Friday, April 20, 2018

Take this Test to see if You are anti-Semitic!

Answer the following questions with a simple YES or NO.
1. Do you now realize that the Holocau$t™ was/is the biggest FRAUD of the 20th Century that Jew Inc used to keep their eternal victim status so they could guilt the world into letting them steal Palestine using murder, terror and ethnic cleansing, at the same time, tricking the world into supplying Israel over 70+ years of hundreds of billions in free money, untold billions of free weapons and the ability to act with impunity anywhere?
2. Do you know that World Jewry helped set off WW I and WW II to help them steal Palestine and set up their gangster state, that has threatened to nuke the entire planet, using their SAMSON option, if they feel threatened from sane people reacting to all the murders and land thefts of Palestine, Syria, Egyptian and Lebanese land and their de facto control of the USA, England, France and Germany (and other nations), the MSM, NATO, the central banks and most of the so-called humanitarian NGO's?
3. Do you understand that American and Israeli Jews control the US Congress, State, WH, Treasury, the MSM & Hollywood, those Wall Street TBTF banks and use that power to not only loot tremendous amounts of wealth from the entire world, but especially Americans, and also use that power to constantly scare Americans with tales of Muslim boogieman, which we react to by destroying nations Israel doesn't like?
4. Do you now know that 9/11 was an Israeli masterminded False Flag, designed to turn the USA into a carbon-copy of Israel, filled with Americans who have been trained to literally worship Israel and Jews, and at the same time, violently hate Muslims to the point that we automatically hiss, jeer and hate the mere mention of the word Muslim, demanding that the WH kill them all for Israel?
5. Are you starting to understand that Jew subversive outfits like ADL and SCLC realize that their phony Holocau$t™ imagery doesn't have the impact like it used to, so they are now demanding legislation against free speech, calling it necessary to stamp out hate, but in actuality it's to protect Israel from BDS sanctions and allow Jews to keep what they've stolen, both in Palestine and in the West and to make illegal asking historical questions about WW II?
SCORE: If you answered YES to at least one question, you are anti-Semitic. If you answered YES to more than one question, you are a neo-Nazi, Jew hating anti-Semite that needs to turn yourself in to the nearest DHS compound so they can re-indoctrinate you as to how Jews are loving, kind, giving, compassionate and so much like us that we just have to support our only ally and only ME democracy GOYIM!

On the other hand, if you answered YES to at least two of the questions, congrats for still being able to do research, think and come to your own conclusions without having Jew Inc telling you what to think.


  1. Sucks I answered yes to all of them.......

  2. when {where..} exactly as in "LASER BEAM PRECISE" the Old Testament....
    Genesis to Deuteronomy 33.... does one find a so-called "Jew"...?

    Israel cannot be a synagogue of Satan CULT COMPOUND...unless the
    WHITE PEOPLE NATIONS turn into JEW worshipping BRAINDEADGOY !!!

    REPEATING "JEWISH" LIES...will never change true...

    The Synagogue OF SATAN cult compound not "Israel".

    Israel is a people...Gen. 49 & Deut. 32 & 33...and
    not a cult compound for "JEWS" who must hate Jesus and have
    a copy of the Talmud...and be "JEWISH"...PSYCHOPATHS.

    all TARES...@ Matthew 13:39-43...go directly into the Ovens
    OF TRUTH...and right soon

    Remember Shadrach Meshack & Abednigo.. & Waco.



    Stupid shit is so obvious now, isn't it ?
    They're not as smart as they think they are.
    The only goddamn problem is that they have 2000 nukes pointed at the world and WILL USE THEM because they are mass murdering bloodthirsty psychotics !!

    1. Yes, the crazed fuckers would, thinking that their G-d would protect them from the bombs.
      What will happen is that they will get that holocaust they fantasize about.

  4. Oye vey... I also answered yes to every one of these..

    Does that mean the goose stepping Canadian jack booted thought police will be coming to my door to arrest me for "unclean" thoughts?

    1. Maybe, go to Germany and you VILL get arrested.

    2. The holoHOAX lies are coming apart faster than Jew Inc can make more laws to make VERBOTEN discussion of WWII history. My guess is that they willget really nasty right before the whole sordid mess falls apart, maybe even start WWIII to keep their lies intact.

  5. The reason IED's, RPG's, ATGM's, Knives, Grenades, Sticks, Rocks, and Fists were invented. Misery index off scaleable levels. Grrrrrr

  6. Those questions show just how lame the 'anti-semitic' label really is!

    ie: anti semitic because you don't adhere to the thought police edicts

    Never mind how totally and completely pointless the very misleading anti-semite meme is, as it is commonly applied

    since the vast, vast, vast majority of Israeli's are not semites- therefore one cannot be anti that which does not exist in reality

    Now if we want to talk about the Palestinians as semitic people... which they are- then that makes the Israelis anti semits

    The Big Lie...I'm just sayin

    1. Yeahway,

      and truth is hate

      and self defense is terrorism

  7. I'm anti-AshkeNAZI.

    Semite only refers to the spoken language. Yiddish is not a Semitic language.


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