Tuesday, July 10, 2018

How to Destroy a Nation from Within

A comment left at the "The Age of Aquarius" post at UNZ.com sums up nicely the decades long plan to destroy Germany from within.
Heros says:

The key goal of the Kaufmann, Morgenthau and Houton plans was the genetic destruction of Germany and Germans. After starving millions of German men in the Rhine Meadows Death Camps, they enslaved millions more German soldiers and sent them around the planet for years, even decades. Conditions in French slave labor camps alone were far worse than any German labor camp, and we won’t go into the gulags. After stripping the country of its men, Eisenhower deliberately sent thousands of famously horny black soldiers into Berlin to try to get the starving local Maidels to miscegenate. This occurred in every German city in all occupation zones and when Paton objected he was eliminated. Later, Muslim Turks were brought in to fill the labor and paternity shortages deliberately created, and the dilution of the German gene pool continued full throttle.
AFN and Radio Liberty started broadcasting American Jazz music and American media across Germany while “de-nazification” (the cultural destruction of Germany) eliminated anyone not on board with the NWO. Young post war Germans were brought up in world bombarded with guilt and victors propaganda where the truth could not be uttered. They easily fell prey to Cultural Marxism, and by the end of the 1968 revolutions, toxic socialism and multiculturalism was firmly implanted across Germany and Europe.
The next wave from 1968 to about 2012 was the period of cutting threads of social fabric, destroying the family, and tearing down nationalist and racial pride, while the Jewish homeland was strengthened and made invulnerable.

About 2012, after Iraq, Egypt, Libya, then Syria, were invaded and devastated for Zionism and greater Israel, the long planned and long awaited invasion of Europe was unleashed. The EU had torn down all internal barriers with Schengen and its refugee settlement legislation meant that no EU country could resist the invasion. They thought, anyway. But “New Europe” had not been shrouded long enough in talmudic media mind control, so they have resisted the invasion. They sure better hope they win, because we know how jews treat those who defy them and become Amalek.
What is important here is to understand that this was a multi-generational plan against all the Christian peoples of Europe. Then and now, the US military was nothing more than the nails driven home by jewish hammers, used to crucify Christian culture on the cross of Jewish Power.
Want to see what this invasion looks like in the nation formerly known as Italy?

Maybe the MSM will cover this invasion?
Maybe those self-appointed Masters of the Universe will help staunch the invasion?


  1. Kalergi - working for the white fake jews was himself half euro half jap. K. is the father of the present yid orchestrated migrant migraine of white European nations. And sure such well dressed e-coño-my refugees are a pain in the ass. And it should stop.

    Nevertheless all over Europe in churches there are statues, icons of the Black Madonna and her JC child. Rome has the oldest authentic painting of JC - quite some melanin - in its catacombs.

    Crypto yid putain juif whitewashing authentic Russian icons that show JC & the ´real jews´
    that label was not yet available, the real Hebrews as no solarium needed mortals.

    Giovanni da Verrazzano (1485 – 1528) was an Italian explorer of North America on the payroll of King Francis I of France. He was the first European who explored the West Coast of presentday USA.


    vid 6.54 – 7.43: The early description of da Verrazzano in a letter to Francis I July 8 1524:
    ….they are dark in color not unlike the Ethiopians (Ethiopian, litt. means burnt face, gj). The uploader of this vid in googling Verrazzano sees that the faces of the people living at the West Coast in 1524 are whitewashed, the yid and white Kulturkammer are playing games here.


    Check out: bright light from Constantinople Constantine Rafinesque (1783 – 1840 ) who has a long list of black native tribes in the Americas.

    Carlos Cuervo Marques (1858 – 1930) Ethnologist, botanist, military general, historian ) America was a negro continent.(Archeological & ethnographical studies, volume I, Madrid):

    The negro type is seen in the most ancient Mexican sculpture. The Negroes figure frequently in the most remote traditions of some American pueblos. To this race doubtlessly belong the most ancient skeletons. Distinct from the Red American race. Which have been found in various places from Bolivia to Mexico.

    Luzia is the oldest (12.000 years old) skull found in Bello Horizonte in Brazil in 1975.

    Walter Neves of Sao Paolo university send the computerised model of Luzia to forensic expert Richard Neave of Manchester university: Luzia turned out to be coffee.

    There is an awful lot of coffee in Brazil. Add some rum:

    What is happening in Europe, has already happened in the Americas after 1492.

    Satanistan that slc, eastern coast of the Mediterrean Sea is stolen land but in reality: so is the jewSA and the whole American continent.

    That the majority of Black Americans who are DNA proof desendants of the Black Native Americans are denied systematically their True Place in the USA today should also stop. Instead they are targeted numero uno in the real diabolic georgia guidestones genocide games of the white yid bankers & their useful fools of the whites and their uncle tom toms.

    Some more rum:


    CIA O

    1. We are all more or less bleached negroez...


      It was in 1974 in Cairo at the conference that the Westerners could no longer hide the facts and Unesco declared Diop the winner after his brilliant demonstrations. Cheikh Anta Diop is now regarded as the greatest African scholar of the 20 th century, the father of modern African historiography, and the father of intellectual renaissance of Africa.

      The lisapoyakama article ends with: If the Egyptians were black, why are Blacks not as intelligent? This is a question that is often asked by Africans who have swallowed up to indigestion Western discourse on their alleged inferiority. One must already know that under foreign occupation the Egyptians themselves had dramatically regressed, to the point of eating each other.

      Read this book and take unapologetically back your pride:


      CIA O

  2. A former good j-friend of mine a academic - who lived in Manhattan quite some time the Twin Towers were his vieuw - has much qua type in common with Letterman introduced to me the term Askenazi, years ago. It did not ring a bell.

    I did not finish my college indoctrination, and he linked to me the Marco Polo Silkroad line and the war roadblocks in the Ottoman Empire. Which made it for the Spanish necessary to find new ways to the Orient. Voila crypto yid Chris C.

    V.I.P. Very Important Point. Some say in-dios. A guy like C will not have brought that up,he brought Black Native Americans back to Spain with him as slaves.

    See Jack D. Forbes.

    Chris C. slept with a copy of a book of Marco P. under his cushion. And when he landed in the Carribean and saw the black people there he thought he had made it to South India.

    Marco P. was there and wrote about them as being very darkskinned. Voila: Indians!

    The rest is kol nidre or cover up by non yidz.

    In my esp ora@labora labyrinth this: The Iberian royals were crypto yid themselves and throwing out the yooz was a 911 avant la lettre to get via Amsterdam to (the founding of Bank) of England. I have laid that later on, on the cutting board of my intellect so,.....

    CIA O


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