Sunday, April 15, 2018

How to Trick G-D!

14th-century sandstone sculpture of a pig with two people in identifiably medieval Jewish hats suckling at its teats and another holding a piglet’s ear. An additional Jewish person lifts the tail while looking into the sow’s rear. Written above the relief is an inscription with the words, “Rabini Shem Hamphoras.” This nonsensical reference to the Jewish appellation of God’s name, added after Luther’s time, quotes a derogatory comment in one of Luther’s writings.
Those crafty Jews are so smart, they can even outsmart God or G-d, after all, he/she/it is only a divine being that made the Universe, while the Jews created everything else, like misery, occupation, terror, financial con games, False Flags, subjugation, thieving, murder and more stealing, especially of land. And they created the BIGGEST con of all time, their holoHOAX fraud.

From Israel Shahak's book Jewish History, Jewish Religion: The Weight of Three Thousand Years. on page 40.
Milking on the sabbath. This has been forbidden in post-talmudic times, through the process of increasing religious severity mentioned above. The ban could easily be kept in the diaspora, since Jews who had cows of their own were usually rich enough to have non- Jewish servants, who could be ordered (using one of the subterfuges described below) to do the milking. The early Jewish colonists in Palestine employed Arabs for this and other purposes, but with the forcible imposition of the Zionist policy of exclusive Jewish labor there was need for a dispensation. (This was particularly important before the introduction of mechanized milking in the late 1950s.) Here too there was a difference between Zionist and non-Zionist rabbis.

According to the former, the forbidden milking becomes permitted provided the milk is not white but dyed blue. This blue Saturday milk is then used exclusively for making cheese, and the dye is washed off into the whey. Non-Zionist rabbis have devised a much subtler scheme (which I personally witnessed operating in a religious kibbutz in 1952). They discovered an old provision which allows the udders of a cow to be emptied on the sabbath, purely for relieving the suffering caused to the animal by bloated udders, and on the strict condition that the milk runs to waste on the ground. Now, this is what is actually done: on Saturday morning, a pious kibbutznik goes to the cowshed and places pails under the cows. (There is no ban on such work in the whole of the talmudic literature.) He then goes to the synagogue to pray. Then comes his colleague, whose "honest intention" is to relieve the animals' pain and let their milk run to the floor. But if, by chance, a pail happens to be standing there, is he under any obligation to remove it? Of course not. He simply "ignores" the pails, fulfills his mission of mercy and goes to the synagogue. Finally a third pious colleague goes into the cowshed and discovers, to his great surprise, the pails full of milk. So he puts them in cold storage and follows his comrades to the synagogue. Now all is well, and there is no need to waste money on blue dye.
Since Das Juden are forbidden from doing any work on their Sabbath, does that mean they don't wipe their asses after shitting? In the USA, that's no problem, as their are plenty of Nana Pelosi's, Ben Cardin's, John McCain's and the rest of the American Congress Knesset around that will gleefully lick their asses clean.

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  1. Most of them believe Jews are their own Messiah.

    Rabbis have quite a few quotes about either outwitting God or Him requesting their advice.

    We have plenty of evidence of their facile tongue-twisting ways which they have been "spelling" us for millennia. On one level of this evil, there is usury and creating money out of thin air. There is the judicial system.

    You think God would have a chance against these crafty folk? I do believe He is letting their accumulating hubris do the job for Him.

    (Ever the optimist, me.)


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