Saturday, July 14, 2018

The Diseae is Spreading...

This is some of the lovely creatures protesting against Trump during his visit to England. Looks like a scene straight out of Sodom and Gomorrah...
Wonder who's behind this sickness?


  1. I'm confused. So all of Trumps enemies are white?

    I would suggest that all of Trumps enemies are of all skin color---they're just the ones that have some good sense about them.

  2. Now, if you want to talk about debauchery, I'm your man.

    But, I prefer this:

  3. There are so many MEN who pretend to be in charge. I wouldn't mind meeting at least some of the good ones. Are there any good ones?

    No MRA's included. That's nothing but a big FAIL.

  4. Trump has no enemies that are paid to hate him.
    He's the most effective and loved President in American history.
    Were he not SO successful, there wouldn't be so much resistance from lazy speculators who want cash to flow into their coffers while all they do is sit in comfy leather chairs with whores sucking their cocks and slurping their cum.
    I fucking LOVE Donald Trump.
    He's the only guy in the last 60yrs with a real ballsac. Hitler was the only other guy with iron balls.
    I do pity the poor Germans who have allowed their freedom of speech to disappear. Denying the Holohoax in Germany puts your dumb ass in jail with fines in the hundreds of thousands. Poor Germans, the REAL damn victims of Jewish terror. Remember ; you deserve what you tolerate !! So if you don't like having your mouths zippered, then DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. FIGHT !! The Jews are arrogance worthless cowardly slime. They will never shut American mouths. We will see them all hang if they try. Fucking scum.

  5. Anonymous, you cannot be for real. Trump doesn't have the balls to stand up to Israel. Hell, even his OWN CHILDREN are either Jewish or married to Jews. What the hell, man? Are you really that blind? Nutty-yahoo says, "jump" and Trump says, "Yassa massa! How high, massa?"

    You know, I actually thought that this site was for real -- but now I see that it is just controlled opposition. Anyone with a half a brain can see that the Jews have Trump's balls in a vice. There is no way that anyone who understand the problem of Jewish control over the US doesn't see that. So, if you are fawning over Trump -- you must secretly be Jews trying to push Trump as the "savior" knowing full well that he is owned by the tribe. I'm not going to waste my time here anymore.

  6. Larry Silverstein (LS) went to the dermatologist at 9-11:

    Conclu-zion : 9-11 = Larry Silverstein´s nose job.

    After the dermatologist had put at 9-11 a new condome around the smell organ of LS the yid said Pull It. ( nein!! not mein newly condomised Nase, but Building 7)

    See the gj-comment:

    Silverstein had a design meeting about new building 7 in april 2000. when he was speaking to an audience of s.o.s. synagogue of satan buddies in 2014.

    J- sock puppit Strumpf said before he became the new j-bankers WH Resident that he would go after the 9-11 perpetrators.

    J-sock puppit Strumpf said before he came the new yid bankers WH Resident that he would go after the 9-11 perpetrators.

    Naturlich (with Umlaut) Strumpf is just another perpe-traitor, his Chabad Lubavitch buddie + fellow yidass Larry Silverstein is not even behind bars or even questioned.

    Why is there no asshole senator / congress (wo)man raising questions.

    The jewSA is a bad (LSD) trip for Itself & the Planet as a whole.

    CIA O

  7. The US is based on theft and is founded by jew Masonry.

    Benjamin Franklin who stood at its 1776 craddle was jew Mason and child abuser killer & consumer.

    In 1790 2nd August the first Census took off.

    Check out:

    by Dane Calloway a black native American documentarist.

    And this Washington Post article by John Woodrow Cox a white (Euro-American) reporter:

    Cox mentions Walter Plecker of the ´one drop Rule´ who has much in common with jew (ss) Margarat Sanger the guiding light of Hillary C.

    Walter C. ´came under the bus` at 2nd August 1947.

    A call for justice to the jOG jew Occupied Govt of America today, needless to say it is plaiying squash against the jew wailing wall:

    Enfin: France won the World Cup yesterday for the 2nd time. Many black players as in 1998.

    CIA O

    1. And what about those 10 skeletons found in a house Franklin lived in?


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