Monday, April 30, 2018

Parkland Opportunist David Hogg Introduces His Campaign Manager

Parkland, Florida--David Hogg, who was at home when his fellow students at Stoneman Douglas High School were getting massacred by FBI/Mossad assassins, said he will run for a political office in Florida, then for a US House seat.

Saying he was a bit of a neophyte when it comes to politicking, Hogg today introduced his campaign manager, Richard 'Dick' Schlong. "I've thoroughly investigated Mr. Schlong from every angle, and came to realize that Mr. Schlong can deeply penetrate into any opening that I want to exploit," said David.
"I plan to use Mr. Schlong many times, to ensure that my political views are slammed into everyone that needs a good education on what real power feels like. Mr. Schlong has always satisfied my needs in a most hard and fast way," added Mr. Hogg.

Reporting from Parkland, Florida, this is Mike Hunt for GNN.


  1. Picking on children again. You brute!
    Know that was not typed with a straight face.

  2. Hey Greg, Did you see nutty behavin nuttier again yesterday with his powerpoint presentation about iranian juju? :)

  3. Florida has an Israeli firster gov and an Israeli firster congresswoman. Hogg will fit right in.


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