American blood and wealth, but not Israel's.

The usual suspects assholes are in this doc, Kristol, Joshua Muravchik; Meyrav Wurmser; Richard Perle and Michael Ledeen. All Jews and always agitating for endless wars against Israel's existential enemies, paid with American blood and treasure, but not Israeli blood.

As one commenter said...

Susan Ray: They are a Zionist Mafia make no doubt about that. Most of the PNAC signers hold dual citizenship with Israel/ USA, and hold the Israeli interest in the #1 position. They use the American Military might, and the funding of the American Taxpayers to achieve their agenda in the Middle East. It's about expanding Israeli borders, and making Israel the #1 power in the area.


  1. white people nations should become enamored with truth & justice

    and abandon the "Jew" worshipping insanity....perpetrated by the

    owners of the Lie Factory....whose OFFICIAL BUSINESS MODEL is

    Mass Murder for FILTHY LUCRE...

    ....if the proselytes to Talmudic Judaism didn't HATE JESUS

    {{{THEY}}} wouldn't HAVE to be "JEWISH"...!!!


    only the spiritually BLIND are real NOTSEES !!!



  2. expanding Israeli borders, and making Israel the #1 power in the area

    ...and, of course, exterminating all the grunting subhuman goyim

  3. white people nations

    White people

    What? What else do White people want? Please tell me what we all want for white people. As if they're all one people. Here's my ad hominum:


    1. I do agree about the Jews and Israel though. I'm extremely angry right now (AGAIN) so forgive me, if you would.

    2. are there any other nations that out rank the US & UK
      in paying for the Zionist Global Mass Murder for filthy
      Lucre crime syndicate cult compound...

      although heavily invaded with multicultural invaders
      - economic refugees, both the US & UK & Europe & Canada
      are still White Nations in bankruptcy to the money changers
      you might call Synagogue of Satan "Jewish" bankers Mullins
      wrote about in The Secrets of the Federal Reserve

      trick is to focus on the mug shots...
      and the cui bono...



  4. Just passing this on...
    Israels Internet Censorship War
    Ryan Dawson
    Published on Apr 6, 2018

  5. antisemitism is such horse shit. Even the real Semites, the Arabs, don't use it. The dog that barks the loudest...


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