Monday, May 21, 2018

Grown Man Orally Sodomizes Baby Boy & Gets Paid to B a Pervert

The degenerate starts commiting oral sodomy to the baby boy around the 1:25 mark..

Why is this sick ritual allowed? You know if Muslims did this instead of Juden, all sorts of Hell would be raised. But since its Jews slurping on bloody baby boy stump, it's Kosher. They can call it a fancy name--metzitzah b'peh--and let the pedo Rabbi utter some Kabbalistic spells, but it's still a dirty old man sucking on a baby boy's dick.

Like these perverts are doing, and getting paid to be degenerates...


  1. Some more jew notes:

    Pedophilia ‘Rampant’ In Orthodox Judaism:

    (...) Actually, the existence of pedophilia is not Orthodoxy’s best kept secret. What truly cannot be uttered by the Jewish community or media worldwide is that the Talmud, Judaism’s highest legal authority, encourages pedophilia.

    If this fact became widely known, it could destroy Judaism as one of the world’s great religions. It would confirm millennia of “anti-Semitic” accusations (beginning with Jesus’ incendiary attacks on the Pharisees) that pharisaic Judaism is based on gutter values (..)

    Most synagogues in JEWrope (dont know about the S.O.S. synagogue of satan buildings in the JEW/SA or elsewhere) have 24/7 special polizei protection,

    Irony diabolique: every synagogue is a crime center from where the lying, robbing etc. culminating in culling the herd of ´them goys´ by Us Yidz

    Alas, the wish of the jew gets aborted (jew without balls).

    CIA O

  2. Look Who Is Behind the Push to Legalize Pedophilia in America:

    A young orthodox jew woman is speaking out on Metzitzah b´peh MBP (on msm) (vid: 3.30)


    CIA O


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