Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Who is Behind the Illegal Immigrant Invasion of Europe?

Forget the stories about letting Syrians fleeing the US/Saudi/Israel-- using mercs from around the globe--invasion of their nation, forcing Syrians to flee. Many have fled to Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon, not Europe. Syrians that did flee to Europe arrived on passenger jets, not George Soros supplied rubber boats.

You don't see any Syrians on those new boats, do you?
There is one nation, known for its blatant disregard of the law, that has been a major player in this illegal invasion of Europe. Not of refugees fleeing the endless 'Wars for Wall Street and Israel,' but illegal migrants who have been transported from their broken-down nations to the Libyan coast, shipped across the Med, then coached on what to say once they invaded Europe and what kind of freebies to ask for.

Any idea who's been a major player in this War of the Worlds? It's the same terrorist state that has been killing Palestinians by the score, for merely asking Israel to give back what they stole.

Still not sure?
The same nation that jails black members of their religion, then forcibly evicts the same from their 4th Reich, in an attempt to keep their Juden blood pure.

If they only knew what the ancient Hebrews looked like.

One more clue...
Got the answer now?
If Israel is soooo concerned about Syrian refugees, they should let a million move into the Golan Height. After all, that's Syrian territory.


  1. Gee..... The psychotic Jewish pricks are behind this flooding of illegal migrant workers into Europe to destroy white and Christian societies? Who would have thought????

    1. jewish pricks and cunts israhell is backed by white usa,white france and white uk military. soooo .. does it still make sense to say jews want a white genocide? no. what does make sense is the cunt of England, her and hubbies' German "blue bloods" pals and all their offshoots in the Americas and subtrefuge in the Africas want both to commit genocide for jews and cheap labour. In short if your military doesn't have the balls to fuck up those heads and their court jew then shut the fuck up.

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    1. I highly recommend watching the excellent 2010 doc, "Empire of Dust," about a Chinese firm trying to build a highway in the Congo with local workers.

      They can't understand directions, steal fuel and parts, don't know how to operate equipment and work only when it pleases them.


      Those are the ones heading to Europe.

    2. Soo if I go to Germany and bark orders at white niggers they'll jump right into action? You got them barbarics that well trained? And for how much? A sausage and some sour kraut? Not a bad deal. PM me your number in Germany and we'll talk.

  3. The great majority of rappers has to bend over to zee yids behind the refugee tsunami of Europe and who run the music industry. Famous Hollywood black actors same story.

    Have no doubts about David L. based on my esp ora@labora-tory.


    David Letterman surrounded by jews, and has not got a clue (?)


    ¨David Letterman with his impressive grey beard "keeps getting mistaken for a rabbi" now!
    His longtime sidekick Paul Shaffer said, ´The other day, I received an honor at a dinner from a Chabad organization, and Dave was nice enough to come out and give the award at this event. There were a lot of religious people there, and he said, “I can’t tell you how many people have come up to me and asked, ‘Rabbi, which way to the buffet?’

    Tell me Herr Letterman what wazZZ on Chabad´s menu?


    CIA O

    1. David Letterman ? Are you f*n kidding me? He's like a fuckin 100years old or something.

  4. “I can’t tell you how many people have come up to me and asked, ‘Rabbi, which way to the buffet?’

    Which way to the foreskins?

  5. Jews are filthy lying rat-tongued ass-fucking arrogant cocky self-serving motherfucking pieces of fucking shit. All they care about is money and nothing else, NOTHING. Everything they do translates to cash. And cash buys people, people in power, and it gets them to help the Zioscum agenda.
    So look, just say NO, say NO to Jews forever. Boycott everything that has anything to d with a Jew, but better yet, fight them, fight them tooth and nail and never ever yield to these cocksucking faggots and miserable jealous hypocrites.

  6. Hello Greg,

    Hmmmmm...who it could be? Could they be same the crime syndicate doing the same thing in this country? Just look at our oh-so-generous open border policy, anchor baby system and pouring the country with illegals from central America & Mexico etc. and pit them against legally born poorest American citizens. Buuut you can't criticize, object or point out the flaws and holes left in our system (made by you know who!), cause if you do...then you a umm...fuckin racist!

    Keep hearing about a second civil war is imminent, coming from both left and right.

    1. Not another Civil War, more like another Revolutionary War were we throw out the Rothschild banks that are behind this never-ending misery.

    2. Throw out the rothchild banks and.... what ? keep buildin the mansions, pumpin out yachts and leers for execs, mowin their lawns , cleaning their estates etc.. etc.. etc.. and all on native lands gobbling up valuable Native Lebensraum and resources.
      Wow , sounds like such a noble plan. Really set things right.
      Here's a hint, decolonize by patriating to your homelands.Talk about solutions to your own nations problems from there. Might lend your arguments some weight. Untill then Rothchilds et al will continue to predate on your underlying lack of any foundation for righteousness of any kind. That's how they play the kings and queens of the world and that's how they play the usa.

  7. 4th of July Pizzagate has a long past

    Skeleton´s in the cupboard of jewSA founding father Benjamin Franklin?

    No Benjamin Franklin cover-up? Benjamin (yes, indeed he was jew + mason) is known for some things but unknown is this obscure part: Benjamin F. was a satanic child abuser / killer. The satanic rabbi(t) hole goes deep.


    I lived right next to the building ´The Odeon´ from ´80-´82 in the old centre of Amsterdam. Here is a clear picture of it:


    In the room with the balcony. In the attic above a American saxophone player Keshavan Maslak.

    The building Odeon with the facade stone Nurnberg plays an important role in zee history of the jewSA.

    In april 1982 I moved out. In oktober that same year apparently a memory plaquette was installed refering to the 1782 negotiations of the Dutch Republic of the 7 Provinces and (2nd potus) John Adams and his comrades. The Dutch republic loaned money to the young US Republic.

    In a letter to Benjamin Franklin, of January 24, 1784, he says: I should look back with less chagrin upon the disagreeable ... Inclosed is a copy of the translation from the Dutch 18 Public Debts of the United States.

    That US jew Benjamin Franklin was a satanic pedo seems to be fact. Bodies of children were also found in Benjamin´s F. house in London.

    4th of July Pizzagate has a long past

    CIA O

    1. Check out:


      4th of July Pizzagate has a long past

      CIA O

  8. In 1996 24th june walking in the dark in Delfshaven with the first copies of my last book RT DAM COOL HEAVEN HOT ISSUES fresh from the printer. Passing the Pilgrims Church, at that very moment a light beam flashes on, see fellow mortals in 17th century suits at my right side in the canal and hear them crying : Oh. My Lord ! (moi, peligroso? Methinkso)


    The Pilgrim were persona non grata in England took for a while refuge in the Netherlands and boarded the Speed-!-well in 1620 from Delfshaven (from there they took the Maylower and it is said they landed in Plymouth.

    The plaque outside at the wall of the church reads they left 1st August. Yesterday I resolved a 2 decenia dillema about this issue. Research had shown me that the real date the Speedwell left was 22nd july the birthday of my present mortal frame. 22nd july according to the Julian calendar used at that time. 1st August is the Gregorian calendar now in use in this part of the globe, to be exact.

    See this clear pic: http://www.oudeofpelgrimvaderskerk.nl/geschiedenis/de-pelgrimvaders/

    Your Ancestors may have come on the Mayflower to America, mine were already there to greet them, before those pale skin bastards enslaved and reclassified my people in their own land

    For All Presentday Americans Check out: Johnnie Aborigine

    Why? For the simple reason that you will not know in what country you live and eventually as all born, will die, if you don´t take notice of what Dane Calloway, Johnny Aborigine and the late prof. Native American Studies at UCCLA Jack S. Forbes etc., all 3 Native Americans, put forth.

    America is diff. from Europe most certainly concerning the hot issue of multi culti soup and
    open boarders.

    The (presentday, gj) Black Family in America were originally the Aboriginal tribes of America.

    I come in this present mortal form from CERAM. Cosmic Energy Ram.

    (I control the tickets in the train...)

    Btw 24 june 1596 the first Dutchman Cornelid de Houtman landed in the Indonesian Archipelego

    And like in the Americas the Dutch and other Europeans were impressed by the advanced (more advanced in many ways than Europe that time) culture they saw.

    The socalled 3rd world was not seen by them there (Europe was the third world). The Europeans (financed & inspirded by the yidz created that false term and through the gun in one hand and the bible in the other created it in reality)

    Bilderberg is an all white thing, after Indonesia fought its independence in 45-50 Nazi prince Bernhard was chartered to create Bilderberg, in essence a re-colonisation project.

    And like in the euro colonial times the white underclass was ´internally´ colonised now mixed with ´the Empire strikes Back´ overload.

    Belgian Leopold II killed 10 million Congolese.


    Uploaded by Truth Hitman

    CIA O

  9. They were on a boat btw these fellowmortals in 17th century suits. In Delfshaven It was not esp btw.

    Comrade In Arms O

    CIA O

  10. Check out:




    Kalergi is apparently half white half japanese (his mother).

    Like Dutch politician Indo Jew Geert Wilders (minder Marrokanen – fewer Morrocans etc.) who is anti mass immigration to the Netherlands, understandable & necessary but HE must know that the yidz on whose (above all, ideological) payroll he is, are behind it. And that´s his hypocrisy he does not give a voc (verenigde oostindiche compagnie- Dutch East Indies Company) about the obvious demographic genocide taking place.

    Late Dutch PM Ruud Lubbers (no-yid) but completely in line with Kalergi´s shit. I know Lubbers was a satanist.

    Wilders is seen together with present PM Mark Rutte at Hatummerbroek.


    The Kalergi plan etc. it all goes hand in hand with this basic satanic child etc. ritual.

    CIA O


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