Friday, July 6, 2018

Was Imran Awan Spying for Israel?

That appears to be the case, as how else can you explain that a case that initialing was framed as some Muslim type spying for an Islamic nation, suddenly has the case swept under the rug and only 100 hours of community service for the spy?
That kind of treatment is only dished out when our friend and ally, Israel is involved. Whether its the savage, unprovoked IDF attack on the USS Liberty--which was to be blamed on Muslim Egypt--or the Israeli masterminded 9/11 False Flag--which has been blamed on the Muslim world, giving Israel's favorite bitch, the US, the excuse it wanted to attack nations Israel wanted destroyed.
Irving and Kiko said their investigation found "'numerous and egregious violations of House IT security' by members of the Awan family, including using Congress members' usernames and 'the unauthorized storage of sensitive House information outside the House ... These employees accessed user accounts and computers for offices that did not employ them, without the knowledge and permission of the impacted member's office,' the Irving/Kiko memo said, adding, 'Four of the employees accessed the Democratic Caucus computers 5,735 times.'

Rosiak also reported the House office of inspector general (IG) gave House leaders a presentation in September 2016, claiming Awan and two of his brothers were improperly accessing servers for the offices of members who had previously terminated them, and were illegally transferring data to an off-site server. The IG said the evidence “suggests steps are being taken to conceal their activity” and that their behavior mirrored a “classic method for insiders to exfiltrate data from an organization.”

As part of an agreement with prosecutors, Imran Awan pleaded guilty to a relatively minor offense unrelated to his work on Capitol Hill: making a false statement on a bank loan application. U.S. prosecutors said they would not recommend jail time.
If Awan had been spying for an Islamic nation or for a Muslim group, do you think the MSM would let it drop so quietly or would they be raising Hell, demanding that nation or group be either bombed, sanctioned or both. But when it comes to Israel getting caught, they suddenly develop memory loss.
“No other country close to the United States continues to cross the line on espionage like the Israelis do,” said a former congressional staffer who attended another classified briefing in late 2013, one of several in recent months given by officials from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the State Department, the FBI and the National Counterintelligence Directorate.
This is another sweetheart deal for a certain SLC nation that is constantly spying on its Sugar Daddy, the USA. Remember the 2009 Israeli spying case involving former House member, the Jewess Jane Harman, who said she'd use her influence to "waddle in" and help out the Israeli spies, top AIPAC Steven Rosen and Keith Weissman?

Harman has no problem using her influence to send American kids to fight and die for Apartheid Israel.
Two top AIPAC officials, Steven Rosen and Keith Weissman, were indicted on spy charges in 2005 for passing classified documents to Israel.
Citing confidential sources, Time magazine, in 2006, and Congressional Quarterly, two years ago, reported that the Feds had wiretapped Cong. Jane Harman and a “suspected Israeli agent” agreeing to this deal:

Harman would persuade the Justice Department to reduce the charges against Rosen and Weissman; in exchange, AIPAC and its influential supporters would persuade then-Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi to reappoint the unpopular Harman as top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee.
Guess what, the charges were dropped, after all, we can't be showing Israel in the true light of treason and a vicious back-stabber, now can we GOYIM?

Imran Awan, a former House IT staffer, was probably handled by what the Jews call a 'katsa,' a field intelligence officer of the Mossad, and my guess is that his katsa was Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the Florida Jewess who threatened DC Chief of Police if she didn't get back her laptop. If not that, then she is a loyal Jew sayanim:
There are thousands of sayanim around the world. In London alone, there are about 2,000 who are active, and another 5,000 on the list. They fulfill many different roles. A car sayan, for example, running a rental agency, could help the Mossad rent a car without having to complete the usual documentation. An apartment sayan would find accommodation without raising suspicions, a bank sayan could get you money if you needed it in the middle of the night, a doctor sayan would treat a bullet wound without reporting it to the police, and so on. The idea is to have a pool of people available when needed who can provide services but will keep quiet about them out of loyalty to the cause. They are paid only costs. Often the loyalty of sayanim is abused by katsas who take advantage of the available help for their own personal use. There is no way for the sayan to check this.
It's possible the Awans didn't know they were spying for Israel, but did you know the Awan Brothers owned a car business in Falls Church, VA--named Cars International A--abbreviated on its business cards as CIA?
The Awans became pawns of the CIA and the Mossad through the Talpiot program...

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz was running a blackmail operation inside of congress and used the Awans to set it up and run it. Debbie was Imran Awan's employer. Imran Awan left the laptop inside the Capital Building on purpose so that police would pick it up and investigate its contents and Debbie directly and openly threatened the Capital Police chief and demanded it be returned.

The blackmailing operation was done on behalf of Netanyahu and Israel, and they have over 70% of congress blackmailed (FBIAnon also mentioned this). This network of blackmail is really binded together and embedded it into government, making it hard for them to be taken down. Imran himself was openly subscribed to the Pedo-Centric YouTube channel that was exposed by Tosh.0.

Wasserman-Schultz is an Israeli national with heavy ties to the Zionist mafia in Florida (primarily Broward County), along with Sheriff Scott Israel. Again, all this is public information.
So who do you think the Awans were spying for?

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