Saturday, July 21, 2018

Is Being a Degenerate Pedo Part of the Hollywood Jew DNA?

Like Michael Ian Black, whose real last name is Schwartz. He is a comedian, actor, writer, and director, making him part of that Hollywood crowd that is Ground Zero for pedos.
Jesus Christ, what kind of sick mind thinks, let alone writes about this perverted shit?

Then there's (now) former Hollywood Big Shot director James Gunn, of the "Guardians of the Galaxy" fame, who is part Juden.

Even though he tweets this very sick shit, he still has a Twitter account. But ask historical questions about WWII and you'll be banned in a second.
What is wrong with the make Jew psyche? Did some kind of traumatic incident happen at birth?
Lucky for these sick bastards, another sick bastard, the wanted War Criminal Bibi Nuttyahoo launches bombing attacks on the world's largest concentration camp, Gaza, to take the heat off his fellow perverted Tribe members.

Hmm, makes one wonder what happened when Bibi slept in the Shadow President Kushner's bed when Jared was a teenager?

UPDATE: Fuck, it never stops. Is pedophilia some kind of Jew religion? Only a Jew would defend a Jew pedo.


  1. Wow. I am totally creeped out now and it's my bedtime.

    1. Been having trouble--AGAIN--leaving comments at your blog. Funny thing is, this has happened before, but only on blogs for Palestine or those seeking 9/11 truth.

      Just another coincidence I guess when dealing with G-d's Chosen.

  2. Where the FUCK are the parents of the kids these Jew pedo-creeps are molesting ? Why haven't they abducted these sick bastards, strung them up over a huge meat grinder, and then lowered them in feet first ?? Answer me that, will ya ? Any Jew creep touches my kid, I don't give a rat's ass if I spend the rest of my life in the slammer, that sonuva bitch is gonna die a hideous painful death. Wake the fuck up, American parents !! These filthy Talmudic scumbags need lessons in Christian REVENGE !!

    1. There's a definite possibility that the kids being used for ritual rape and then sacrificed are some of the 900,000 or so that go missing each year in the USA, never to be seen again.

    2. I know, Greggie, it's fucken sick, man. Motherfuckers. God's Chosen Feces think they can do whatever the fuck they want in OUR country. Let the fucking Civil War start as long as we all know that this war is not gonna be what the Jews want ; Blacks vs Whites or whatever, NO !! It's gonna be ALL OF THE UNITED STATES AGAINST THE JEWS !!

    3. Exactly where are these approx. 1 million kids per year in the USA alone. In todays ´free, first´ world the child offering by everyday (for the most part j-) satanists happens behind close doors in the 9 till 5 offices on a very large scale. And doing a small Baphomet (een baphometje in Dutch) at home is the routine, food routine kid flesh yummy, yummy of the day.

      The abortion clinics are also big providers.

      Check out:

      Bill Gates is a self-admitted porn addict, and jew.

      CIA O

    4. Give me some evidence or stfu. I'm very tired of of all this bullshit.

    5. HOWEVER, I do hate me some JEWS/Israel No worries there.


      @ tsisageya A Dutch example of Annemarie van Blijenburgh. It is a Dutch Pizza. U swallow it. allow it to sink in. But keep in mind that the maker of this vid is Kevin Arnett , who is now exposed as a charlatan. It does not however diminish AVB´s wittness statement. That his volume is very loud and that her volume is very weak can be seen as a foreshadow of Arnetts fakeness.

      She went with her story - she knows where the child bodies are dumped - to the police, who listens to it and shake their shoulders and shredder their copy of the testimony. Two options: either they are afraid of losing their job or they are till over their head in the satanic pedo swamp.

      Ted Gunderson former FBI higher up is an American example of being silenced.

      Dutroux case is Belgium closed when Belgian king Albert´s dick came in view.

      CIA O

  3. I have found a nasty by Sarah Silverman as well.

    "Hey, is it molestation if the child makes the first move? I'm gonna need a quick answer on this."

    What blows me away is how many people are blaming the messenger, Cernovich. How many defend Gunn and are upset about his firing. They are blaming Conservatives and "Right Wing Nazism" etc etc. The usual drivel. They are saying, "Those are old tweets, what does it matter?"

    America does indeed have problems.

    Actually what I see is the amping up of the pedophile movement, especially with its rebranding campaign and forcing themselves into the alphabet soup of deviancy. Pedophiles are becoming emboldened and crawling out of the filth ~ this is part of the same campaign only on a different front.

    1. Just screaming anti-Semite or neo-Nazi or invoking holoHOAX imagery ins;t going to work to cover up this Juden mess. So threats are being made, as you'll see in my next blog.

      Or maybe their buddy Nuttyahoo will come to their rescue and set off another 9/11 type False Flag to get the Goyim's minds off the child kidnappings, rapes and ritual murders.


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