Thursday, April 5, 2018

Why Won't my Two US Senators Reply to my Email?

The two from Missouri are Claire McCaskill (Dumbass Party) and Roy Blunt (Retard Party) and they are both tried and true friends of Israel.

Sent them both the following email over a week ago and still no reply. Used to get a reply with 48 hours, but those were usually canned answers that didn't mean squat.

Guess the computer reading this email, the "IZZY 6000000" can't come up with a reply.
I see where the Congress just gave Israel another 700 + million dollars, even though Israel had requested around 200 million. How is it that Congress never tires of giving free money and weapons to Israel, while ignoring that our nation's infrastructure is falling apart?
I-70 alone is crowded and within 10 years, will be bumper-to-bumper from KC to St. Louis, but you don't care, do you? As long as you take care of Apartheid Israel, you don't give a damn about America or even Missourians.

Tell me, after a long arduous day of kissing Israeli ass, do you use mouthwash or do you let the foulness remain, so you can savor the taste?

Do Missourians a favor and resign, I'm sure some DC think tank will hire you to do what you do now, sing the praises of Israel and constantly badger Congress to give them more free money.
To Roy the Goy Blunt, I also added, "Once you resign, I'm sure your buddy, Sheldon Adelson, will give you a six-figure job, so don't hesitate, resign today."

Blunt is a die-hard fan of Israel as you can see by the legislation he either sponsors of co-signs.

Thought my email posed a legit question, so why don't they reply?


  1. being a good employee for the global crime syndicate is not

    just a job it's an adventure....

    zionist knee-pads required

    it's a tsunami of solidified JEW POO

    Top to bottom

    {if you don't pay them they don't work for you}



  2. Gotta love that money smile !!!!!!!!!

    1. That's the smile from a Zionist junkie who knows he's about to get another fresh load of cream in his mouth.


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