Sunday, July 8, 2018

What anti-Gentilism Looks Like!

Since Jew Inc has cornered the anti-somethingism market, shouldn't us Gentiles also have the right to the brand, 'anti-Gentilism?'
Such lovely people, don't you agree?


  1. Zee jews don´t work, zay – zee superior self-chosen shitbags- only do nose jobz.

    9/11 was Larry Silversteins nose job

    His wife reminded him 911 morning he should see the dermatologist.

    CIA O

  2. Larry Silverstein - a silly cartoonesque character all the way - New WTC7 designed in 2000

    CIA O

  3. The Jews are so hosed in America and they know it. All their attempts at subversion have failed. Their fragile paranoid short-circuited brainstems are going haywire at the thought of being ousted from this beautiful country. Their next move will be to attempt to assassinate Trump and then attack all US Citizens, but only after they legislate total American disarmament. Sorry ASSHOLES, you are going down, and we Americans have so many guns, you will never get them from us. We are going to blow your fucking heads off, you stinking lying ass-fucking kike motherfuckers.

    1. No reason why Trump will be killed by his yid puppit masters. Er ist ihre Strumpf Puppe (a sock in German , a sock puppit, a puppit on RotSchild strings. Like Barry O. and all the preceeding WH residents. Donald T. is clearly no JFK.

      Donald T. is a Chabad Lubavitch lap-top / dog. So is Kremlin plush junkie (almost already 2 decades) Wlad P. Both are crypto jews.

      If Donald T. would have canceled the US nation wide Education Day on Chabad bad guy Schneersons birthday he would be a JFK but unluckily for te usa=jew/sa (and the world) he is not.

      I will not bring out here what I know from my esp ora-&labora labyrinth, but Fitzpatrick Informer & Makow and the like have the right view on the Kremlin and the WH and their residents.

      Only this: Obama & Trump showed a certain willigness to break their ties but then succunbed again. There is a whole team of jew ´psychiatrists´ with syringes around them. Putin is 100% cha/Bad. No need for a fix.

      CIA O

    2. Trump might be a lot of things, but he's not stupid when it comes to knowing who is really in charge of the USA. He knows that if he doens't upset Betty Nuttyahoo or Israel in general, he won't join JFK in Arlington. And it pays much better than being POTUS.

  4. Dear goon, if you would only concentrate on the dual citizenship---US/Israeli---of the U.S. government then we might have something more to talk about.

    But you don't, so we don't. Maybe I'm missing something.

  5. Hey tsis....go away ya shill bastard.

    Sorry Greg...couldn't lay off.

  6. Obama had his period he wanted to break free of the yidz but he is back in his j-mothers womb.

    One of the first things Obama did as the new WH Resident was returning a bust of Churchill to England. Now it has become clear the British loaned the bust to Bush and it was time to send it back. The supposed ´Kenya thing´ surrounding the returning was later refuted by O.

    After his inauguration his cabinet was packed with Wallstreet fat cats: Bush III. Keep the change, Barry.

    In March 2010 in the same Brussels hotel where I devoured The Boogeyman of Peter Stuyvenberg from cover to cover during Xmas 2009 apparently in sync with the young Nigerian underpantbomber at a Amsterdam-Detroit plane, the following scene:

    Left the tv on, while leaving the room, after a few hours at reentering Obama jumped on the podium in a bomberjacket of Commander in Chief of the US Army, breaking news, kept secret. His first visit to the US troops in Afghanistan.

    Barry´s (Uncle) Tom Tom phrase: "We can't forget why we're here," he added. "We did not choose this war. This was not an act of America wanting to expand its influence, of us wanting to meddle in somebody else's business. We were attacked viciously on 9/11, when thousands of our fellow countrymen and women were killed......

    4-5 years later when my ora&laboratorium had opened up in vorher my mind I saw there clearly was a brighter side to him that wanted to shake off the dark yid shadows. Gave him support, but alas to no avail. Last line does not do justice to the esp x-Change that took place but too weird to write about or for others to read.

    One line of O. after Trump was selected and Hillary was floored: we are all one team. And yes they are.

    Trump - after he had won till his inauguration - showed up in this somtimes overcrowded esp madhouse as well. Did not have any affinity with him whatsoever. But as it appeared he actually did not want to take office at all after Hillary was floored. He did not like the breath of Wilbur Ross and others in his neck. Or perhaps he wanted to make history.....

    But Trump is 24/7 Chabad errand boy 1000% and his seemingly opposition to them is smokescreen. Like his Kremlin counterpart no seringe needed in his ass to deliver their message.

    Trump btw has another bust of Winston C. the jew fire bomber of Dresden who starved millions of Bengalis to death. in his office.

    But then again it was business as usual:

    CIA O


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