Thursday, June 7, 2018

The USS Liberty, Senator Kennedy & Israeli Land Thefts

The year is 1967. Israel is getting ready to embark on it's land-grabbing "Six Day War" that will see them steal Egypt's Sinai, Syria's Golan Heights, and Lebanon's Sheba Farms. A very lucrative war of aggression, as Israel will steal an immense amount of oil and natural gas from the Sinai over the next 14 years, until they get bribed by Uncle Sucker into giving back what they stole, in exchange for untold billions in free money and weapons from the USA. Despite it being against local and international law, Israel keeps the Golan, for not only the land, but the ME's most valuable resource, water:
In fact, the Golan Heights contributes a quenching one-third of Israel’s entire water supply. Its catchments leading to the Jordan River and Lake Kinneret – Israel’s main water source – receive long bouts of heavy rainfall, particularly during the colder months and occasionally during stormy season in the summer.
But the Golan Heights does more than just fill Israel’s many swimming pools. It also provides snow for Israel’s one and only skiing destination, the Mount Hermon Ski Resort. The mountain’s peak reaches 9232 feet above sea level and is Syria’s highest point – an altitude Syrians no longer get to enjoy.

The remunerative resort attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists every year; many of them, foreigners, who are conveniently unaware of the land’s disputation. For most, the irony of supporting Israeli tourism on Syrian soil is lost on them.
And as we are finding out, the Golan also has a serious amount of oil and NG.
The electronic intelligence gathering ship, the USS Liberty is on station off Israel, in the eastern Mediterranean, peacefully trolling the waters, listening in on the electronic ME transmissions, knowing full well what Israel is up to, but not acting aggressive in any way. The Liberty knows that Israel executed in cold-blood thousands of Egyptian prisoners.
According to the BBC, Munib’s report confirmed that Israel had killed between 7,000 to 15,000 Egyptian prisoners of war during the wars of 1956 and 1967. Munib said that “the locations of 11 mass graves had been determined in Sinai and Israel, in which thousands of Egyptian prisoners were buried. He noted that the prisoners were military men and civilians, of whom several were killed by Israeli tanks that were used to go over them while they were tied up. He added that this was the first report on those crimes, which transcended what had taken place during other wars such as World War II and the war in Bosnia.”
Israel wants to drag the USA into their latest Yinon land theft project, so on June 8, 1967 they ruthlessly attack the Liberty for over 75 minutes, desperately trying to sink the ship so the attack can be blamed on Egypt and give President Lyndon Johnson the excuse he needs to aid his Israeli buddies.
Even though Israel fires and enormous amount of bullets, rockets and cannon fire at the Liberty, use torpedoes and napalm and even machine gun wounded survivors trying to escape in life boats, Israel can't sink the Liberty.

Israel even attempts to jam the Liberty's radio transmissions for help, but some do get out to the nearest US carrier group, the American 6th Fleet, whose admiral in charge orders some F-4s to launch and go to Liberty's aid.

President Johnson orders the jet fighters back, as he "doesn't want to embarrass our allies."

Best video yet I've seen of the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty. At the 29 minute mark, see the treachery Israel employed to help LBJ quash any Liberty investigation.

If the Liberty had been sunk, Johnson would of used the our military to blow the hell out of Egypt, with some even stating that nukes would of been used on Cairo.

34 Americans were brutally murdered by Israel and another 141 wounded, by our ally in the cold-blooded Liberty attack.

Fast-forward to a year later. Bobby Kennedy is running for POTUS and stands a good chance of winning. RFK would of most likely used that office to investigate who really killed his brother President John Kennedy.

On June 6, 1968, he's assassinated, by what we're told is a Palestinian man, Sirhan Sirhan, giving Americans the excuse Israel needs to turn them into haters of Palestinians and Palestine.

Israel and its turncoat American Jew sayanim damn sure don't want any investigation into what really happened that day in Dallas.
One year after the savage, unprovoked and brutal Liberty attack, when Americans would of mourned the loss and started asking questions about what in the hell happened, they're too consumed with grief over the murder of Bobby.

One hell of a lot of coincidences, wouldn't you say?

Israel's sadistic attack on the Liberty, aided and abetted by American traitors, gives Israel the idea that it can attack America and Americans with impunity, which eventually leads to the Israeli masterminded False Flag with help from traitors in the WH, the Pentagon, CIA, FBI and NSA. With generous assistance from the Lying MSM.
The American Legion Denies 2018 National Convention Booth to USS Liberty Survivors

Did the American Legion get hit with a Shekel Storm?


  1. You are right about the US about to nuke Egypt if the Liberty was sunk... A "special flight" of F4 Phantom fighter bombers was already in the air when the first alert came to the US fleet in the Mediterranean Sea that the Liberty was under attack.... Those F4's were definitely loaded with at least one nuke per plane and they were winging their way to Cairo....But once it became apparent that the sickos in Israel were doing the attacking, that special flight was recalled... We averted nuclear war in 1967 thanks to the quick actions of the Liberty crew that kept the ship from sinking and got off some radio messages about the attack.

  2. And...You must understand that Lyndon Baines Johnson was in fact a crypto Jew who purposely hid his evil Judaic ways from the American public, but openly flaunted those evil ways in his endearing love for Israel first and foremost..

  3. What happened to those sailors on the USS Liberty is shameful. It was bad enough that an "ally" did that to us, but what was even more horrifying is the treatment by the US gov't of these sailors afterwards. They have been shunned. Had it actually been an attack by Arabs, they would have become the stuff of legends. There would be annual parades and probably even an official day of remembrance. We would have had at least a dozen movies made with Chuck Norris and Clint Eastwood and every "macho" man taking his turn at portraying the heroes. But, no, the richest, mightiest country in the world would rather bow and scrape and lie and cover-up for a manufactured "country" the size of a postage stamp. And people think that the idea that Jews control the US is just "conspiracy theory". And how do so many Palestinians manage to get close enough to kill or attempt to kill beloved public figures (like Kennedy and the Pope)? That is quite impressive for a small nation of people who are treated like they are public enemy #1.

  4. Thanks for this post, Greg. Connecting the dots between the USS Liberty and the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy...only one year new for me. In 20/20 hindsight what appears to be going on in the 60's was a massive Jewish attack on the United States...taking it over completely and thereafter using it as a tool in the Middle East and elsewhere. And Americans STILL don't know.

    1. Some Americans, mainly those that profess to be Christians, love being slaves to Israel, but not I, it is an abominable thing to be slaves to those assholes.

    2. @ Greencrow

      Well, you, Greencrow still don´t know that your hero Putin is a Chabad Lubavitch lap top, lapdog.

      Putin is 24/7 in bed with the ones who did the attack on USS Liberty and 9/11. He is absolutely not a threat to the Ziosphere as you aswered me in your blog.

      You are a Canadian, read the Putin articles of Canadian jew Henry Makow.

      But since you apparently are emotionally attached to this multibillionair you will not even investigate anything brought up by real investigators against your hero and remain blindly a Putin pusher.

      Beside the Fritzpatrick Informer Putin dossier that I suggested for a cure against your putinitis you could check out: redefininggod on putin.

      Last time this putain juif attacked me heavily in the esp sphere he had to bite the dust again.

      CIA O


    This (insane) video is based on what a truckdriver told after he checked his truck load. Someone in the comment section notes that Glenn Beck brought this out 8 yrs back before he was fired.

    Upright former FBI top agent Ted Gunderson talked about this American Gulag sword as well:

    Tragic how the j.´s are playing the US.

    Realised some days ago that these 7 j. noahide laws that were signed by satanic torpedo crypto j Bush I at 20th March 1991 dedicated to the satanic chabad lubavitch rabbi Schneerson whose birthday 26 march is the birthday of the US National Education day (?!¿).

    Just like the signing of the FED in 1913 there were only a handful of US Congressman who put their signature under this satanic legislation.

    On top of that was it not the (black) former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney who brought out the reality that the Congress members are obliged to sign a pro AnneFrankenstein agreement or else......

    Is this the Exit that the Bilderberg psychos and their j. overlords have in store, the USS Liberty 9/11 etc. are nada compared to it.

    When a US citizen transgresses one of these diabolic noahide laws it takes only one j. Or a useful foolish non-j. to tell so and chop....

    Only one – common sense- way, jose , say no way to the noahide rubbish of these satanic rabbis: Chop their head off before they chop yours and your Loved Ones.

    Btw Golda Meir is LBJew as travestite (to cool of)

    CIA O

  6. From two sailors that were aboard the USS America that day, one who was an ordinance man that was responsible for arming a nuclear bomber that was guarded with a chain around it and seven marines 24/7, and another who was aboard the E2 which is the radar plane that served as eyes in the sky for any sortie launching,... three planes, one, the bomber nuclear armed by the first sailor mentioned who says he saw it moved to the flight deck and heard it launch from his GQ station, and two fighters armed with nuclear missiles, observed by the sailor aboard the E2 plane, were launched.

    The sailor mentioned above that was aboard the E2, said three planes were armed with nukes on their way to Cairo then suddenly changed course. He said he knows for sure that was the case and that was the only thing he knew for sure of what went on that day.

    Confirming further that the three planes observed by the sailor aboard the E2 radar plane were armed with nukes, those planes could not return to the carrier because of their nuclear armament. They were diverted to land at the US air base in Torrejon, Spain.

    The sailor who was aboard the E2 radar plane firmly asserted yes, that it was uncommon for planes to be launched with nukes. He didn't learn until the next day that it was Israel that attacked the USS Liberty. He said that to this day it's hard for him to think the attack was intentional. I'm working on getting him a copy of Phil Tourney's latest book, Erasing the USS Liberty.

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  8. Exterminate . . .

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  9. A little off topic but then again no it is about direct aid to Palestinian kids by a Lady of the Light in the field of dirty politics: SIGRID KAAG, Dutch minister of Foreign Trade and Development.

    Check Out:

    In response to ´Kaag is fake´

    Kaag is not fake.

    (The Haaretz article is real. And her Palestinian husband was a higher up in the PLO.)

    Kaag made 13 million euro aid directly available for basic health care and food of Palestinian children. One of her first actions as International Trade and Development minister in response to the US aid cut.

    check out:

    Is this fake? UWTFU.

    Kaag dares to name the beast by its name and manages, how Idontknow, even to go to their feast.

    CIA O

  10. As I keep saying, The more I learn about the "jews", the more my conclusion is cemented that they are behind EVERY evil we see in our world today: from all these endless civilian-butchering wars, to the "smallest" word changes that serve to erase reality. I came to this article through Northerntruthseeker, who is doing a marvellous job of exposing these creatures for what they are. Thanks to all bloggers with enough courage to name them. I also despise those who post slanderous or slurred comments anonymously: they deserve to be called cowards! And I will be looking into the info on Putin, thanks to GabreaL Jones. It's hard to find balanced info on him, as he seems to be a very sensible "player". Nonetheless, I've been wondering whether he is playing the "sensible, cool role" assigned to him, or whether he is not controlled. Personally, I lean towards his being "played" like all the rest... Too bad. The world needs some free thinkers...

  11. I am certainly not being played. A free thinker (?) (fe/male) does not exist per definition. Thinking is the box. So how to get out of the box?

    There is an infinite variety of ways how to blow ´your´ mind. I call that real re-ligion (re-binding with the Mystery per definition very inti-mate your connection with the Ulti-mate. Is it not, mate, yes it is)

    The simple notion that you see that you are not the mind (and all it perceives) is the beginning of killing the prison guard.

    It is in the beginning only intellectual but it varies from persona to persona (Greek for mask per through sona sound, Greek drama made use of personas meaning masks) but it will become eventually existential. EX...IT...= 10---I ALL.

    God will help those who help themselves and (socalled 'others´).

    That to me - on the basis of my 24/7 experience is the meaning of the cross. The cross is the opened cube.

    24/7 you have to do something to get through the day, is it not? (yes it is)

    Canadianflower you smell like Greencrow. (yes it is).

    If you do your putin homework with the list being offered at

    you´ll get - like me yesterday - to the link of another Canadian, Brandon Martinez of the ZCF Zion Crime Factory young bright writer showing a picture of Mark Glenn of TUT The Ugly Truth who sits in front of a cross sided by a picture of putain juif. Two days ago, a mild critical comment on P. was not published.

    Martinez also flushes the Russian Orthodox monk playing jew Brother Nathaniel another putain juif pusher through the toilet. Much too sophisticated designed site btw.

    Where have all the Red Skins gone, wo sind sie geblieben? Btw something that P. brought up when in a dialectic tango with a US critic. Which made me give him dix points in the past.

    P. is committing demographic genocide on the white Russians by importing cheaper Asians for labour from other parts of Russia (see Makow)

    Enfin a new find that I made last year: the majority of Black Americans are the Native Indians and they are being played by the USA=JEW/SA govt. Optima Forma
    The non-Blacks the majority of the Whites of course also (in the past as well).

    Search: Dane Calloway videos

    Eye opening Bild (image, in German) during the Torino Bilderberg meeting who are planning
    and executing hell from 7 to 11 june instead of Heaven on Earth.

    There is only 1 non White, a USA female.

    CIA O

  12. The bottom line on the satanic bilderbergos is that their apex on their pyramid IS NOT the Apex of the Pyramid of micro-macro-cosmic-here-&-here/after- Existence.

    It is their bilderberg usd nwo=jwo matrix apex (and so many other secret hockey-cricket-clubs where baby arms and dito blood are on the menu.

    Yes then you need some security guards.

    Their source is satan. The Nazi cross is derived (copied, stolen) from a Vedic civilisation. Vedic from the Sanskrit Veda. The oldest Swastika is said to have been found in presentday Ukrain. Kazar lapdog P. tries to claim such things but it is definetely pre-Kazar.

    A way shower: Was the Vatican a Shiva temple?:

    All European languages also Greek and Latin are Indo Germanic languages. Roughly said they are dialects of Sanskrit.

    Sanskrit term for the Ultimate is Sat. Meaning Truth.

    Satanists turn everything around. Voila their sat-an is their source, but it is not the source as the 3 wise sages from the East knew/know at JC birth.

    (And yes there is no report of baby dick sucking by them, Heaven, no)

    The yid Davidstar is also a theft by the satanic rabbis of the s.o.s. synagogue of satan as JC - clear connections with India as it is geogrphically known now- saw them in his wisdom eye, then and now.

    The Sanskrit word an means without. Voila.

    Last but not least the Ever-Beginingles-Endless & Ever-Omni-Present Source is called in Sanskrit Sat(TrutH) Chit (Being) Ananda (Bliss).

    Cutting through all philosophy armchair blabla: Brahman. Theoretical schools in
    India now and then (innumerable ages past) call it wrongly Impersonal Apect of Brahman.

    Deal. The source is impersonal but must necesarily be also Personal. Otherwise it would be
    the Ain Soph of the an-sat yids.

    You go there and then do what you like. Thats their partyprogram. But they never ever get there.

    And I am ver optimistic based on my direct experience with not only the yids but also Satanic Dirty Tricks etc. because - they are not lizards- but through their transgressing of LI-RE (liefde & Rechtvaardigheid Love and Justice) they have become worn out torn out zombies / clones whatever. Look at Google Mark of the Beast Zuckerberg (in his thirties).

    Si, Italia should go back to the LIRE. Debt, me, what are you talking about?

    CIA O

    1. If us GOY don't stop this encroaching Jew inspired evil, we'll be the ones holocausted off the Earth.

  13. Kaag will order some reliable Chinese.

    CIA O

    1. A personal note about me, myself & I in relation to Kaag

      Her boss - mossad little helper / whore - Zijlstra quited as minister of foreign affairs in febr. about a matter he raised in the Dutch parliament. He consistently lied he had been in a meeting with (proven putain juif) Putin about it.

      I am quite a well known persona non grata for mossad, cia, aivd (the Dujtch secret service) which vidrebel- Horse 237 apparently did not know yet.

      It happened to be 11 sept. 2017 that my passport and bankcard got stolen in Spain. Phoned trillion times to the ING bank and the Dutch Embassy.

      The ING had send a new bankcard to my postadress in Holland. But that postadress was not authorised to send my bankcard to where I stayed in Spain.

      Eventually the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (under mossad whore Zijlstra) had given permission to my postadress to let my bankcard be send to my adress in Spain. But after another trillion times phoning to the Embassy the bankcard could not be found.

      The week before Zijlstra´s exit I found myself in the Dutch consulate in Barcelona and got a passport for a single journey to get to Holland. Where another new bankcard was send to my postadress.

      Kaag a mossad whore? De das om doet ze zichzelf dan. Than she would tie herself with her mossad scarf. She would be faking pity and all the rest (13 million euro) about Palestinian kids.

      It could very well be that Kaag is contropo controlled opposition. In my ora@laboratorium I had images of her and her husband. He was a man whom I had seen in an Amsterdam University restaurant. I did not talk to him but I knew he was a Palestinian working for their cause. Quite a sympathetic guy.

      Her actual husband - I just googled- a guy Anis al Qaq (a creep) is not the same.

      Btw noticed today that google has a new logo after mentioning their ceo yesterday.

      CIA O

  14. The present - nearly 2 decades already- resident crypto jew Vlad P. who plays the role of Russian Orthox Christian is busy whitewashing old authentic Russian icons who picture JC as darkskinned and the Hebrews darkskinned.

    Apparently Veterans Today is having today trouble with these icons as well.

    How did Jesus and the Hebrews became White? A question asked by Real History site.

    JC & crew in the catacomba Romana.

    CIA O


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