Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Are French Students the Only Ones that Have Balls? And can a Map be anti-Semitic?

Send in the French Gestapo and arrest these hateful anti-Semites who dare question Israel's G-d given right to massacre Palestinians and steal their land!

Now look at these maps, both show Palestine and neither show Israel, so does that make these maps anti-Semitic?
But most importantly GOYIM, nevar forget the 6 gorillion or else we'll see some more Mossad-CIA fireworks.


  1. Hi Greg, it is obvious why the "freedom fry" opps Frenchies are getting inundated with evil gay muslim attacks left and right!

    Came across this twitter post via Reddit -don't agree with anything else about this guy's opinion but this is a gem:

    "One person died in a stabbing by a Muslim in Paris yesterday.


    And the President of the United States, and conservatives nationwide, condemned it.

    55 Palestinian protesters were shot to death today by Israeli snipers & Democrats are radio silent. It's appalling."

  2. Evil is growing, all headed up by Israel.
    When is the entire planet going to wake up and send EVERYTHING it has right down on Israel's fat head ?
    These people are a DISEASE, a MALIGNANT CANCER spreading all over the globe.
    Do nothing and you WILL BE CONSUMED !!
    Remember though . . . RESISTANCE IS NOT FUTILE !!


    Vegetarian ham question: are jews a cancer that have to be cut away entirely to save the rest of the body of humanity?

    November 2015 I happen to visit on a rainy evening for the second time in me present life the koshere broodjeszaak Sal Meijer at the Amsterdam South Scheldestraat.

    The first time was beginning eighties: I could not stop crying over all the suffering of the jews - one morning having breakfast heavy on the Coca in the jew broodjeszaak (breadshop) Sal Meijer , Nota tussen de Bene in the company of Rob vd Plas reporter of the Viva – noticing the yarmulk on the skull of a coffee drinking fellowmortal beside me.

    I bought a rose at a flowershop at the other side of the street that rainy day. Entered the kosher shop. On the wall a big painting of a yellowish white big building.

    Wanted to give the owner whom I – jew wise - recognised in an instant as the one of 30 years ago. Typical jew head. He refused.

    I reacted with a pakkie shag for you folks will not be possible any longer. Which was understood telepathically as the Samson option. by him and possibly his wife and some shady figure near the window. The only ones in the shop.

    Left the kosher place. In the rain I realised the person at the window was Tex Rubinowitz.

    Tookk him my esp ora@laboratory from Leipzig to Nova York where the Twin Towers once stood. Made himself at a flat roof cut himself to 3.000 pieces. Which he did.

    Heard afterwards that the broodjeszaak was closing in december but is reopened in october 2017.

    Vegetarian ham question: are jews a cancer that have to be cut away entirely to save the rest of the body of humanity?

    CIA O


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