Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Any American that doesn't want to fight & die for the glory of Apartheid Israel is a neo-Nazi anti-Semite!

We should be glad to see our sons and daughters getting killed for Israel's regional expansion plans and not complain when gasoline goes to $10 a gallon and our economy collapses, after all, it's for our friend and ally Israel that we suffer this minor inconvenience.
Everyone knows that his Imperial Majesty Netanyhau needs a to expand the invasion of Syria with the carpet-bombing of Iran, to help keep Bibi our of prison for corruption, fraud and perjury.

So Americans need to get behind our Imperial Overlord and do his bidding to expand Israel into Eretz Israel. Israel needs our blood to survive and only Jew-hating anti-Semites would protest being used for Zionist machinations.

Look how prescient Bibi was in regards to our invasion of Iraq!
FLASHBACK: Netanyahu Said Iraq War Would Benefit The Middle East

“If you take out Saddam, Saddam’s regime, I guarantee you that it will have enormous positive reverberations on the region…the test and the great opportunity and challenge is not merely to effect the ouster of the regime, but also transform that society and thereby begin too the process of democratizing the Arab world.”
So c'mon America, lets back Israel and her American Jew Sayanim who are pushing us into a another war for the glory of Apartheid Israel!
WE must get behind Israel, since so many holohoax survivors are living there and we can't abandon those poor dears!
WE must support the pedophiles that Judaism lets hide behind their cult religion, paying them money to slurp on bloody baby boy stump. If you don't support this, you're another Hitler!
Netanyahu Provides Stunning New Evidence That Iranians Planned Sacking Of Babylon In 539 B.C.


  1. Greg,

    Suppose Larry killed Curly but Moe was sent to the jail by a loony tune judge. Is that even possible? Of course you silly...very much so!!

    Iran ordered to pay billions to relatives of 9/11 victims
    A federal judge in New York on Tuesday ordered Iran to pay billions of dollars to parents, spouses, siblings and children of more than 1,000 9/11 victims, court documents obtained by ABC News show.

    Do you recall any of those box cutting knife wielding 9/11 clowns from Iran? Hmmm....

    1. Very timely announcement by the judge. What's next, another verdict announced by Judge Hellerstein?

  2. "And we must kill them. We must incinerate them. Pig after pig... cow after cow... village after village... army after army... and they call me an assassin. What do you call it when the assassins accuse the assassin ? They lie, they lie and we have to be merciful for those who lie ... those ..........NABOBS !!"
    Colonel Walter E. Kurtz

  3. There is zero truth to the "Jewish" narrative...John 8:44 !

    dig that "JEW" chutzpah...from Rudy Ghouliani...!

    exactly how many TRILLIONS has the "Jewish" narrative cost
    the "White People Nations" the last century

    aside from the 400 million mass murdered for filthy lucre

    believing "Jewish" lies really, really stupid
    toxic sludge has no value,

    for the living,7340,L-5249347,00.html

    “I must take this opportunity to address Abbas’s shocking statements over
    the last few days.
    Anti-Semitism doesn’t create a ‘dialogue’,
    there is no negotiating with anti-Semites.
    The State of Israel will always seek peace with its neighbors,
    but it will never accept those who do not recognize...." its "
    rights to exist,” the Zionist PSYCHOPATH.."president" declared
    very, very "JEWISHLY"...!!!

    exit the cult compound of "JEW" worshipping insanity by simply
    knowing the truth...about the "Jewish" narrative...!!!

    why are all the psychopathic assholes in the "Jewish" terrorists cult compound
    always so "JEWISH"...?



  4. Oye vey... You "antisemite" you... How dare you bash Gawd (Satan)'s "chosen ones"...

    You want to know something.. When I was first told about the diabolical insanity of the sickness of Judaism and their twisted and psychotic followers 42 years ago, I thought "oh come on now, there is no way in hell that anyone on planet Earth can be this evil".... But since then I have known different!

    These creatures truly are Satan (if such a creature does exist)'s children and the most diabolical evil imaginable... They all must be destroyed or this planet will be destroyed!

  5. how odd of god to choose the jews . . .


    in the first five books of the bible there are no "Jews".

    the stool sculpture deity cult compound is like a magnet
    for psychopathic shit for brains..."Jews".

    curious that



  6. Germany shows signs of waking up.

    CIA O

    1. Hooray for Germany. Maybe they'll start fighting back against the Jew Occupiers.


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