Monday, June 25, 2018

More Holocau$t™ LIES "There's no BUSINESS like SHOAH business..."

I'll give Jews one thing, they sure do have a vivid imagination. Imagine being able to come back from the dead! Nothing is impossible when you have a G-d on your side!
"Shlomo, watch out for dose knives, they're not Kosher approved!" A mountain of ashes over 75 FEET high? Yeah, someone was definitely HIGH when they dreamed up this bullshit.
"But who will gibs me moar shekels when the truth comes out?"
And finally, the winner!


  1. (The screwed head is not the head of Bobby Fischer ?)


    There was no Holocaust. The jews are liars. It’s time we took off the kid gloves with these parasites

    Chess World Champ Bobby Fischer shares his vision on the jews, september 2000 (a year before 911)

    ´Well I am hoping for a Revolution in the US and the jews will be kicked out of power and get wiped out. I like to see a lot of top jews get excecuted. Maybe hundreds of thousands should get excecuted in the US. And the rest should go to some kind of cocentration camp, to be re-educated. However long it takes.”

    Fischer´s mother was j. but did not raise him in a j.way. No mohel cut or sucked his pee tube as a baby.

    In 1984 – 12 years after he became World Champion Chess in Reykyavik- BF went through the ceiling when chabad lubavitch rabbi schneerson tried ´to bring him back to the fold´.
    Fischer wrote a letter to the Encyclopedia judaica, to skip the story they had on him.



    ´You know they invented the Holocaust story. There was no holocaust of the jews in World War II. Jews were always bastards throughout history. They are liars, they are the worst pieces of shit in the world.

    They mutilate their own children.

    What’s the difference between a good jew and bad jew? The good jew fucks you slower.

    There was no Holocaust. The jews are liars. It’s time we took off the kid gloves with these parasites.

    The United States is a farce controlled by dirty, hook-nosed circumcised jew bastards.'

    His bones rest in Reykyavik since January 2008. His Soul stamped a sample. threw the RotSchild (rothschild ? - wrath child killers, their 24/7 basic ritual - is giving in to these satanic psychos) clique from the Island.

    CIA O

  2. BF didn't mince word when it came to Juden. He knew them from the inside and disavowed his heritage because it disgusted him.


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