Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Why Doesn't the MSM Help Out Those Degenerate Hollywood Pedos?

Hmm, let's see if we can figure this out. Here's one clue:
Another clue...this is leading somewhere. Don't tell me, I'll figure it out..
And one more... ...EUREKA!
Maybe some kind of post-birth traumatic incident happened that turned some/many Jew males into disgusting pedos?
This is some of the extremely sick shit coming out of (((Hollywood)). Making fun of having sex with a baby? WTF kind of people think that's funny?
NOTE: Jewtube is censoring this video as soon as they find the next poster, so be quick about viewing it...if you have a strong stomach.

JEWtube thinks kiddie porn vids are fine, but ask questions about WWII and you'll get banned.
Lots of Shekels will get a Tribe member into exclusive sex clubs

A mere $250K to sexually abuse a child. God dammit, these people need to be rounded up and jailed in a super Max prison where they can rape each other and not kids.
BONUS: You might want to check out the elite sex clubs where anything goes, and I do mean ANYTHING, like SNCTM and NXIVM. I know this might be hard to believe, but the founder of SNCTM Lawner, is a Jew. Imagine my shock.
Five Things You Need to Know About the NXIVM Cult!

Rick & Morty has a Pedo Problem

One more thought:

Is Tubby the Grifter threatening war with Iran to take the heat off his Hollywood pedo buds getting outed?

Maybe the FBI should send a team with some cadaver dogs to that private island Trump's good friend Epstein owns to look for children and baby corpses?
There is no end to this sick shit on the 'Net. What must it be like on TOR?

Here's a thought: Is Amazon's Cloud Hosting service keeping a secret spot for the rich pedos? Anytime you're the CIA's bitch, anything is possible.

I know one thing for sure: There's still plenty of fine hemp rope and plenty of stout oak trees Made in America!
Disney Director James Gunn Fired After Tweets About Abusing Children Uncovered

Abusing innocent children – and destroying their entire lives in the process – is one of the vilest, most depraved and evilest thing a human could ever do. It is the furthest thing from being “funny” and, to most decent people, simply hearing about the subject is enough to ruin their day.

For years, industry insiders have been claiming that Hollywood is rampant with pedophilia. The documentary An Open Secret explained how “important men” in Hollywood use their position of power to abuse children, and lots of movie directors are involved. So, while mass media is going in a pointless “Liberal vs Conservative” frenzy, here’s my suggestion: Police investigation. Now.
Surprise, you won't find "Open Secret" on JEWtube, but Vimeo...

Where are our US politicians who end over backward to help Israel, but ignore the American public?
Watch the CIA director threaten those who expose pedos.


  1. Sarah Silverman put out an obscene pedo post a few years ago. I commented on it to someone in Twitter. Nothing horrible. Just referred to her as a skank. No venom, just a referral. Within five minutes Twitter had me locked out for hate speech. That was Sunday at 10 AM. It is now Tuesday and I am still awaiting them to let me back in after a 12 hour punishment. If I remember, Sarah's Tweet was: "Is it molestation if the child makes the first move? I'm gonna need a quick answer on this one."

    My blog is like 13 years old now. One of my first major pieces was on all of this. Finally something is sort of happening. Corey Feldman is pretty quiet these days but he has pushed for this for some time. But as long as there are children, there will be this horrific behaviour condoned by Talmudic scripture.

  2. Another comment here. I think that their getting this dialogue out there is part of the desensitization process of people. Once pedophilia was a word not even whispered; now it is EVERYWHERE and Pedos are now part of the gender dysphoria alphabet soup. (I leard last night that Lesbians want to be removed from that alphabet... and... the left devours itself!). There is a whole new "Rebranding" process going on with pedos wishing to be identified as
    It is all part of this:

    Normalization of Pedophilia Goes Mainstream, Child Molesters Rebranded as ‘Minor Attracted Persons’


    1. I've been banned TWICE from 4 chan this past week, and all my posts were replies or facts about the Hollywood pedos.

      (((Someone))) is getting very nervous that this pedo info might go public.

    2. I just noticed that my mild comments also went straight to Silverman's account. So I imagine it was her or one of her staff who reported me within seconds of putting it up. 12 hour punishment. Three days later they are still working on the severity of my crime. Last year Pinterest removed two of my boards. The Communist board which tied (((people))) to the Bolsheviks, gone. And Pizzagate, gone. The Accounts were left but they were emptied of all contents. And yes, they don't want folks to get too woke about their Noahiding Americal Jewdicial systems.

  3. From Cain, who changed his name ,(shocker..huh?), to Sargon (noted in old Star Trek, almost all

    jews, episode). Shatner's father signed that bad joke on the world called the Israeli

    Constitution...to HollyHoax liemaster, Speilberg squeeze Kate Capshaw doing their revision

    of Crowley's "do what thou will is the whole of the law" they called "Anything goes".



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