Sunday, May 6, 2018

"Oy VEY, Picture Proof of Holocaust Torture Devices, OMFG!"

Look at what those fiendish Nazis invented, a pedal-powered skull basher!
Read this and see if your eyes don't tear up....from all the laughing at this nonsense
What other gruesome fates awaited Shlomo, Moshe and Manny? Those evil Nazis used a machine to masturbate those poor Jews to death. Oh the horrors!
Read their testimonies and then deny the unmitigated horrors of muh Holocau$t™
I'm crying so much, I can't see the keyboard...What's a poor GOY to do?
All kidding aside, holoHOAX lies have lethal consequences for those living under the totalitarian rule of the Khazar Jew impostors..

As Many As 150,000 Jews Served In Hitlers Military


  1. Oye vey, Greg.... You "antisemite" you.... Are you saying that people like that Jewess "Shits-blat" are liars...Heck, Shits-blat's story about swallowing and defecating diamonds for years must be true, right????

  2. I have studies this part of w w 2 for 60 years, and this is so good its nice to see the truth for a change

  3. Joseph Goebbels in his diary makes reference to Hungary's Jews. Looks like Goebbels the insider and one of Hitler's closest confidant's thinks something completely different is going on. According to the official narrative the deportation of the Hungarian Jews began on April 29, 1944 when a train load of Jews were sent to Birkenau. In ten short weeks 400,000 were alleged gassed there. Did Goebbels (one of Germany's primary Jew haters) not get the memo? Curious indeed.

    Apr 18, 1944 (II.12.44)

    The Führer then explained to the Gauleiters the background of his campaign in Hungary, and how it was designed. He gave an amusing description of his talk with Horthy. He had to use strong-arm tactics because the old man was not comfortable with the necessary measures. The Führer left him in no doubt, that either it would be a fight to the death or that he had to submit. The Führer had so many forces to apply to this campaign that Horthy offered no serious resistance. In particular, the Führer expected contributions from Hungary of food, oil, manganese, and people. In particular, he wants the 700,000 Jews in Hungary involved in beneficial activities for our war effort.

    Apr 27, 1944 (II.12.199)300,000 Hungarian Jews have been detained and imprisoned in the concentration camps. They should come, in large part, to Germany as a workforce. Himmler will take care of this; above all, they are to be used for our difficult war production programs.

    May 4, 1944 (II.12.232)

    Our plenipotentiary in Hungary, Veesenmayer, gives an excellent speech on the decisive Hungarian factors. …In particular, it’s to his credit that the Hungarian potential is now in large part requisitioned for our war efforts. Also, the Jewish Question is now being handled more energetically. I insist that the measures taken against the Jews in Hungary have a factual basis. It’s not enough that one only announces in the press what happens, but one must also explain it. In Budapest the Jews are starting to be gathered into ghettos. The ghettos are built in the vicinity of the armament factories, because air attacks are likely there. It is hoped thereby to avoid British-American attacks on Budapest, if at all possible.

  4. The gassing of 6 million jew Mitsterblichen did not happen during Weltkrieg Zwei. Only the Kremlin and the WH run by jews want us to believe it.

    But did the ´Black Holocaust´ during the Transatlantic slavetrade aka the Middle passage
    actually happen?

    The story of slavery in the US is not a choice as Kanye West says recently but is a lie. He is applauded by the present resident of the WH for it.

    Chicago based Dane Calloway – he is digging up much hitherto unknown material in the US Lbrary of Congress and puts his pieces of evidence in vids viewed by millions.

    ´Slavery did not happen the way we were all taught in compulsory educational institutions.

    The majority of our ancestors were not in chains and shackles nor did they come of a sailboat (with no motor) from West Africa '

    You tube does a lot of creative bookkeeping with the amount of viewers.

    DC (in gj words)

    First half of the last century (jew professor, gj) Melville Herkovitz- his father is a Hungarian jew his mother is a German jew- inspired by his (jew professor Franz Boas of Columbia university launched this piece of social engineering extraordinaire.

    Boas is also the boa constrictor of black American prof. of Atlanta university W.E.B. Du Bois who is the Urheber of the NAACP, National Association Advancing Colored People)

    Jesse Jackson launched based on this the term African American.

    Jesse Jackson is said to be involved in the murder of MLK.

    DC at 12.50:

    ´Palefaced foreigners were the once who came by the millions by boat in the late 1790´s reason why the Census starts then & Why they don´t tell you how many Whites it took allegedly 12,5 millions Africans from Africa. It never happened´

    Conclusion: this ´Black holocaust´ invented by above mentioned academic misformed intellects never happened.

    What did happen:

    13.32 : Records prove, that our ancestors were already here, prior to the arrival of any pale faced foreigner.

    The missionaries who were Catholics and Quackers came up with the idea to buy land from the French on the coast of Africa in order to ship our ancestors from America to Africa.

    CIA O


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