Friday, June 1, 2018

Ausshitz Exposed Using 3d Technology

a 3d Working model of Auschwitz. This is for educational purposes.

The Holocaust can be explained easily. A Yiddish rumor got spread on the trains that Jews were being killed in showers. This rumor would later go on to become the Biggest Lie in History. The rumor was exposed massively with the mainstreaming of the Internet. International Jewry did not foresee the coming of the Internet which is how the Holocaust is being exposing. This is why the Jews hate the internet.

"Youse GOYIM better stop asking questions about the most lucrative con Jew Inc has ever pulled off. Get back to worshiping our most Holy Holocaust or else we'll knock down some more skyscrapers!"
"Stop printing ziss truth or ve vill make trouble for you, GOY!"
What this Holocau$t™ nonsense is really about...
Life does imitate art...
Jews Slaughter 80 Animals at the Rafah Zoo

A little respite in the Gaza war zone was the Rafah zoo. The only contact most of the children had with live animals, even ordinary ones such as squirrels, goats and tortoises was at this small zoo. Among the zoo’s more popular exhibits were kangaroos, monkeys and ostriches, which the children had only seen on TV. But Israel would even crush this small light of hope.

On May 22, 2004, the IDF soldiers entered the Rafah zoo and shot most of the animals. After 10 minutes of shooting they demolished the two acre zoo with bulldozers.

Maj. Sharon Feingold, an Israeli Army spokeswoman, first explanation was a tank may have accidentally reversed into it. Later she acknowledged that Israeli forces had pushed through the zoo, but only because their initial route had been blocked by explosive charges laid by Palestinians.


  1. Damn it, Greg.. You anti-scamite, you!!!!

    Auschwitz also had a full fledged maternity ward.....And a full fledged medical facility for treating injuries... All that and more in an "extermination" camp, which shows how ludicrous the Jew lies are!

  2. Jawohl, the truth about Durchgangslager Auschwitz, it was a Spa.

    CIA O

  3. The video about the Auschwitz Spa is taken out by j-tube. Very telling.

    Juri Lina´s writes about one of the m.o.´s of the jew Checka police in the USSR.They captured people (mostly White Christian Russians) in a net and then villified them.

    With the net of the internet the smell of the 6 million gassed yids evaporates. Together with the empire of these vampires.

    The jew Checka morphed into the KGB in 1954. the year nazi prince Bernhard founded Bilderberg in Arnhem, the Netherlands. Nazis and commies both financed by j-bankers likewise:

    In 1948 (same year UNO & the is not real state) their Checka morphed into the Mossad.

    Ben Weintraub 'The Holocaust Dogma of Judaism: Keystone of the New World Order'

    If Oprah really wants to Win her Souls Freedom let her revisit Auschwitz. Jew Weasel is burning in hell already. She started well years back exposing the jew satanic child abuse and killing: the very basis of the 6 million numero.

    6 million jews 10 news-papers 1915 - 1938

    Old lies about 6 million jews underwent a Made Over: the first 6 million yids were not gassed.

    CIA O

  4. Very nice site! Thx for sharing my work!

  5. GJ comment at Aangirfan 2 june 2018

    The very basis of the Deep State or call the beast by its name otherwise u can forget thge feast the Jew State-is the 6 miliion numero

    Check Out :

    CIA O

    the following note on putin put on hold, so I share it now here:

    The last line of Bro Nathaniel article Deep State for Jews : If we don’t start naming the Jew we’re all going to be in deep s##t. 

    That´s exactly what he should do: he still sells the meme that Wlad Kremlin resident P. is an Orthodox Russian Christian. Just a little horizontal homework only learns that WP is in bed with Swamp Trump the present WH resident and that they are both crypto jew errand boys of Chabad Lubavitch.

    Did he ever come across the many old authentic Russian icons that picture the ancient Hebrews and the historical figure of JC as pretty much darkskinned?

    His saviour in the Kremlin is in charge of whitewashing them.

    Unfortunately Leuren Moret is caught by the same disease: Putinitis.

    Funny this endline of uncurable - certainly in his case- putinitis patient BN. It coincides with the name of the blog that Goon Squad Greg links to today: 

    The vid of the Spa that was Auschwitz is taken out by j-tube:

    The dis-ease putinitis falls in the malignant category: contropo, controlled opposition.

    CIA O

  6. A long thread but here is the holo litmus putin test (which also makes La Moret questionable)

    Litmus test putin :

    Jan 30 2018 at the jew museum called a Center of Tolerance as well (ah, irony) in Moscow his Chabad Lubavitch bedfellow Netanyahu whose biological fathers real name is Meilikovsky was there too.

    Already in 2014 P. signed a law that made holocaust-denial punishable:

    Putin also spoke at this occasion out against Holocaust deniers, calling them “not only stupid but also shameless.”

    Top rabbis see P. as the jew god king:

    In humility to the Ever Present Source of Life: in the vertical AUM work in my ora@laboratorium I had quite a few close heavy esp encounters with this satanic pathetic lap-top-dog of Chabad Lubavitch. (again too much / weird for words for now).

    Last but not least:

    CIA O


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