Wednesday, June 13, 2018

OY VEY, Another holoHOAX Movie Comes out When Israel is Mass-Murdering Palestinians? Wow, What a Coincidence!

The Jewtube link for the latest Holocau$t™ mind fuck "Operation Finale" is here, I refuse to put such nonsense in video on my blog.

The movie propaganda BS is about German Nazi SS-ObersturmbannfĂĽhrer Adolf Eichmann, and how brave sneaky back-stabbing Mossad agents captured poor Adolf.

But I bet they don't mention that Eichmann HELPED German Jews move to Palestine, in what was called the "Transfer Agreement" or Haavara in Yiddish. That was in force from 1933 to 1942, when the Germans could no longer afford to give money, transport, industrial, farming and business equipment to the Jews Khazars stealing into Palestine because the Rothschild Armies of the West and East were closing in on Germany.
By 1937, only about 24,000 German Jews had left for Palestine, prompting the Nazis to double their efforts. To help coordinate the Nazi-Zionist project, von Mildenstein [well-educated member of Germany's covert intelligence service] recruited 30-year-old Adolf Eichmann, who'd been spinning his wheels in the SS.
Eichmann wasn't the sharpest tack in the Nazi drawer, but he was a hard worker who knew how to get people's attention. He reached out to the top leadership of the Hagana, the real power behind the Zionist movement. Founded by the first Zionist settlers in 1920, the Hagana smuggled Jews past British patrols and actively (sometimes violently) sought to protect Jewish interests.

In February 1937, Eichmann arranged a meeting in Berlin with Feivel Polkes, a high-level Hagana commander. In exchange for encouraging Jews to leave Germany, Polkes asked the Nazis to relocate Jews to Palestine. Eichmann agreed. During this period, the harsh truth is that both sides felt increased persecution of the Jews would benefit their causes. During a second meeting later that year in Cairo, Polkes confirmed that the Hagana leaders were pleased with Nazi policies because more Jews were coming to Palestine. By 1939, another 36,000 Jews had moved there from Germany.
That a Jew would serve with Der Evil Nazis wasn't unusual, in fact, according to a study by Bryan Mark Rigg, history professor at the American Military University in Virginia, at least 150,000 Jews served in the German armed forces.
Or that Eichmann had MANY Jew relatives, but we're supposed to believe he wasn't a Tribe member? And claimed not to be anti-Semitic, he just hated Arabs, the REAL Semites.
Eichmann claimed that he and another SS official named Hagen were sent to Palestine by Reinhardt Heydrich, Himmler’s deputy. He claimed throughout his statement that he had pro-Zionist sympathies, declaring that on his visit to Palestine, “my sympathies at that time were with the Jews not the Arabs.” He said that he used only Jewish cabs because the Arab cab drivers were “unreliable and fast.”
Fuck the movie, just add it to the list of over 400 Holocau$t™ movies and docs made, mostly by (((Hollywood))).

Read the comments left at the Jewtube movie link, the GOY are waking up and that's not good for Jew Inc, but wonderful for humanity.

Here's one woke GOYIM!

Is it just me or every time Israel massacres Palestinians there is a movie on holocaust or a movie related to Holocaust survivors. It is unfortunate that an entity like Israel, devoid of displaying any humanity and justice towards the Palestinians are portrayed as seeking justice for the atrocities committed during Holocaust. As if Israel holds any moral high ground over Nazies.

"But muh holocaust, who will gibs me moar shekels when the truth comes out?"

Guess it's time to write some more hate censorship laws to keep the GOYIM from talking about history. After all, the truth can be so 'hurty' to some that it should never leave the locked-up closet its been confined since 1948.


  1. Great, Greg, zee fake jews of the s.o.s. synagogue of satan and their fake news about the holocaust that gets poured out via the msm incl. all educational textbooks in libraries. The gassings did not happen. OK it is said that Adolf H. (RotSchild puppit & indirectly founder of Talmudistan aka AnneFrankenstein aka RotSchildstein since 1948) was continually farting but....Anyway the stench of zion.

    Here is a GJ thread posted Gestern on Aangirfan how USA jew academics Boas & his disciple Herkovitz are beyond the massive Transatlantic Slavetrade psyop (academic word for jew joke)

    Check out:

    Africa: History of Loango, Kakongo and N´Goyo

    1776 by Jesuit Abbe Proyart published in Paris: These are the Kongos who left Israel. Their language is still a composition of Hebrew, Greek and Latin.

    Horse 237 / Vidrebel posted this part of a lengthy comment of GJ. Alas, can´t find it now.´goyo+at+vidrebel&rlz=1C1GGRV_enES783E 

    But very telling is of course: the year 1776 in which this revealing book was written. The same year of the founding of the USA by Freemasonry and the founding of the Illuminati by Jesuit Priest and RotSchild agent Adam Weishaupt.

    Watch the short vid titled: the video that the Vatican don´t want black people to see here: 

    Dane Calloway does excellent work, he debunked the Hebrew Israelites as they are known in the US in one of his vids. But he did not yet come across this actual factual true history of the Black Hebrews. 

    Untold History About The Founding Of Hebrew Israelites In North America - Wentworth Arthur Matthew 

    The truth about the majority of Black Americans as the Native Americans whom Colombus saw inthe Caribeans and other European seafarers in the maind land of the Americas is gaining more and more ground. 

    If there has been any Trans Atlantic Slavetrade at all or that it is a psy op extraordinaire – indeed no slave ship has ever been found till now- I leave that as an open question. 

    CIA O

    Check Out: 
    Records of the Trans Atlantic slave trade do'nt exist: Calloway did thorough research in the National Archives in the jewSA.

    Dane Calloway tells what really happened in the slave trade. There is no record, It was a massive psyop by jew Melville Herskovitz (1895 – 1963 ) studying under jew Franz Boas (1858 - 1942).

    CIA O 

    The Holly-jewie-wood movie Black Panther - a box office hit- is like this Auschwitz Spa movie reinforcing this other ultra sick jew joke. Ausch mit die Witz.

    CIA O

  2. The Iraqi invasion of Iran in 1980 was egged on by the USG, telling Saddam we had his back, to go ahead and attack.
    The Zionists and other nutty Jews wanted both nations to fight to the death, destroying each other.

    When that didn't quite work out that way, it was time for the Israeli masterminded 9/11 False Flag to bust up nations for the glory of Apartheid Israel.

  3. The coalition of the killing, yes.

    CIA O

  4. The US led "Gulf War" of 1990-1991 was also egged on by the US as well, Greg....Thanks primarily to the crooked dealings at the time by the then US Ambassador to Iraq, April Glaspie.... Saddam Hussein wanted reparations from Kuwait for its illegal slant drilling into Iraqi territory that cost the Iraqi people 10's of billions of dollars at the time.. Glaspie had a meeting on July 25th, 1990 that basically gave Hussein the "green light" from the US to deal with Kuwait militarily if necessary and that the US would not interfere.. . We all know by now that it was a set up and the impending Gulf War was the result...

  5. But back on topic... I have the dickens of a time trying to figure out the Jew math... it does not make sense, until I whip out my Jewish made calculator, and all that device ever comes up with as an answer is always "6000000".....


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