Tuesday, July 31, 2018

How Israel Rules The World Of Cyber Security... "Tap Water Tasting Funny GOYIM?"

At about the 10:35 mark, meet Indegy, the Israeli cyber-war outfit that can shut down water treatment plants world-wide. How does your tap water taste now, GOYIM? Or hack into a oil rig. Like say Deepwater Horizon?

Having a vast Cyber Security outfit--paid for by Americans--enables Israel to thank Americans like this...

Or to hack into your vehicle's CPU and take control.....

Remember reporter Michael Hastings, who wrote the excellent book, "The Operators (2012)" that showed the buffoonery and incompetence of the US general then running the CIA poppy field protection racket in Afghanistan, General Stanley McChrystal? I've read that book and highly recommend reading it. It's well-written, absorbing read. (Forget the idiotic Brad Pitt version of the book, "War Machine." I watched only about half of the movie, since it was only remotely connected to the actual book. Looks like someone also hacked the movie?)
Hastings recounted conversations with some of McChrystal's staff members in the book, when during a party at which everyone was "totally shit faced", one asked him, "You're not going to fuck us, are you?" and another stating, "We'll hunt you down and kill you if we don't like what you write". Hastings interpreted the drunken comments as a joke.
And was killed murdered in a car crash, most likely a hack of his vehicle to stop him from writing his next story? Who did the remote hacking of Hastings car?
About 12 hours before his death, Hastings had sent an email to his colleagues that the FBI had been interviewing his “close friends and associates” and told his co-workers ““[It] may be wise to immediately request legal counsel before any conversations or interviews about our news-gathering practices or related journalism issues.” He added, “I’m onto a big story, and need to go off the radar [sic] for a bit.”

"...police pointed out that the fire inside the car was unusual due to its intensity, commenting that it resembled a thermite burn. Hastings’ body was so badly burned that it took the coroner two days to identify him, another factor that is atypical for vehicle fires. The LAPD also refused to release accident or toxicology reports, nor did they allow Hastings’ car to be independently inspected, despite their assertion that there was no evidence of foul play."

The most well-known proponent of this theory was former U.S. National Coordinator for Security, Infrastructure Protection and Counterterrorism Richard A. Clarke, who told the Huffington Post that the crash that killed Hastings was “consistent with a car cyber attack.” “It’s relatively easy to hack your way into the control system of a car, and to do such things as cause acceleration when the driver doesn’t want acceleration, to throw on the brakes when the driver doesn’t want the brakes on, to launch an air bag. You can do some really highly destructive things now, through hacking a car, and it’s not that hard,” Clarke said. However, as Clarke noted, “the problem with [car cyber attacks] is you can’t prove it.”
Hastings was driving a Mercedes C250 Coupé. Mercedes Benz is known for making not only some of the best cars in the world, but making ones that are so well-built, your chances of surviving a vehicle accident are much higher than with any other car.

Here's what Hastings car looked like after the wreck. I'm a retired career firefighter that has been on dozens of fiery vehicle accidents and I've NEVER seen a burnt vehicle damaged as much as Hastings Mercedes was. Plus, vehicle fires don't blow-off doors, nor send the engine flying over 180 feet thru the air.
This is what happens to those brave enough to stand up to the Zionist control of the USA. You wind up dead.

"On your knees, GOYIM or we'll holocaust your sorry ass!"

What is C4I? The acronym C4I stands for "Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and Intelligence"
C4I Corps

The CC4I Corps or Teleprocessing Corps, is a combat support corps of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) under the command of the Teleprocessing Branch, formerly the Computer Service Directorate. The C4I Corps is responsible for all areas of teleprocessing and communications in the IDF. The corps commander is known as the Chief Teleprocessing Officer and is an officer with the rank of "Tat Aluf", equivalent to a Brigadier General in the United States Army. The current commander of the Corps, is Yariv Nir.
Moshe Markowitz was in charge of C4I during the Israeli masterminded 9/11 False Flag. Bet he has some interesting stories to tell.
C4I and Cyber Defense Directorate

The C4i directorate is the IDF’s elite technological unit. The main activity of the C4i directorate is to provide commanders in the field with the technology that they need in order to manage a combat situation in the best possible way. The directorate’s main objectives are to initiate, develop, exploit and strengthen the IDF’s technological integration system. The head of the C4i Directorate is Major General Lior Carmeli.

In the last two decades, in light of the advancements in technology, the directorate has become a center and a leader. It is responsible for all the contacts, computers and communications of IDF forces on the battlefield. It is also responsible for all cyber defense in the IDF. The Cyber Defense Unit regularly holds hackathons in order to challenge themselves and improve their skills.
These are the demented assholes who developed, then released the STUXNET virus against Iran's computers, in an effort to destroy their nuclear energy plants and cause massive damage, but Iran was able to contain STUXNET before it created serious problems.
The bigger problem was STUXNET got online, and hit Japan's Fukushima reactors and caused massive damages and radiation pollution that has seeped into the Pacific Ocean--and is still doing so--that is endangering all life on Earth.

That is Israel for you, they have no care or concern for us GOYIM and are so full of venomous hatred for us Gentiles, that they'll wipe out the entire planet just to take down Iran.

Another Israeli cyber-war outfit is Unit 8200...
Veterans of Israeli Army’s Elite Code-breaking Unit Are New York’s Best-kept Secret

Some 400 alumni of the IDF's high-tech Unit 8200 are now working in and around Manhattan. They face a unique challenge: Showcasing their skills while maintaining a low profile about their army past.
What were they doing on 9/11?
And there is Israeli outfit is White-Hat LTD.
White-Hat Ltd. is a Cyber consultancy employing only highly professional and trained experts, all with by the HLS and Israeli security forces background and expertise in order to keep the highest standards in Cyber Intelligence Consulting Services.

WhiteHat Ltd. delivers tailor-made cyber services across the globe. Our proactive and mission-focused approach meets today’s cyber challenges and anticipates tomorrow’s threats as they arrive by constant sources research.
We make sure that our customers’ networks operate through attacks while threats are detected and rendered harmless. And by delivering proactive consulting services, our customers can trust the information on their networks and trust that their assets and missions are secure.
Now that you know how potent Israel's cyber-war outfits are and that you know who control over 90% of the MSM, then this tweet makes more sense about who was trying to hack the 2016 POTUS election than the phony Russia-Gate nonsense.

Israeli Owned Geothermal Company that Possibly Fracked Hawaii Volcano to Life has 80 of these Plants


  1. How to beat the yidz back, there are many ways:


    Did JP Morgan get the idea of how to kill off the opposition to the Federal Reserve from a book written 14 years prior? Here is the 1898 book free pdf:


    The author of the book – Oswego born Morgan ( Life conicidances) Robertson is said to be poisoned to death a couple years after the Titanic sank. 


    Back to Now: Can Americans sink the j-bankers FED by en masse not paying their income tax?

    Untold Truth About Withholding Payroll Tax And Paying Your Taxes In America - Does This Law Exist? – Dane Calloway

    What Actual Law Truly States That All American Citizens Must Pay Taxes

    Vid: 6.19 - 6.46


    I now here wonder if the US yidz are income tax free....

    CIA O

    1. Right before the RMS Titanic was set to sail, JP Morgan canceled his reservation claiming poor health.

      Just like Lucky Larry, going to the dermatologist on 9/11, instead of to the WTC. Such luck!

      The 1943 German movie, "The Titanic," was banned in England and the JEWSA during WWII and for years after.

      For some reason, the (((MSM))) give it crappy reviews, but I thought it was a decent movie.
      The plot involved a power struggle over control of the White Star lines between Astor and the majority White Star stock owners who wanted to win the prize for breaking the England-USA Atlantic crossing record, thereby increasing the value of their stock and Astor, who was working behind the scenes to make the stock price fall so he could scoop it up at bargain rates.

      The movie's premise was that the stock owners ordered the captain to maintain his speed and damn the icebergs, since the Titanic was unsinkable,

      We know the ending. Astor dies, the majority stock owners survive and the maritime inquiry blamed the captain, who was dead.

      This is a link to the movie, in German, with no subtitles.


    2. The NG doc from shortly prior to 2012, gave as reason for the speed urgency by the White Star board: Iceberg. But also: the coal fire issue in the ovens below which had gone worse. It had weakened the special ´waterproof´ ´unsinkable´ construction of the T.

      Refraining from crazy Colombo, Poirot excercises, but Astor or the other two opponents of the FED, whatever their reason, could have taken as VIP´s the first safety boats and made it to Nova York.

      Satanic Titanic Morgan´s kitchen staff must have served them special ice cream in advance, (is it the temperature, that makes me ponder over zis?) or as the present j-mossad has as mo a lady pistol. (yes,they do run hollywood).

      CIA O

    3. Greg, one of your reports some orbits oF terra around its axis ago was, 12 July 2018


      Iran & the present WH Resident:

      Former Iranian President is yid. Apart from the religious ideology the following site promotes, it is right on the money:


      RotSchild run Reuters actually confirmed in 2017 zee jew roots of Ahmedinejad by calling him in the first line of this article: ´Ahmedinijad. the blacksmith son´:


      Last but not least rogues without borders: Donald T. in his pre WH Resident episode continued to do business with an Iranian bank even after the US Treasury had linked this bank to terrorism. According to the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists.


      It is connected to this Hitler / Khomeiny / Putin contr. zionist opp. vid which I can´t find now.

      Important for esp. Americanos whatever the colour of their suit. You are all being jewed & the world at large!

      CIA O

  2. This is quite possible. A friend of mine - one of the periods I lived in Rotterdam - told me that he did not have to pay back the govt. subsidy for his art studies. He was yid. Was not yet jew wise at that time. Lucky you I (must have) thought He died in 2007.

    Another special treatment for yidz: I heard via via that if a non-yid wants to just change one letter of his family name (for whatever reason) the official starts waving with the price list.

    Any yid changes name(s) happens under the table, for free.

    CIA O

  3. Look. it simply cannot be that hard to oust these pusbags from our country. Hitler did it, so can WE !! How long is it gonna take before we see the writing on the wall ? Let's get these pukes out of America and say goodbye to IsraHell once and for all. Everyone in America is sick to death of the Jews and their diabolical lying, backstabbing, and politically motivated mayhem. It's time, Gents, it's TIME !!

    1. It is a controlled opposition fable that Hitler was against the j-bankers.

      Controlled by the yid bankers who are behind the Tel Aviv cyber security control.

      Check Out Anthony Migchels a bright Dutch writer:







      Anthony Migchels -- Usury and the Rise of the Bankster ... ~ The Plane Truth PTS3109

      j-tube comments a few months ago:

      The most credible man I have ever listened to next to Frank O'Collins, Anthony was so impressive and what a great brother

      Migchels is so much smarter than the other two. The disparity was physically painful to endure. With a guy like this, one word of advice, you just listen and learn.

      Eustace Mullins: Jew bankers financed everything of AH:


      Why The Rothschilds Invented National Socialism - Eustace Mullins

      CIA O

  4. Dutch controlled demolition expert Danny Jowenko - who was cited by Alan Sabrosky - was also car-accidented: DJ on building 7

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k3DRhwRN06I (1 of 3)

    Hitler, Khomeini & Putin Controlled Zionist Opposition:


    Funny comment of Rapeofjustice. The real Khomeiny had 9 fingers. He missed a middle finger. The fake K had 10.

    Makow: https://www.henrymakow.com/2018/03/IRAN-IS-FALSE-OPPOSITION%20.html

    Iranian government quietly becoming controlled opposition:


    Follow the money

    CIA O

  5. It is indeed a calamity upon us.

  6. @ Greg

    Did not know that yet, that JP Morgan and his smell organ did not show up at the maiden voyage of the Titanic. Funny coincidence. I rent a room in a house irgendwo in Spain. The owner forgot to inform another renter that the door once locked from the outside can´t be opened with a key from the inside.

    It is dirty 7 degrees or even more, so. fan on and a large HD screen - don´t watch tv- showed National Geographic three 1 hr parts about the Titanic.

    The ship had sunk acc. to this NG doc because their was a coal fire in the ovens below already when they left Belfast which weakened the steel structure. Nobody was warned of course nothing about the double agenda of Morgan.

    The lower decks were filled with newcomers to the USA ( which remained a fata morgana for them).

    @ Genie Bottom line: Presentday US citizens could sink the yid bankers FED by enmasse not paying the Income Tax which has no standing in Law.

    CIA O

  7. https://aanirfan.blogspot.com/2018/05/israels-friend-sajid-javid.html

    Angirfan is considering know this 2 minutes ago gj-comment. They are not alone. These lame yid cybersecurity talmudicks are doing it as well, for sure. They read all our shit.

    Check out:

    Common Law has been replaced with Talmudic Law - Patrick Cullinane


    This man responsible for the English police (and M15)? What a blind (´colored´) slave this Paki is. What a hellish (´white´ system is he defending?

    The late courageous Cullinane talks about the ´shomrim´ the police force made up of jews only.

    In Holland and Germany I came across what I call mossad police.

    In Holland they are completely incompetent as police officers, they did not follow any education for it, wear police uniforms, use all the police equipment and have special (mossad police only) shifts.

    The ´normal´ white / non white police knows about it of course, I talked with some of them, they agree with me, but they don´t do anything about it. Wich I find questionable, to say the least.

    All of them practice some kind of satanism. The relatively good ones that opened up to me, not (yet!). And yes, also in their offices. Railway security in Amsterdam, Rotterdam Central Station etc.

    They pick people up from the streets and do with them whatever they like.

    I came across them but never became a long term victim. Instead it turned to be the other way around.

    Everyone has to learn to defend themselves from the Soul ´within´.

    This Hawaian way, I know all the in´s & out´s of such a system it is OK, but has its inherent weaknesses and it is not my way.

    If you are standing with your feet in the Talmud mud (to say it decently) such things don´t work.

    OK this Hawaiian man did it in his field of action. I know all this, many mossad types that crossed my path they got the same sort of effect that he caused, was instrumental in.

    But hard core satanists they are out to kill you, once you have come on their radar. They have to, it is ordered by their higher ups. You have to echo it. Spriritual Kungfu (whatever name you give it).

    CIA O


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