Monday, April 16, 2018

Using the teachings of the Talmud to Attack Syria

Wonder who is really behind attacking Syria?
So it's anti-Semitic to be against War? How Jewish! War is Peace, GOYIM don't you ever forget!


  1. pretty much a slam dunk

    flush the toxic stoolage down the drain,7340,L-5231477,00.html

    know the truth about the Synagogue of Satan
    "Jewish" narrative....John 8:44

    Americans could exit the cult compound...Today !



  2. I too have been slammed for being "antisemitic" at my blog, Greg... It goes with the territory...

    According to the Jew freaks, the Talmud is great... Where else would you find writings that having sex with 3 year olds is OK, and having sex with children under the age of 10 is "nothing".... And where else would you find writings that teach that Gentiles are "subhuman" and the "best" of Gentiles must be killed...

  3. It's too incredible that anyone can keep falling for the same identical pretexts. Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria. Gaza. Seriously people have to be stupid not to catch on by now.

    1. They have been made apathetic. They just don't care much.


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