Monday, April 23, 2018

Is it Pronounced GOOGLE or JOOGLE?

What's GOOGLE JOOGLE Been Up To?
Who is behind this deliberate genocide of the White Race?

Are you starting to see a pattern?


  1. Honestly, Barbara Lerner Spectre is one goddamn stupid Jewess bitch I'd like to decapitate and stick her lazy-eyed fucken head on a pole on Pennsylvania Ave.

  2. My neighborhood is becoming Indian... Indian IT workers displacing American IT workers thanks to Northwester Mutual Insurance. Their car of choice seems to be the BMW, not used, brand new. Why does NWI do this? Labor costs and control.

  3. well kumbaya...Rabbi

    problem - reaction - solution

    when did that start....

    means - motive - opportunity...

    and the ever present question....cui bono

    H. L. Hunt wrote a book

    Fabians Fight Freedom...

    ....which contains much in the way of explaining
    why so many people in America "JEW" worship

    in Isaiah 3 look for some YIDDISH speaking "JEWS".

    now look at Isaiah 4:1...and axe the preterists

    WHEN did that happen, and define : REPROACH

    And in that day seven women shall take hold of one man,
    We will eat our own bread, and wear our own apparel:
    only let us be called by thy name, to take away our ...
    .... "reproach"....

    just sayin'...blasphemy, scoffing, and mocking
    is the BAD FAITH religion, and knowing the truth
    is the exit strategy...

    from the "JEW" worshipping cult
    compound for dung doodling psychopaths & miscegenating
    BRAINDEADGOY....that Jew worship by watching TALMUD VIISION

    Spring time is for new growth...Chance' Gardener



  4. Present papa di Roma F. Bergoglio and a few days later at the same spot .M. Google Zuckerberg were both beheaded at the Vatican Plaza de San Piedro because of their livelong daily Baphomet Breakfast habits at least a set of baby arms - together with the aperatif of baby blood – make a devilish day.

    My esp alter ego(s?) went through a lot of heavy changes during March beginning April 2017 in for the first time in this life as far as I know in Berlin. It led me away for 2 months from being active on the net.

    Landed somehow after a long street wandering that sunny afternoon close to the spot where I arrived in a hotel called the ´Messe hotel am Funkturm´ (Funktower)

    At the corner of the Wundtrasse (the Woundstreet) and the Spiegelstrasse (the Mirrorstreet) a set of Mayan wall street paintings of a restaurant led me to to the hotel next to it.

    A sympathetic woman in her beginning seventies gave me a room with a view on the spaghetti tracks of a main train station late in the sunny afternoon. I did not sleep at all the following evening night morning hours.

    Looking in the mirror of the bathroom while standing in the room outside for all these hours not seeing my own mortal form but having all kind of high frequency visions.

    Right after this terribly long session ended – experienced esp fellow mortals will know that it is absoultely impossisble not to pay attention to these visions or else the one who gets them will lose his/her very life- I sat on the bed, a calm voice announced the beginning phrase of this piece of superior non-sense.

    This I found in Valencia, Spain for the first time back on the net today in connection with the above non-sense. The Messe hotel is advertising on this site.

    Bergoglio, Google are promising a bunch of Zuckerberg(en) (sugarmountains). People on this planet using the net feel themselves like a kid in a candystore.

    In India M. Zuckerberghchen 1 or 2 years offered PM Modi to supply free internet to the whole of South India. It was blocked.

    To my info it was in my normal daily waking state that it was Leuren Moret who explained the danger behind these diabolical plans. But then again, I was not active on the net and this info reached me the last two months.

    The keyboard of the computers is brought on the market with a certain ´glue´ which attracts the sweat of the one using the keyboard on it. With a a certain ´plasma apparatus´ hanging, hoovering above a certain area the sweat is soaked up/in.

    Clones are made with it. The good news: Mark Z., Francis B, Wladimir P. , Donald T. and a lot of the bad guys puppits are clones themselves.

    Google, goglio etc. are in Dutch connected with goochelen, performing magic tricks.

    There are forces at work in the world today that are capable to outdo the plans and practices of the satanic rabbis of the s.o.s. synagogue of satan - and their non joo collaborators- who make of their own joogle inner circle stanic rabbits that end up as satanic robots.

    CIA O

  5. There u have it, the Berlin Messe hotel advertisement is all of a sudden disappeared.

    Berlin, I read that day as

    BE Righteous Love Immer Nun.

    A thing, or perhaps better said a no-thing that these pathetic satanic ones are not aware of.

  6. U don´t believe zis, Greg.

    The Messe Hotel advertisement has been moved to, today:

    CIA O

  7. Have not watched tv for 99% of the last decade. Every now and then picking up a slice: a few days ago Donald T. - who has jew roots in Germany - was visited by Angela M. in the WH.

    The day after the thorough Messe Hotel massage in Berlin I suddenly came to esp visit Frau Merkel in the night at her quiet modest house after a nightly long obscure promenade avoiding the mossad police as I call such ´officers´ whom I more than often encountered in Holland, a jew colony par excellence.

    Many US police wo/men get an important of their training by the mossad in Talmudistan (aka Israhell aka Rothschildstein /Anne Frankenstein itself).

    Not so in the Netherlands as far as I know. These cops (are not nercessarily jew themselves, , lie in bed with Tel Aviv) are completely fake, extremely brutal, don´t have any police training whatsoever and have access to all the regular uniforms, cars and all other equipment and are sexually abusive. If you let them.

    The ´normal´ police force know about this corrupt dominant role of these elements but (cannot) do anything about it.

    Somehow despite knowing her political moves, giving her the benefit of evolution, I found Frau Merkel still sympathetic till then. Frau M. helped to avoid the shift of mossadpolice at least I thought so. She had offered me a house in another neighbourhood which used to be her mother´s.

    At her table in the morning in the lighted living room, all curtains etc. were closed she suddenly confessed being a full jewe/ss and being a full fledged ´satanic robot´.

    I call it ´wandelende medicijnkastjes´ walking medicine cupboards. It is rampant. This instant karmic echo happens more than is known in the so called alt. media with a lot of s.o.s. jew insiders due to the diabolical ideology of this ´holy´ book itself and to the hiearchical surpression of the satanic rabbis who force their flock to child sex-and-sacrifice.

    Their mental state is a mess. And they are increasingly put on heavy medication (acids) themselves.

    Their skeleton is mostly not made of bones anymore. But a artificial mix of metal and other unknown material. Their intestines are not natural anymore. More a sort of plastic.
    In the end stage the skin is more a sort of textile stocking covering theartificial structure of the skull.

    These rabbis in their penguin suits are that far developed in most cases also. Like many known people in the media of the ´free´ West.

    Some IT wizard - a stepson of Jacob Rothschild the Talmud rabbi- in his late twenties with whom I had a close bond was put on me is taken out of the human circulation fur immer as is Herr Bauerotshild from Frankfurt himself.

    After the demasque of Frau Merkel a large conference of some 666+ satanic jews from everywhere was organized with their ´mossad meters´ esp. directed at my mortal frame. Not the first time. Too much to describe.

    The following echo throws some light on the Berlin circus that took place:

    Am still breathing. To U All Stay In he Light That & You Are Do The Right Thing.

    CIA O

  8. Check out:

    Julien Romanovsky-comment:

    She is not only a zionist stooge, she is jew.

    The nxt Julien Romanovsky comment - in reaction to not accepting the Merkel is jew thesis - was not placed :

    jwa stands for jew womans archive, that Merkel is regarded by them as a jew woman is proof enough that Merkel is jew.

    I posted there for quite some time at the dm site, till december 2013.

    Julien is a young Roma (gypsy) born in Romania in 1994 together with whom I had terribly strange esp XYZ Files encounters with Frau Merkel at her house March / April 2018 in Berlin.


    gj-comment April 29, 2018 at 2:39 PM


    Angela btw did not confirm the Adolf H. sperm, but she confessed to be a Kinderfresser.

    CIA O


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