Tuesday, April 10, 2018

President Assad Showed Compassion for GOYIM, for that He MUST Be Punished

President Assad must not of received that command from Jew Inc that only the most scared and Holy Holocaust is to be worshiped, any kind of calamity involving us GOYIM is NOT to be talked about, let alone recognized.

For that blasphemy, he and Syria must pay dearly, and Tubby the Grifter will obey his master Nuttayhoo's command to bomb the living hell out of Syria.
The 10 million Ukrainians that the Bolshevik JEWS starved to death don't count, as they are just GOYIM, fit only for the slaughterhouse.

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  1. how undeniably...."Jewish" !!!

    the Modern day so-called "JEWS" will never be the children of Israel

    "Israel"...is not a "JEWISH" state of PSYCHOPATHIC -
    Proselytes to Talmudic Judaism...a truth hating
    Bad Faith...religion

    Synagogue of Satan PSYCHOPATHS....can be "JEWS" until hell freezes over
    but {{{{THEY}}}} will never be Israel....in the Bible.

    all the global "JEW" worshipping insanity could end today !!!

    the BRAINDEADGOY need to stop being JEW worshipping braindeadgoy
    by simply knowing the Truth....about the Jewish narrative

    Jesus @ John 8:44 ...identifies the SNAKES/hypocrites, who curiously
    at that time had never heard of the word..."JEW".



    While most of his fellow Jesus hating PSYCHOPATHS called "Jews"
    were being killed {housed} and brutalized {fed} in
    Nazi death camps and ghettos, Baruch Shub and his Jesus hating
    "friends" were hiding in the forests of the former JEW BOLSHEVIK
    Soviet Union, trying to undermine the Nazis by derailing trains,
    burning bridges, sabotaging communication lines and ....
    killing the occasional collaborator....See Under the Sign of the Scorpion
    by Yuri Lina...and setting the record straight by Ernst Zundel


    “You couldn’t really fight the German army,
    given our means, but we did our
    best to disrupt them,” recalled the 94-year-old Jesus hating psychopath
    “Whether or not it made a difference, I don’t know. . .

    But it gave me a great sense of joy that at least I was doing something
    to get even with them.”

    As the Psychopathic Mass Murderers in the Synagogue of Satan cult compound
    in Palestine marks its annual HoloHOAX memorial day,
    those aging survivors who actively resisted and helped shape the
    cult compound for psychopathss fighting spirit are quickly disappearing.
    Shub is among perhaps only a handful of remaining Soviet partisan fighters.
    Only two remain from the greatest symbol of resistance of all —
    the 1943 Warsaw ghetto uprising.

    The Psychopathic CULT COMPOUND for Jesus hating "JEWS" will come to a
    standstill Thursday for its annual remembrance of the MASS MIND CONTROL
    and GLOBAL EXTORTION RACKET scheme...the Holocaust’s official LIE
    6 million victims. . . . and not the 400 Million NONJEWS mass murdered
    for filthy lucre in just the last 100 years

    It falls on the same date on the Hebrew calendar as the Warsaw uprising —
    the ultimately doomed revolt that played such an important role in
    redefining the cult compounds psychopathic reason to exist on stolen land
    in Palestine.. . Khazars aren't from Palestine !!!

    http://2uniteall.com/about/....see Birobidjan, the "Jewish" homeland !!

    Even the day’s official name — “Holocaust and Heroism Remembrance Day” —
    alludes to the image of the Jesus hating Jewish psychopaths upon which
    the cult compound for psychopaths was dung doodled into being by
    the stool sculpture deity cult compound financiers...i
    the same Money Changers that Jesus whipped from the Temple treasury
    3 times...and identified as the spawn of Satan . . .John 8:44 !!!

    Truth is hate to those that hate the Truth...it is what makes
    {{{{THEM}}}} ....JEWISH !!!

    no one on Earth Has to believe all the Lies that ooze from
    the cult compound for dung doodling psychopaths...

    knowing the truth about the Jewish narrative is the exit strategy






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