Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Behold a Pale Horse

William Cooper Predicted Rise in School Shootings in 1991 Book

William [Bill] Cooper, author of conspiracy best-seller "Behold a Pale Horse," predicted that there would be an agenda to ban guns in America via staged school shootings. Bill Cooper predicted this long before anybody else in 1991, in chapter twelve of the book.

In the book William Milton Cooper says that governments will manufacture and use any catastrophic event in order to further the global agenda in destroying America’s sovereignty, by confiscating guns owned by citizens.

He further states that there will be a definite rise in school shootings, which will be used to justify stricter gun control laws, saying:
Cooper also predicted the 9/11 Israeli masterminded False Flag in early 2001 and was murdered that Fall by govt agents sent to 'arrest' him.

Then there's this. Who's really shooting most of those kids?

Investigators Admit Victims in Texas Shooting Could’ve Been Killed by Police Fire


  1. The 'lone gunman' narrative didn't work for the JFK assassination official version
    and doesn't work now. There are always the fools who lack common sense.

  2. Jews are at it again, no doubt whatsoever.
    We must call them out into the streets and deport every last one of them NOW !!

  3. Behold Bollyn

    Stumbled today on this article about Ken O´Keefe, who is definitely a zionide agent:


    The writer meets O´Keefe at the 2013 Awakened State conference in Edinburgh where they were both speakers. He puts Bollyn in this article in the category 9/11 disinfo agents.

    It confirms what I know about CB. 2 yrs ago from my esp ora@laboratory (too much & weird for words for now).

    One concrete note: Bollyn spoke some time ago at Louis Farrakhan´s Nation of Islam. They push Bollyns work. I favoured it a long time too.

    LF openly used the termn satanic jews during a lecture of the Washington million men march.

    CB used a painting of some Christian Saint killing satan, who was clearly a very dark skinned type. Ever since the LF/NOI connection with CB he changed a more neutral illustration.

    Here more question notes of colleague journalists on Balloon (as CB is called here)


    CIA O


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