Tuesday, May 29, 2018

What a Coincidence! Ships w/Palestinian Wounded R Trying 2 Leave Gaza & Bottle Rockets Get Fired Towards Israel!

Amazing, simply amazing the number of coincidences involving that SLC that terrorizes the ME and the world, Israel.
Flotilla carrying Gaza wounded set for bid to break Israeli siege

Two boats are set to sail from the Gaza Strip in a bid to break an Israeli-imposed 11-year siege which has prevented medical supplies from getting into the coastal enclave and patients from leaving.

Scheduled to set off on Tuesday morning, the vessels will attempt to carry a group of approximately 30 people, including protesters wounded in weeks-long demonstrations along the Gaza Strip fence with Israel.
Tuesday morning? Wow, what a coincidence that those bottle rockets came flying from somewhere to somewhere, giving Israel the chance to show the world how tough it can be with kids and women.
There's also another Aid Convoy heading to Gaza, but we mustn't let those do-gooders interrupt Israel slowly starving to death the native Palestinians. Only vile, evil, Jew-hating anti-Semites would want that aid convoy to reach Gaza and the severely wounded to get medical treatment.

One thing's for sure, Israel doesn't want the world to see pics of those horrible wounds Gazans are sustaining from Israel using banned exploding ammo and testing other weapons.
Gaza Doctor Accuses Israel of Using Exploding Bullets, Israeli Ambassador Calls Norwegians ‘Nazis’ for Denouncing Gaza Massacre

A trauma doctor treating the 750 severely injured Gazans in the Great March of Return massacre (17 were murdered and their suffering has ended, though their families will continue to suffer), offers evidence that the IDF used exploding bullets to maximize the damage done. The injuries are horrific. There’s a reason dum-dum bullets are illegal under international law.
It's amazing how many times Israel can be at the scene of a crime(s) and claim innocence, like they were on 9/11, filming the WTC attacks, laughing and hi-fiving each other. They just happened to be there, that's all.


  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LQLFk5nMASg

    CIA O

  2. The uploading date of this vid by jew sewer tube Publicado el 14 dic. 2017 is deceptive:

    ´An Israeli police man strangles a palestinian Child to death on saturday during the protest of US embassy move to the Jerusalem. The innocent boy even read Kalima e shahadat before dying. Despite many attempts by groups to upload this video to the Youtube, its been consistently removed and deleted from google, Facebook and youtube. pls make this video viral so that it reaches all the media.´

    CIA O

  3. This vid seems to be from Malmo, A Swedish (mossad?) policeman of 90 kilo on a tiny (Morrocon) boy. Most probably uploaded by a Tel Aviv troll.

    The killing of innocent unarmed (wo)men and children by the NaZios is assembly line in Gaza Watching those vids: they do get an orgasm out of it.

    Whites in the west are victims of migrant-migraine - especially the Muslim variant – injected by their yid controlled govt. after 40 – 45.

    Average heavy couch potatoes- not even just the white ones – will think in between the beers and the potato chips - deport this muslim scum to the Gaza dessert. Programmed as they are: the gaschamber survivors over there they do mow the grass.

    Netanyahu aka Mileikowsky: Aus mit die Witz

    CIA O


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