Friday, August 31, 2018

If Utube Dings a Video, it must be Good. Watch "Goy Guide to World History"

"Youse GOYIM better stick to OUR official news sites, like our good friends at MSNBC, CNN and the NYT. They will keep your brain holocausted and that's where we need it to stay!"

Since these videos came out in 2014, the Jew takeover of the USA has gotten worse. Here's an example: Sigal Mandelker, head of the Under Secretary of the Treasury for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence, is a 'former' Israeli?

When she was originally appointed by Trump, that info was in Wikipedia, but since them has been flushed down the Memory Hole. Her department is the one waging economic war against Iran and Russia--and other nations & individuals--by imposing endless monetary sanctions on those nations and people, which can hurt the USA just as much, but not Israel. Still think she's a former Israeli?

Mandelker was preceded by the Jewess Sarah Bloom Raskin. Before her it was Adam Szubin. Before Adam is was Stuart Levy and David Cohen. Since the office was founded in 2004, it has been run by a Jew and or Israeli. No Gentiles allowed.

Starting to see a pattern here? No?

Out of the past eight Treasury Dept heads, five were Juden. And one of the Goyim, Hank Paulson, was brought in to put a Gentile face on the 2007 MBS crisis, which crashed Wall Street and devastated Main Street.
Thanks to President Clinton's Treasurer, Robert Rubin, who helped trash the firewall Glass-Steagall act and change regulations involving what banks can and can't do regarding their customer's monies. And got rid of certain oversight mechanisms which let those Wall Street TBTF banks go on a looting spree, until they had plundered so much wealth, it crashed the markets.

But wait, there's more! White Gentiles have been put on a hit list to be eliminated. Do you know who is behind this planned genocide?

Wonder who's behind the weaponized immigration of Europe? Wonder no more..
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Then they have the fucking nerve to brag about our ongoing demise.

Some/Many Jews and all Zionist Jews hate us Gentiles, but they never tire of using our wealth and military might to protect their Apartheid nightmare from reality:
Senator McGovern is very sincere when he says that he will try to cut the military budget by 30%. And this is to drive a knife in the heart of Israel… Jews don’t like big military budgets. But it is now an interest of the Jews to have a large and powerful military establishment in the United States…American Jews who care about the survival of the state of Israel have to say, no, we don’t want to cut the military budget, it is important to keep that military budget big, so that we can defend Israel.
NeoCON godfather Irving Kristol--who spawned noxious liar William K--writing back in 1973.

To make sure we keep spending an obscene amount of money on the Pentagon, while our nation's infrastructure crumbles due to lack of money for maintenance, Jew Inc keeps the terror level jacked-up thru their False Flags, which the (((MSM))) uses to frame Islam and whatever Muslim nation they want us to destroy.

Fake Terror is Oldest Trick in Zionist Toolbag

"The Jew cries out in pain while striking you." Wonder why?

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

The Lobby AKA How Israel Controls US and its Foreign Policy

Leak From Censored Israel Lobby Film Exposes Anti-Palestinian Operatives...see how these jack-booted thugs plan on stalking college graduates for merely showing support for Palestine.

This coming from the ME's only democracy, punishing people for exercising their Right to Assemble and Free Speech?
At the 5:30 mark, see how these anti-racist racists plan on denying college graduates jobs and their futures for merely showing support for Palestine.

At the 11:00 mark, Aaron Matte (Aaron? Hmmm) makes the absurd comment that the 'Lobby' isn't that powerful. Is he on drugs or can't see what's right in front of his face? Aaron this doc about the Israel Lobby influencing America's foreign policy was supposed to be released months ago, but some powerful entity has prevented the release.

From an April 2003 Haaretz article:
Aaron also must be unaware of the "Office of Special Plans (OSP), which gathered info both--mostly false--to stove-pipe it directly to the Zionist flunky George W. Bush and the Zionist MSM, bypassing internal protocols that mandated reviews by the various intelligence agencies, so Junior could use lies to justify his illegal invasion of Iraq.
The agency, called the Office of Special Plans (OSP), was set up by the defence secretary, Donald Rumsfeld, to second-guess CIA information and operated under the patronage of hardline conservatives in the top rungs of the administration, the Pentagon and at the White House, including Vice-President Dick Cheney.

The ideologically driven network functioned like a shadow government, much of it off the official payroll and beyond congressional oversight. But it proved powerful enough to prevail in a struggle with the State Department and the CIA by establishing a justification for war.

In fact, the OSP's activities were a complete mystery to the DIA and the Pentagon.

"The iceberg analogy is a good one," said a senior officer who left the Pentagon during the planning of the Iraq war. "No one from the military staff heard, saw or discussed anything with them."

"None of the Israelis who came were cleared into the Pentagon through normal channels," said one source familiar with the visits. Instead, they were waved in on Mr Feith's authority without having to fill in the usual forms.

The exchange of information continued a long-standing relationship Mr Feith and other Washington neo-conservatives had with Israel's Likud party.
Was the office next to the Pentagon's bagel bakery?

Who were part of the OSP? Paul Wolfowitz; Douglas Feith; Scooter Libby; Abram N. Shulsky; David Wurmser (Until he moved to work as senior adviser to Undersecretary of State John Bolton); William J. Luti--probably not a Chosen One, but he participated in all four conferences of the (((Bilderberg Group))) between 2004 and 2007--Elliot Abrams; Michael Rubin.
Elliot Abrams is a particularly nasty turd that no matter how many times you flush the toilet, keeps popping back up. From helping with Central American genocides in the 1980's--pardoned by President Bush Sr--to using charges of anti-Semitism to get truth buried to being an unabashed Zionist whose loyalty is really to Israel, they don't get much more smellier and fouler than Abrams)
No Moser's in this group, only Machers.
One former analyst will later recall, “When I heard complaints from people, it was, ‘Man, you wouldn’t believe this sh_t that [Lewis] Libby and [Douglas] Feith and [Paul] Wolfowitz do to us.’ They were all lumped together. I would hear them say, ‘G_ddamn, that f_cking John Hannah, you wouldn’t believe.’ And the next day it would be, ‘That f_cking Bill Luti’ (see September 2002). For all these guys, they’re interchangeable.” Another former analyst will later say: “They had power. Authority. They had the vice president behind them.… What Scooter [Libby] did, Cheney made possible. Feith, Wolfowitz—Cheney made it all possible. He’s the fulcrum. He’s the one.”
Basically, the upcoming war against Iraq was a done deal, they just needed to enhance their lies to make them believable to sell to a still in shock America from Israel's 9/11 False Flag that invading Afghanistan wasn't enough, there was still work to do.
The OSP also relied on intelligence flows about Iraq from a rump unit established in the offices of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. The OPS also worked with another ad hoc group consisting of Elliot Cohen, Newt Gingrich, David Jeremiah, Kenneth Adelman, and James Woolsey.
The illegal 2003 Iraq War had a LOT of help from the New Jew York Times, pushing lie after lie, after lie to scare Americans into thinking Saddam had WMD's he was going to use against Americans.

What say ye now Aaron? Still think the "Lobby' isn't that powerful?

Two woke comments from this video:

Got George
Jewish supremacy is the biggest problem the world faces today. It’s at the end of every rabbit hole. It’s the reason we’re all debt slaves. It’s the reason we are divided. From the mind numbing entertainment on our screens to the national debt, and the constant wars. Jewish supremacy and Zionism (Israel first mindset) among the leadership of western nations is the issue nobody wants to talk about.

Patricia MacLeod
How many millions/trillions do we send to Israel every year? Why does Israel have a military installation on Kodiak Island, Alaska? Why do we have a congress in the pocket of AIPAC? Why do we have so many Israeli nationals working in "our" government? Why is it acceptable for Sheldon Adelson to buy the embassy in Jerusalem? THESE MURDEROUS PEOPLE ARE US! Look at the maps since 1946 and the aggressor is plain for all to see. Poor "victim" Israel.

Monday, August 27, 2018

The Jews Pathological Hatred of German Thought Crime Prisoner Monika Schaefer

Found this rather disturbing comment on this DISQUS site filled with hate. These two disturbed individuals were ranting about John Kaminiski's article: "Good Truthers Go To Jail Because Truth is No Defence"
Monika is being used for Medical Experimentation. Research is needed to test the newest promise for inoperable Brain tumors, Parkinson's and Epilepsy. Enter "Particle Therapy". Developed in England, this is a form of external radiotherapy using beams of energetic protons, neutrons, or positive ions for treatment. Researchers need to observe a patient for five years to know how well they recover after this procedure. I suggest that you research the function of the "Corpus Callosum". Because Monika is a musician, she is an ideal subject. They want to burn this region of Monika's brain, that allows information to pass from left to right hemispheres. Once the Corpus Callosum is destroyed, the ability to coordinate left to right-hand movement will be impared or lost PERMANENTLY. So will go her ability to play the Violin. Because Particle therapy leaves NO evidence, nobody will be the wiser. And any and all resulting disabilities, they will claim, will be related to a Stroke.
It was left by this individual, calling himself/herself "TheAllSeeingEye."

Since he/she left this comment...

TheAllSeeingEye: "Is your Mother really sucking Arab cocks for a living"

And one in Hebrew, I'm going to take a wild guess that it's a Chosen One.
Corpus Callosum: Function and disorders

The corpus callosum connects the left side of the brain to the right side, each side being known as a hemisphere. The connection allows information to pass between the two halves.

Disorders of the corpus callosum

Some children are born without a corpus callosum. This leads to a rare disorder known as agenesis of the corpus callosum, which is estimated to affect around 1 in 3,000 people. The corpus callosum can also be damaged.

A disorder of the corpus callosum is not a disease or illness in itself. Many people with agenesis of the corpus callosum lead healthy lives.

However, it can also lead to medical problems, such as seizures, which require medical intervention.
It never ceases to amaze me how much hate a certain race have for us Gentiles, then they claim to be the victims of hate speech. Amazing. The whole idea of using Particle Therapy to damage Monika's brain cells sounds crazy, but not when you consider how fucking insane, hateful, vindictive and malevolent most Jews and Israelis are. Just ask any Palestinian or Syrian or Iraqi and how much detail is in the post, it's very possible this is more than just a threat.

Wiki has this on the subject of "Particle Therapy".
Particle therapy works by aiming energetic ionizing particles at the target tumor. These particles damage the DNA of tissue cells, ultimately causing their death. Because of their reduced ability to repair damaged DNA, cancerous cells are particularly vulnerable to attack.
There's one really disturbed individual who calls himself "Sam Downer." From the amount of deranged hate spouting from his mouth, I'm guessing he's a Tribe member. He left these comments--and others--regarding Monika being used for Medical Experimentation
SamDowner• 3 days ago


SamDowner• 3 days ago

Monika is actually an abortion that survied on the lab floor. That is why she is so skinny weak and mentally retarded.
He also has a pathetic hatred of John Kaminski:
SamDowner • 3 days ago
Kaminski reminds me of a dog's penis. I wonder if he licks himself. What a fucken shit stain paranoic loser.
All misspelled words from that sadist were his, not mine. Both joined in 2018, AFTER Monika had been tossed in a German dungeon.

Monika's Schaefer's Letter from a German Prison to Brian Ruhe....Well worth watching as by simply reading Monika's letter to Brian, her compassion, love for humanity and kindness are obvious. Three wonderful qualities in actual humans, but which seem like some kind of disease to most Juden.

Peace? Love? Words that Jews hate to hear.
I don't hate anyone (well, maybe Hillary, Bolton, Netenyahu, Nutty Nikki, neocon war mongers), as I found out a long time ago if you let anger turn into hate, it will eventually morph into a kind of mental cancer, that eats away at your humanity, becoming what you hate.

So I don't hate Juden, just wish they'd stop leeching off the USA and using their staged anti-Semitic incidents to demand more laws clamping down on Free Speech.

And stop fucking over, starving, bombing and stealing from Palestinians.

In my younger years, had torrid love affairs with three different Jewess. Didn't detect any hate from or in them, but maybe they dispelled it with their insatiable hunger for randy sex? They were completely uninhibited in bed.

Let's not forget Monika's original 'crime.' Daring to question the biggest LIE and most lucrative racket in the history of humanity, the Holocau$t™. Of course, JEWtube has declared this video VERBOTEN, so watch at your own risk.

Certain features have been disabled for this video: In response to user reports, we have disabled some features, such as comments, sharing, and suggested videos, because this video contains content that may be inappropriate or offensive to some audiences.
"The Jew cries out in pain as he strikes you"

The Jewish Bolsheviks (93% of all soviet commissars were Jewish, including Stalin, Lenin, and Trotsky) murdered 66 million Russians and it was a saying that Russian peasants used to say when complaining about the Jewish commissars calling them 'anti-semites' and 'racists' (the Jews invented this word) while murdering entire villages. This term entered the English vernacular through the stories of refugees from the Bolshevik 'Red terror'.

The origin of the term, however, has it's roots in 16th century Poland. The Jews were notorious as loan-sharks who used usury to enslave the polish peasantry through debt and they would use some of the most vile and cruel methods when collecting these debts, and would always complain that they were in fact the victims, even after employing murder, rape, and robbery to collect what they mistakenly believed they were owed. Hence the saying 'the Jew cries out in pain as he strikes you'.
Truer words were never spoken.

UPDATE: H/T to Adrian Chetwynd , who left me a link at my previous blog that led to finding out the above. When I read what those sick bastards have planned for Monika, got so concerned and worried, forgot my manners in not thanking Mr. Adrian.
Again, H/T to Adrian Chetwynd and my apology for not mentioning this in the original posting.

Sunday, August 26, 2018

"Youse GOYIM Better Get Back to Worshiping our Most Holy Holocaust or Else!"

Oh, the horrors of it all. Those poor Jews, forced to play in and/or watch stage plays, comedy shows and orchestras. Or play soccer on the Auschwitz soccer pitch. Such torture! I cry laugh just thinking about this travesty Biggest Lie!

If the Nazis were really running 'death camps,' why did the Gestapo arrest Karl Otto Koch, commandant of the Buchenwald, then Madjanek concentration camps for being too brutal to inmates, try him in a court of law, then execute Koch for being to harsh? Why would the Nazis be concerned about being too brutal to inmates in a so-called death camp?
In August 1943, Karl Koch was arrested by the Gestapo at the request of SS judge Josias Prince of Waldeck-Pyrmont. Karl Otto was charged with the unauthorized murder of three prisoners, while Ilse was accused of the embezzlement of more than 700,000RM. Though Ilse was acquitted, Karl Otto was convicted and shot in April 1945.
The Gestapo tried, convicted and executed a forced-labor camp commandant for killing three prisoners and also for being a bastard to others? WTF? So much for death camps.

"VAT? Vat iz ziss? Youse GOYIM are getting too nosy for your own good. Looks like the lesson we taught you on 9/11 will have to be repeated!"

Of course, JEWtube has dinged this video, since it contains TRUTH:

Certain features have been disabled for this video: In response to user reports, we have disabled some features, such as comments, sharing, and suggested videos, because this video contains content that may be inappropriate or offensive to some audiences

Movie theaters? Libraries? But the real horror is the poor gal who applied to the Auschwitz orchestra and was turned down, because her piano playing skills weren't good enough. Those Nazi bastards!

Day care for the children while their parents worked at the adjacent IG Farben Monowitz industrial war material concern, that made synthetic rubber, fuel, uniforms and other necessary war material and needed tens of thousands of workers each shift that came from Auschwitz. Be sure to click on the link, which takes you to the "HOLOCAUST DEPROGRAMMING COURSE" which has a massive trove of truth about the BIGGEST LIE ever told.
"Don't you dare look at this GOYIM, VE know what is best for our cattle, you can trust what we say, really! Would we lie to our favorite pets?"

User reports got the video blacklisted? Hmm, wonder which users?
What PO Das Juden the most was that Hitler took away their lucrative money-making rackets, and put them into forced labor camps, where they had to do actual physical work instead of ripping off GOYIM.
"Hiss, stop ziss GOYIM, or we'll send a Mossad PR team to your home at 3 am some morning!"
In the end, besides using the Holocau$t™ to extort hundreds of billions, if not trillions--if you include the free weapons--the BIGGEST LIE ever told also helped Jew Inc to steal Palestine, then go on a murderous killing spree, to wipe Palestine off the face of the Earth. Anytime someone actually points out that carpet-bombing the world's largest open-air concentration camp, Gaza, is a war crime, the (((MSM))) will swing into action, defaming, shaming and attacking until you shut up and/or lose your job. Or they get you tossed in prison or get beaten nearly to death by Holocaust junkies.
One of Europe's most prominent Holocaust revisionists, Dr. Robert Faurisson, was severely injured in a nearly fatal attack on September 16, 1989. After spraying a stinging gas into his face, temporarily blinding him, three assailants punched Dr. Faurisson to the ground and then repeatedly kicked him in the face and chest. "He was conscious, but he couldn't speak," said a fire fighter who gave Faurisson first aid. "His jaw was smashed. They destroyed his face."
Like what happened to Dr. Robert Faurisson, for merely asking historical questions about WWII. This is the good doctor after the beating.
That's what happening to Jeremy Corbyn, who has the nerve to utter that one word repugnant to Israelis and many Jews, peace in the ME starts by giving Palestinians back what was stole from them in 1967 and to make Israel behave humanely, if that's possible.But his beating is of the verbal kind, with relentless attacks by vicious fanatics who are scared that their lucrative Holocau$t™ racket is being exposed.

If not, this ethnic cleansing continues until there's no need to talk, talk, talk about Palestine, because it will have been genocided out of existence.

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Why are Jews Obsessed with Bodily Function Jokes, Especially Scatology?

Like this by Mark Newgarden, semi-famous underground type of comic who helped with the appropriately named "Garbage Pail Kids." ( I refuse to post the pic from his web page, since it's a picture of a giant pile of turds)

Whether or not Newgarden is 100% Juden is not clear, but he was born in Brooklyn and lives in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, which is Ground Zero for Hasidic Jews in NYC.

Newgarden along with Art (((Spiegelman)))--born Itzhak Avraham ben Zeev--created the filth known as "Garbage Pail Kids," card stickers were about the size of baseball trading cards, marketed towards kids, and filled with filth, degeneracy, slime and other Jew virtues.

The cards were banned
in many American schools back in the late 1980's, when Americans could still think for themselves because their brains hadn't been Holocausted.

Here's some of the fine examples of Jew art that was marketed towards children; "Gross Encounters of the TURD Kind?" Definitely gross.
Do you think the (((MSM))) would report on filth like this today, or glorify it and make it sound cool? Naturally, this 1986 broadcast features a Jew psychologist who tries to play down the harm these cards do to little minds.

Makes one wonder why the Jews, who are always bragging about being the smartest people on the planet, always seem to be behind this filth? One nation tried to warn sane people about their depravity, but was destroyed by the Armies of the Rothschild's.

What happens when sane Gentiles point out this depravity?
Of course, when Juden find ways to damage American minds--and make money too--they won't let go of trash, making "The Garbage Pail Kids" Movie, but which bombed at the box office.
On August 21, 1987, a live-action film based on the card characters was released. Its campy production made it both a critical and commercial flop, opening poorly in 374 theaters with initial receipts of $661,512 and total gross receipts of $1,576,615, barely making back its 1 million dollar budget. On Rotten Tomatoes, the film holds a 0% critic rating and 35% audience rating. The film is considered one of the worst films ever made. Topps featured advertisements for the movie on the original series 9 and 10 box-topper poster and variant wrap.
Bombed at the box office? HOORAY!

Michael Eisner's Tornante Company was going to do another movie of this trash in 2012, but maybe he saw the box office receipts from the last one and backed out.

Such is life in a Juden-run planet wide concentration camp, using sinister propaganda to keep you under control, GOYIM!

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Bankster Gangsters & The American Dream AKA Hang 'em High!

“I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery.” -Thomas Jefferson

An Entertaining but hard hitting look at how the problems we have today are nothing new, why leaders throughout our history have warned us and fought against the current type of financial system we have in America Today.

All of us Americans strive for the American Dream,and this film shows you why your dream is getting farther and farther away. Do you know how your money is created? Or how banking works? Why did housing prices skyrocket and then plunge? Do you really know what the Federal Reserve System is and how it affects you every single day? You will be challenged to investigate some very entrenched and powerful institutions in this nation and hopefully encouraged to help get our nation back on track..

The world should grow a pair and immediately arrest the Rothschild gangsters and their minions at all those central banks that issue debt-based currency, which puts nations into a financial trap they can never escape from, but it's a bankers wet dream come true, as the money they make charging people interest, basically borrowing their own money, then charging them outlandish fees--in the US alone, we pay around 500 BILLION a year in interest to these gangsters--from a product made from thin air, has to be one of the two biggest cons in history, the other being the Holocau$t™. What a coincidence that both schemes come from the same group of supremacists ethnic gangsters that have nothing but disdain and hate for us Gentiles.
What we view as tolerance, Jew Inc views as stupidity, making them commit even bolder crimes.
The FBI and Interpol should coordinate an arrest to round up these soul-stealing thieves, from the Godfather bank, the Bank of International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland, to the FED in both NYC and DC, the Bank of England and the European Common bank.

All these heartless bastards should be arrested, held without bail, tried for fraud, theft and crimes against humanity, then spend the rest of their worthless lives in prison, while an army of forensic accountants and auditors tracks where they've hidden the stolen loot, recover the assets and return them to the nations that were robbed by this 'Red Shield' Mafia.

Then the nations can take back control of their economy by printing debt-free currency. Just think of what all those trillions the world pays these vampires each year could do for growth and improving living conditions.
PROTOCOL 21 of the Learned Elders of Zion: LOANS AND CREDIT

2. We have taken advantage of the venality of administrators and slackness of rulers to get our moneys twice, thrice and more times over, by lending to the goy governments moneys which were not at all needed by the States. Could anyone do the like in regard to us....Therefore, I shall only deal with the details of internal loans.

4. But when the comedy is played out there emerges the fact that a debit and an exceedingly burdensome debit has been created. For the payment of interest it becomes necessary to have recourse to new loans, which do not swallow up but only add to the capital debt. And when this credit is exhausted it becomes necessary by new taxes to cover, not the loan, but only the interest on it. These taxes are a debit employed to cover a debit....
It wasn't a mere coincidence that both the privately owned Federal Reserve and the Federal income tax both came into existence in 1913.

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Meet One of Our Best Butchers....of Humans & Their Investors

The top one has to be Lockheed Martin, maker of products like the MK 82 laser guided bomb...
That blew to bloody bits 40+ Yemeni kids riding a school bus. Way to go Lockheed, you really have your butchery down to a science. Why, there's no telling what those school kids might of been up to, best not take any chances, eh?
Now let's look into whose making a killing off the killing....
Top 5 Shareholders of Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin Corporation (NYSE: LMT Lockheed Martin Corp) is the U.S. government’s largest contractor. Its largest customer is the Defense Department, to which it supplies weapons systems, aircraft and logistical support. Among its products are the F-35 Lightning II fighter, Sikorsky helicopters and the Aegis naval weapons system. The company provides data services and space technology to the civilian sector. The company generated $51 billion in annual revenue and $2 billion in net income for 2017. It paid $2.1 billion in dividends.
Two of the biggest investors in Lockheed Martin have some interesting coincidences!

There's BlackRock Inc, which has very diversified management wouldn't you say!!

Larry Fink CEO; Chairman Gary Shedlin; CFO Rob L. Goldstein; COO Rob Kapito; President David Blumer; Chief Risk Officer Ben Golub; Head of Multi-Asset Strategies and Global Fixed Income, J. Richard Kushel; Global Head of Active Equities and Chairman, BlackRock Alternative Investors, Mark D. Wiseman.

Now something sticks out that they have in common. No, don't tell me, I'll figure it out!

Now the trail of bagel wrappers leads to Bank of America.

Sheri B. Bronstein, Global Human Resources Executive; Geoffrey S. Greener, Chief Risk Officer; Christine P. Katziff, Corporate General Auditor;

Considering that Juden only constitute about 2% of Americans, they sure seem to dominate the financial industry, don't they?

Lockheed Martin receives bloody images instead of cool weapons photos in failed Twitter campaign

Of course, it helps to have insiders steer business your way.

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

More Holocau$t™ LIES. The Foundation for the Bastard Apartheid State of Israel

One might wonder how so many Gentiles could be so gullible to believe this BS, but when your brain is getting holcausted 24/7, 365 by the (((MSM))), Hollywood and even our schools, with some states requiring MANDATORY Holocau$t™ indoctrination to our little ones, then it's easy to understand why so many minds are corrupted with this evil.

Der Nazis were so evil, they even took Juden from South America to Germany so they could kill them and shrink their heads? Who believes this fucking nonsense?


These liars can't even lie.

In the end, this is what the main function of the holoHOAX is; to protect Israel from being held accountable for it's ethnic cleansing and genocide of the indigenous Palestinians.

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Missouri Republican who said ‘Hitler was right’ wins state House primary.

A Missouri Republican who has made anti-Semitic and other bigoted statements handily won a primary for the state’s House of Representatives. Steve West, who promotes anti-Semitic conspiracy theories on a radio show he hosts, defeated three other candidates Tuesday in the bid for a seat representing Clay County. He won with 49.5 percent of the vote; the second-place finisher had 24.4 percent.

“Looking back in history, unfortunately, Hitler was right about what was taking place in Germany. And who was behind it,” West said on KCXL radio in January 2017, The Kansas City Star reported Thursday.
He has spoken of “Jewish cabals” that are “harvesting baby parts” from Planned Parenthood, abuse children and control the Republican Party. West also has a YouTube channel on which he has made homophobic, anti-Semitic, Islamophobic and racist statements, according to The Star.

When asked about Jewish people in Missouri, he said, “Well, maybe they shouldn’t vote for me.”

Karen Aroesty, regional director of the Anti-Defamation League, said she was trying to determine how West and his views “flew under the radar” before the election. “What is a person who is elected into a position of power going to do with beliefs like this?” she said.

West will face Democratic incumbent Jon Carpenter in November.
Doesn't this Gentile know that us GOYIM were bred to serve our Jew Masters and fight endless wars for Apartheid Israel?

Whoever this guy is, he kicked his opponents ass by nearly 2-1. Wouldn't expect this kind of openness to win an election in a county so close to Kansas City, MO.

The ADL--Another Damn Lie--seemed clueless about West until he won, so not sure what to make of Mr. West. “What is a person who is elected into a position of power going to do with beliefs like this?” Well, considering he's only ONE of 163 Missouri House members, he won't be doing much of anything unless he gets at least 51% of the House to agree with his proposals, and that is probably what really worries the jack-boot at the ADL. When it comes to national elections, Missouri has been called on of those Bellwether states, since it has picked the winning presidential candidate in every election since 1904, with the exception of the 1956 POTUS contest.

Maybe the ADL is worried that us GOYIM are getting too woke, that we are sick and tired of fighting endless wars for Apartheid Israel and sending those parasites gobs of money and free weapons each year, while our nation's infrastructure goes to hell due to lack of funding.

Mr. West is supposed to have Jewtube channel, where he allegedly uses the name of Jack Justice, but I can't find anything about that on Jewtube, except this Jack Justice character, who has an animated show called Sick Bricks - Meet Jack Justice

The way Jewtube, Joogle, Twitter and the rest of the Kosher Nostra have been digitally murdering people online whose views they disagree with makes me wonder about the allegations made about Mr. West. All it would take is one anti-Semitic hurty thing said and the channel would be gone.

So how do you feel about the direction this country has been forced into, waging illegal wars and protecting those (((TBTF))) Wall Street banks while Main Street gets flushed down the drain? And knowing that a handful of individuals who think they're G-d's Chosen own over 90% of the MSM that keeps telling us lies to keep those wars going and protect those crooked banks? And pedophilia is being normalized, while biology is being trashed by subversive thugs who want our kids to believe there isn't such a thing as a male of female sex, just genders and you can choose from dozens of perversions, depending on how kinky you're feeling, like these in NYC:
According to the [NYC Commission on Human Rights] Commission, “it’s illegal to discriminate on the basis of gender identity and gender expression in the workplace, in public spaces and in housing” and businesses who violate this new law can be subject to a fine of up to $250,000.00.

So, here’s the list: Bi-gendered; Cross-Dresser; Drag Queen; Drag King; Femme Queen; Female-to-Male; FTM; Gender Bender; Pangender; Transexual/Transsexual; Trans Person; Woman; Man [How did those two get in?]; Butch;Two-Spirit; Trans; Agender [I have no idea]; Third Sex; Gender Fluid; Non-Binary Transgender; Androgyne; Gender Gifted; Gender Blender; Femme; Person of Transgender Experience; Androgynous

Friday, August 17, 2018

An Open Letter from "Joe SixPack" to you Muzlim types

An Open Letter from "Joe SixPack" to you Middle East types

i am writing this letter to clear up some confuzion that you people seem to have about us Americans. My favorite newz chanel, FOX, has been reporting some donnright nasty things said by you people about us Americans.

You people seem to think that we all a bunc of hafwits, with no idea how to vote or even tink. i'll have you now that i almost graduatted from high school. Hell, i would have excpet my girlfriend got pregnant and we had to get married.

So, bub, who you calling a hafwit? Huh? Why i'll have you now i reed evey isue of Natinal Enquirer from cover to cover and have a paid subscr... uhs subs.. uhh oh hell, i get "People" migazine evey munth.

i can tell you the most intimit details about Britney or Kim K or Kaitlyn. i can recite from memori the NASCAR cup winners from the last 5 years.

To keep up on what else you people are up to, i lizzen to the godly John Haggee. O'l John has the inside skinny on you folks and let me tell you, it aint good. That "Man of God" Reverd John, is telling us wez all get to go to heaven, as soon as our great leeder and devout Christian, Donny, nukes a few millionz of you rug heads, then our Jesus will welcom us with open arms. Hows them apples?
i just love to listen to Limbaugh and that Madcow girl, even though she is a dike. They tell us Americans the truth about you people and how we should spend a bunc of money to kill you heatehns and protect that nation we all love and adore, Israel.

So wose the hafwit know, huh?

Muslims and Nazis had one thing in common; the same enemy that hated/hates them with a passion.

Reinhard Tristan Eugen Heydrich was born in 1904 in Halle an der Saale to composer and opera singer Richard Bruno Heydrich and his wife, Elisabeth Anna Maria Amalia Heydrich (née Krantz).

Yes, the architect of muh holocaust, Reynard Reinhard Heidrich or Heydrich, both work, was Juden. His classmates & friends kidded Reynard about his Jew DNA, nicknaming him Moses Handel.

And yes, there is a 2016 Holocau$t™ movie about this evil Nazi Jew, called "Anthropoid."

Just add this piece of fantasy to the other 400+ holoHOAX movies, docs and films made especially for us GOYIM so we'll keep enshrined the Jews as the eternal victims and hand over lots of money to these leeches, and keep sending our sons and daughters to fight and die for Apartheid Israel.

But the GOYIM are too woke to believe more Nazi nonsense made by Jew Inc. The movie cost 9 Million, but only took in 5.3 million.

The 1943 treatment, "Hangmen Also Die" is a riot. It's worth watching alone for the opening scene, where the actor playing Heydrich, H. H. v. Twardowski portrays him as a flaming faggot. It's hilarious.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

"Goys & Girls, Tonight we're Back with our Most Popular Call-In show, "Ask Dr. Shlomo!""

As usual, Rabbi Pederasty will be the host, as soon as we can pry him away from another metzitzah b'peh, a most sacred rite performed by only the most distinguished Mohel Rabbis!

Ahh, here's the good doctor know, so light up those phone lies so we can be blessed with Dr. Shlomo's broad-base of knowledge:

First caller, you're on the air:

"Dr. Shlomo, I am an avid reader and have perused many articles about 9/11 in the blogosphere. Although at first, I bought the government's and the MSM's spin that 19 Arabs with box cutters were behind 9/11, these days I'm not so sure that what we've been told and continue to hear in the MSM about 9/11 is anywhere close to the truth. I'd like to hear your thoughts."

"Vat are we going to do about you Gentile suckers that will fall for any BS story?"

"Where you went wrong is going out into the big, bad world without a handler...uh, I meant guide. You should know better than to believe what you read in those damned blogs. They're full of rumors, paranoia and confusion, which is the job of the MSM, NOT some puny ass blog-head. You need to get rid of your computer and subscribe to one of the MSM publications that has the Zionist stamp of approval, like the New York Times. Or the Washington Post.

"And only watch our good friends at FOX News. And please, get yourself to a psychiatrist and get some help."

"Next caller, let it rip!"

"Dr. Shlomo, I have been following your shows for years and its obvious to anyone with half a brain that you're nothing more than a shill for Zionism and Apartheid Israel. That is why you constantly treat your callers with disdain, because some get too close to the truth that 9/11 was an inside job, put together and executed by the Israeli MOSSAD and traitorous elements at the highest levels of the US government. Further, I'd......."

(Background sounds of Dr. Shlomo yelling to turn that fuckhead's mic off)

"Sorry everyone, we seem to be having some technical difficulties. Next caller, you're on the air!"

"Dr. Shlomo, I'd like to touch on what the previous caller said about the Israeli MOSSAD being involved in 9/11 and ....."

"Oops, sorry to cut you off, we have to go to station break, we'll be back in a moment."

"Remember folks, only Jews have suffered thru the ages, thousands of years of getting savaged by Gentiles, mostly the white variety, who rebel against our G-d given talents to deftly pick your pockets to support our Royal lifestyle. G-d ordained this and you don't want to go against him do you? So give generously to any of our many Holocaust funds, to help the remaining 6 gorillion survivors live a decent life in London or Paris or Berlin or our favorite place to recuperate from those nasty Holocaust horrors, Miami Beach, Florida!"

"Jimbo from Harrisburg is on the line. Give it your best shot, Jimbo!"

"Dr. Shlomo, why do you refuse to talk about that elephant in America's living room, the involvement of the Israeli MOSSAD in 9/11 and wh....."

"OK, idiots, what the hell is this, National Anti-Semite Day? There are two indisputable and irrevocable pieces of truth. One is that 19 Arabs with box cutters, attacked America on 9/11 because they hate our freedoms.
The other is that 6 million of my kin were killed by Nazis during WWII in the Holocaust. Those two truths are not up for discussion or debate. Anyone who does bring up either of these two hallowed truths and asks question is either some type of raving lunatic or a vile anti-Semite and I won't have either on this show."

Next caller!"

"Dr. Shlomo, since you brought up the Holocaust, can you explain how the number of dead at Auschwitz dropped from four million to a little over one million? And if we were lied to about Auschwitz, could it be possible that we were lied to...."

"Well, that's it for today folks, Be sure to tune in next week and my special guest, the most honorable Israeli PM Benjamin Netenyahu and let him expound on the restraint shown by the IDF against the invading Amalek Army of demons."

Thursday, August 9, 2018

What do Four out of the Five Biggest Wall Street Con Artists Have in Common?

Besides being slimy crooks...

Corporate crime: Five biggest financial scams of all time

Naturally, #1 is the man himself, the Dago Charles Ponzi, who had people suckers invest in his business, promising them a 50 percent profit in 45 days by buying discounted postal reply coupons in other countries and redeeming them at face value in the United States as a form of arbitrage, a mechanism which would become known as a Ponzi scheme.

Ponzi's frauds came to 20 million. Not much now, but back in 1919, that kind of loot would of been astonishing. Ponzi is listed as Italian, but Ponzi is also a Jew surname. But we'll leave Ponzi at the top as a kind of Con Artist Emeritus.

Now on to Bernie (((Madoff))), whose clients definitely felt the BURN, of over 64 billion. Some of which was laundered to Israel. Yes, shocking, isn't it?
WMR has learned from the executor of the estate of a woman defrauded by jailed New York securities dealer Bernard Madoff that much of Madoff’s money never disappeared as alleged by some but was invested in businesses in Israel, transferred to offshore bank accounts, and pumped in small amounts to the political campaigns of Democratic women candidates, particularly U.S. Senate candidates, endorsed by the group EMILY’s List.
I'm sure Israel returned the stolen loot, don't you?
Madoff was major Democratic campaign contributor

Since 1991, Madoff and other individuals connected with Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities made campaign contributions totaling $372,100, with about 89 percent of those funds directed to Democrats, according to, the Web site of the Center for Responsive Politics. The majority of the senators and representatives who benefited from these donations were New York-area legislators

The New York-area legislators who benefited from Bernie's handing out shekels included two US Senators representing New York who were thankful enough to help appoint federal and New York surrogate court judges who would later help Bernie avoid prison, at least temporarily.

When there's that kind of moolah being offered up, you can damn will bet Hillary "It's Putin's fault" Clinton got her grubby paws on some.

Bernie is supposedly at the Federal Correctional Complex, Butner in North Carolina--where Israeli mega-spy Johnathan Pollard did time for stabbing Americans in the back. When you go to Pollard's Wiki page, they bring up muh holocaust, as if committing treason has anything to do with that fraud. Butner is known as the 'crown jewel' of the federal prison system.
Does this like a prison or more a college campus? Yes, life is rough for Tribe members who get tossed in jail by mean anti-Semites.
Next at bat is Ken Lay, of Enron, who not only scammed the (((MSM))) about his dealings, he also racked up around 63 billion in various frauds, giving him the Olympic Silver for racketeering.

Now here's where it gets good...Lay died while vacationing--while out on bail, nice--three months before his October 23 sentencing. A preliminary autopsy reported Lay had died of a heart attack caused by coronary artery disease and his conviction was vacated. His corpse was allegedly cremated, so no one can disinter his grave to make sure Mr. Slippery is actually buried.

It gets gooder! Since he died before getting his formal judgment of conviction, the Feds can't seize the 43 million Lay had at the time of his 'death.'

Sweet. Bet the investors and Enron hired help would like to kill him again.

Anyone who thinks Kenny boy is actually dead, raise your hand. Oh, BTW, Lay is a German-Jewish name.

Lay says he dindu nuffin, that "...that Enron's collapse was due to a conspiracy waged by short sellers, rogue executives, and the news media."

Batting cleanup is Lehman Brothers....

The crash of the 150-year-old investment bank Lehman Brothers became the enduring symbol of the financial crisis of 2008. Lehman was heavily involved in subprime mortgage–backed securities, and became the largest victim of the notorious mortgage credit crunch.

Their greed total came to over 600 BILLION, which was the assets LB was supposed to have, but didn't when the feces started hitting the rotary oscillator. So guess who got put on the hook to bail-out these shysters, at the same time their avarice helped to crash the US economy.

If you want to read how a slow-motion train wreck looks like, click here...

At least the CEO, Richard (((Fuld))), got to keep a big chunk of loot while we got the bill.

The movie "Margin Call" is based on Lehman's implosion. Pretty good movie, definitely recommend watching the great Jeremy Irons in action.

"Is that pronounced WorldCom or WorldCON?"

Bernard Ebbers of WorldCom

It's good to be the King!

The family name origins & meanings of the Juden Ebbers is 'Shtupper of Goyim? (Not really, couldn't resist tossing that in, since it fits so well.)
Before heading off to his assigned county-club prison (for prisoners with special needs), Ebbers managed to defraud Gentiles of over 6 billion, which was the individual record till another Chosen One, Bernie Madoff, came along. Say goodbye to all your goodies Bernie, including that 500,000 acre ranch in Douglas Lake, British Columbia.

Douglas Lake Canada's biggest ranch[- 500,000 acres (2,000 km²) in British Columbia. General partner/president. Acquired in 1998 for about $65 million. Sold on May 30, 2003, by MCI to E. Stanley Kroenke.(Side note: Does one have to be a Jew to be a multi-billionaire? Looks that way, as some say the multi-billionaire Kroenke is a Jew, others not. Take your pick. Now back to our regularly scheduled programming)

Ebbers proclaims to be a Baptist, but did you know--brace yourself, this is going to be a shocker--that Ebbers is a Jew surname?
As a high-profile member of the congregation, Ebbers regularly taught Sunday School and attended the morning worship service with his family. His faith was overt, and he often started corporate meetings with prayer.
Prayers like this? "Dear G-d, please don't let those fools find out I'm a fraud and the company stock is worthless. Life is good for me and I promise to give one million shares of WorldCom to you if they never find out I'm a con artist?
"I do not believe I have anything to hide, I believe that no one will conclude that I engaged in any criminal or fraudulent conduct," he swore to the U.S. House Committee on Financial Services back in July 2002.

The United States House Committee on Financial Services (also referred to as the House Banking Committee) is the committee of the United States House of Representatives that oversees the entire financial services industry, including the securities, insurance, banking, and housing industries. The Committee also oversees the work of the Federal Reserve, the United States Department of the Treasury, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, and other financial services regulators. It is chaired by Jeb Hensarling (R-TX) and the ranking Democrat is Maxine Waters (D-CA).
Maxine Waters? No wonder she can afford to own FOUR LA area homes, including this $4.5 million dollar mansion. Must be from all that overtime she racks up overseeing these crooks?

Barney, but not the Dinosaur Barney

Then there's former US House member Barney Frank (D-MA) who had a torrid love affair with one Herb Moses, an executive for the now-government controlled Fannie Mae, while Frank was serving on the House Banking Committee the entire 10 years they were together. Moses created junk housing mortgage loans, making many shekels that he brought home to his 'hubby,' Barney Frank so they could enjoy the good like while ignoring the impeding MBS explosion that devastated many Americans and wrecked our economy.

Guess love is blind? Funny thing about this, Wikipedia doesn't mention this sordid affair in their Frank listing?

The year Mr. Frank and Mr. Moses broke up, Mr. Moses and Ms. Mae also broke up.

“Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are not facing any kind of financial crisis." Uh Barney, didn't your Mommy tell you it's not polite to talk when your mouth's full?
In the 1980s, Frank got involved with Steven Gobie. The romance was more late-night Cinemax than Jane Austin. They met through a Washington Blade classified touting sexual service. Gobie supplied his “hot bottom” and “large endowment,” as advertised; Frank supplied the $80. More money followed—to Gobie’s attorney, to his psychiatrist, to Gobie himself, whom Frank styled as his personal aide.
It sometimes takes a large endowment to satiate an on-fire anus.

Large endowment? What are we talking here, maybe 10 inches of endowment?
Frank used his office to get thirty-three of Gobie’s parking tickets waived and penned missives on congressional letterhead to Gobie’s Virginia probation officers that the Boston Globe Magazine labeled “disingenuous at best and outright deception at worst.” That phrase seems well-suited for Frank’s denials that he had no knowledge that his rentboy was using his townhouse to collect rent from other enthusiastic tenants.
Naturally Horny Barney is a loyal servant to Israel, probably doing more for that Apartheid nightmare than he did for Americans while in the House.
Frank was shocked, shocked when informed that his Lothario had been entertaining clients at his home. Frank initially encountered Gobie as a prostitute and knew of his felony convictions involving cocaine and child pornography. But he didn’t know, we were supposed to believe, that his townhouse doubled as a whorehouse.
Well, one can't just let that large endowment lay around, not doing anything or anyone.

Horny Barny's love of Israel knows no bounds:
"The Israeli government has been a wholly democratic one from the beginning," he said in a lecture to students. "It is one of the freest democracies in the world". He attributed the primary reason for Israel’s long war to his belief that Palestinians are unwilling to make concessions.

Predatory Jews & the Interest Rate Swap Swindles

Honorary Mention for the Grifter Hall of Fame

That would be Myron Scholes and Robert C. Merton (both winners of the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences) two of the three principals that formed LTCM--Long Term Capital Management--that blew up in 1997. Scholes is an avid lover of bagels, but Merton isn't fully Kosher certified, but his Daddy is, so we'll give Merton the benefit of the doubt when it comes to that certain DNA that is nearly always found at financial crimes scenes.

I mention LTCM because there's something that smells rancid as Gefilte fish about this con job. When LTCM started imploding in 1997, investors were on the hook for 4.6 billion, which is a lot of money, but not so much when it comes to the amounts traded each day on the world's stock exchanges.

This link shows the top trading frauds--at least the public ones--and it's notable for a certain ethnic group being at the center of many.

Yet LTCM was saved from blowing up when the Federal Reserve Bank of New York intervened with the assistance of Bankers Trust, Barclays, Bear Stearns, Chase Manhattan Bank, Crédit Agricole, Credit Suisse First Boston, Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, Paribas, Salomon Smith Barney, Société Générale, and UBS.

Now call me a conspiracy theorist, but to not let the market work by letting LTCM turn to rubble by getting 17 major banks and financial institutions around the world to prop them up, well, something just ain't right. Don't buy the BS about letting this company fail would set off a major crisis, that's what bankruptcy courts are for, slowly easing the pain so that it's manageable and only a few buzzards get to feast on the corpse.

"Shlomo, Moshe, hurry up, some idiot just set off the burglar alarm""

Sorry about the length of this blog, but once you start peeling back the layers and turning over rocks, all sorts of interesting info comes out, and damn near all of it emanating from a certain tribe of ethnic gangsters.

So why doesn't the MSM do more in-depth reporting on these frauds, scams and thieving? Considering that the MBS--Mortgage Backed Securities--fraud that involved banks loaning money to people who really couldn't afford the McMansions turned into a bubble that burst in 2007, affecting a a very negative way most of the western world, and now we have something similar involving subprime auto loans, some of which are going into default, don't you think it would be a good idea for the MSM to let people know the economic catastrophe that's staring us in the face?

So why doesn't the MSM do some actual investigative reporting instead of always screaming about Russia or CIA-Mossad backed jihadis?

Monday, August 6, 2018

"Youse anti-Semites are the New Nazis & VE VILL...Oops."

How many times a day/week/month/year does these phony anti-Semitic attacks take place? No one really gives a shit about the Swastika, except the holocaust junkies who never tire of reminding us GOYIM that they are the eternal victim, which can be soothed over with a massive amount of $$$$, until the next Swastika FF incident.
"Community Carpet-bombed with Hate"

Cries of 'anti-Semitism' vanish after suspect identified

NEW YORK -- More than 20 white, spray-painted swastikas were found early Monday morning [October 18, 2004] in the southern sections of Brooklyn and Queens [New York suburbs]. Two synagogues, two Jewish community centers, a Jewish funeral home, a rabbinical school, a medical building named after a Jew and numerous parked cars were targeted.

Investigators with the NYPD's Hate Crime Task Force swarmed over the area before sun-up, dusting for fingerprints, photographing and taking paint samples, then trying to remove the swastikas as quickly as possible so that the ultra-sensitive minority would not have to view the hated symbol of the Third Reich. The Judeo-authorities say this crime spree was particularly brazen because most of the synagogues and community centers have security cameras that are on 24 hours a day.
"It's all one and the same pattern, it appears," a hate-police spokesperson told the dozens of reporters who had gathered outside one of the victimized synagogues. After the morning service, curious Jews milled around hoping to see what had happened.
"I thought that with everything that's happening in the world right now, that it was going to hit us and it did," moaned Lenore Greenberg, 74, who learned of the incident from the rabbi during the service. "I'm angry, very upset, as are all of the congregants here," she said, adding it was particularly galling that the vandalism occurred on the Sabbath. "It's just sick," said her husband, Jack Greenberg, 78...

Meanwhile, Assemblyman Dov Hikind [more on Div below] offered a $5,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the "anti-Semites" responsible.

By mid-afternoon, the elite "Hate Crime" Task Force had made their arrest. Olga Abramovich, 49, of Brooklyn, was charged with criminal mischief and "related crimes," police said. The woman admitted targeting about 20 sites because she was angry at her former husband, a Jew, for dumping her and marrying a younger woman. An empty spray-paint can was found in the trunk of her vehicle.

Since the arrest, the media has dropped all mention of "hate" and "anti-Semitism." The candlelight vigils have been canceled. The ADL will not be issuing a press release.
This false flag was done on the Jew holy day, Saturday. Jews are supposed to refrain from many kinds of work/activities-known as melakha--on the Sabbath, like writing, unless they get a Rabbi exemption or get a Shabbos goy--a Gentile--to perform those VERBOTEN tasks. Like spray-painting Swastikas on synagogues. But I bet that is so enjoyed by the Jew terrorists, they do the painting themselves.
Doesn't matter if it's 2004 or 2018, the usual suspects keep playing this cruel game to maintain their eternal victim status, garner pity, sympathy and the mandatory outpouring of tax dollars from the city/state/nation's Treasury to their pockets.

And it's been going on for centuries....all over the western world.

Five Jews Arrested for Painting Swastikas on Israel Consulate

Jewish man accused of spray-painting swastikas on own home
Suspect arrested for spraying swastikas at Amsterdam Jewish cemetery

Police would not reveal the suspect’s identity or what they say his motives were for painting the Nazi symbol on the external wall of the 300-year-old Zeeburg Jewish Cemetery.

In 2013, the Zeeburg cemetery was reopened after nearly 70 years of neglect with the help of a few dozen Moroccan and Jewish youths who volunteered to renovate and clean up the area. Some 175,000 Jews are buried in the cemetery, located in the eastern part of the capital.

Along with other volunteers referred by the city of Amsterdam, the youths painted over graffiti-covered walls, cut overgrown grass and weeds, and helped restore some of the paths that crisscross the site.

In total, the restoration cost about $150,000, which was raised from Jewish and non-Jewish sources, including the city.
Notice there's no perps name, SOP for when a Jew gets caught. If his name had been Mohamed, it would of been all over the news. And that the cemetery had been neglected for nearly 70 years, but now, local Jews were able to fleece the Dutch GOY to pay for the remodeling.

Jewish suspects arrested over swastika graffiti on synagogues

Three students arrested in connection with a swastika spray-painted at their school

Jewish man arrested 'after posting swastikas on doors'
Romania: Anti-Semitic graffiti found at Elie Wiesel's home

The Romanian group for Monitoring and Fighting Anti-Semitism called it an act of vandalism against the “memory of Elie Wiesel, the memory of the Holocaust victims and the souls of the Holocaust survivors.”

Let me guess. HeLie Weasel's home is in need of remodeling and this will bring on a flood of shekels. Stay tuned! Yep, just click here to donate some much needed shekels GOYIM!

Another neglected Jew cemetery is in need of funds to rehab the place and like magic, an anti-Semitic 'hate crime' happens!

Hoax Alert: Pollution in Plock (2018)

After a thousand or so years of pulling these hateful stunts, many times duping the GOYIM into believing lies, it gave Jew Inc the idea for this:

"Will the REAL anti-Semites Please Stand up?"
Teen living in Israel charged with federal hate crimes in threats received by Jewish facilities

A teenager with dual U.S. and Israeli citizenship has been indicted on hate crimes and making false threats in what federal prosecutors assert was a multi-state torrent of hundreds of calls last winter to Jewish community centers and institutions, including the Israeli Embassy.

Michael Ron David Kadar - who is 19 and lived in Ashkelon, Israel, at the time of the alleged threats - was charged in a criminal complaint in April of making false bomb threats to Jewish sites in Florida from January to March 7, 2017, giving false information to police about harm to people in Georgia, and cyberstalking.

Prosecutors allege he used Internet services to place a telephone bomb threat to the ADL in Washington on March 7 and emailed a similar threat March 9 that pipe bombs had been placed in the Israeli Embassy. Karad also is accused of taking "extraordinary steps to conceal his identity and location" through technology, including voice alteration to make it sound as if a woman were the caller, use of proxy IP addresses, virtual currencies and caller ID "spoofing," U.S. Justice Department officials have said.
Although the FBI issued an extradition warrant for Kadar to Israel, our good friend and ally has refused the summons. They know an actual investigation could lead to places us GOY are best kept in the dark about.

Kadar made thousands of these threats, not hundreds. The outlet that told the real number, the German media site DW, just had to add a large pic of some Holocau$t™ memorial/story half-way thru the article.

"Nevar forget the 6 gorillion, Goyim. Now send us moar shekels for our pain!"

Using advanced technology, like voice alteration and caller ID spoofing, plus his BTC stash meant that some intelligence outfit or security firm was helping this 19 yo cry 'Wolf.' The threat to the ADL was a nice touch. It then allows those Gentile haters to scream that anti-Semites are growing in numbers, so send us more shekels so we can fight the menace they probably helped to create. And demand that Congress pass laws that will virtually wipe-out our Free Speech rights.
You might recognize the name of NYC Assemblyman Dov Hikind, a rabid supporter of Zionists, Apartheid Israel and those endless 'Wars for Wall Street and Israel.' He's also a bit of a racist, when he proclaimed in 2005:
Hikind has advocated for the profiling of Muslims of Middle Eastern and South Asian background as a response to terrorism. In 2005 he sponsored a bill to allow police to focus on Middle-Eastern men in subway bag searches. At a news conference, holding up photos of Muslim men, he said, "The individuals involved [in terrorism] basically look like this. Why must police think twice before examining people of a particular group?"

"There is a particular group who engage in these [terror] activities," Oddo told New York 1, a cable television news station. "They're not skinny balding Italian Americans from Staten Island."
Constantly kvetching about those nasty Nazis, as explained by the millions of holoFRAUD survivors....
...allows the Jews to get away with murder....literally. As Palestinians can attest to, since they're the real victims of an actual holocaust, the planned genocide of the indigenous Palestinians.


The comments about the REAL 9/11 terrorists at the 1:14 mark are interesting. And if you like magic, at the 5:54 mark, watch a 100 ton passenger jet disappear into the South Tower, AKA WTC 2. Amazing, simply amazing!

"There is a particular group who engage in these [terror] activities." Yes, they do and pretend to be our best friend and only ME ally, while they deftly pick our pockets, use False Flags to get Congress to keep sending our sons and daughters off to fight yet another war for the glory of Israel and stick a knife in our collective back.

I know this might be difficult to believe, but Dov is the son of Holocau$t™ survivors!

Dov is retiring from his cushy Assemblyman job. Maybe this is why?
Feds subpoena Hikind-associated charity for funneling millions in taxpayer cash May 2018

Assemblyman Dov Hikind touted the many “other opportunities” awaiting him when he abruptly announced his retirement — and one of them may involve a rematch with the feds, The Post has learned. The Brooklyn US Attorney’s Office slapped subpoenas on a Brooklyn-based Jewish charity that funneled millions in taxpayer cash to another nonprofit, which hired Hikind’s two sons, both organizations confirmed...

That cash got passed along to a charity called Our Place, where records reveal Hikind’s adult sons, Yoni and Shmuel ­Hikind, were employed as counselors for troubled Jewish teens...

The 18-term Brooklyn Democrat — who sparked controversy in 2013 by wearing blackface while hosting a costume party celebrating the Jewish holiday of Purim—unexpectedly announced his retirement from the Assembly late last month in a YouTube video that was vague on his future plans.

In 2014, Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s since-disbanded Moreland Commission to Investigate Public Corruption forwarded information it compiled about Hikind to Brooklyn federal prosecutors for potential investigation, a source told The Post at the time. The referral involved pork-barrel funds that Hikind steered to Maimonides Medical Center in his district, which paid Hikind $65,000 to produce ads on his radio show, according to reports.
"Youse Goyim are sticking your nosy noses into affairs that are way above your level of intelligence and the need to know. We tried to teach you that lesson on 9/11, but it looks like you knuckleheads need a refresher course!"
Jews can't eat bacon, but they sure do love pork. Why disband the Moreland Commission to Investigate Public Corruption? Were the investigations consistently leading to a certain group of ethnic gangsters who are very adept at fleecing GOYIM?

Wearing blackface? Say, maybe the NYT will hire Dov? Oops, forgot, they only want racists that hate white people!

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