Friday, August 3, 2018

Sarah Jeong's Past Negative Tweets About Her New Employer...That's OK, Right Times?

Don't look at the negative side of this, Paper of Record, she was just having a bad day.

On the other hand...


  1. This Chino chica is a product of the Immigration Bill of 1965 -needless to say yidz behind it- which changed the pale face of America.

    Dane Calloway A Short Message To All So Called African Americans 27th july 2017.

    The Black Americans (so called Indians) were already in Turtle Island, how they called America, before any Pale Face came. Many, many millions descendants of these black native Americans* are still alive in the US. Not to the amusement of the jewSA govt and many white Americans.

    These Black American are still called in official US law ¾ of a human being, despite MLK.

    Only one mistake by Calloway in the beginning. He refers to a Jay Z song : How the j-people own everything in America. How they did it....

    The yidz in the music industry must not have not heard this thread or told him to put it in. Jay Z like most rappers are bending over to the yids who run the music industry.

    The tall false jew (Lyor Cohen) that runs the rap industry:

    10.08: The music industry is full of sick individuals if you want to be succesfull, you must participate in rituals.....

    *Constantine Rafinesque

    1832 The Original Black Nations of America. There are no Red Indians R. says somewhere else.

    Red Skin comes from the white bounty hunters who had to show the scalps of the black socalled Indians they killed as proof to get his cash.

    CIA O

  2. Had no idea North America was originally Turtle Island to the indigenous people, who the Europeans did a fine job of nearly wiping them out. Estimates are from 3-25+ million in the JEWSA alone, so maybe that's why so many Americans love the land stealing, murderous Israelis; they're our blood brother, so to speak.

    Both Jay-Z and Beyonce claim to be Satanists. Whether or not that's true, I don't know, but I want nothing to do with that shit.

    There's something very powerful, evil and ugly going on in the world, that goes way beyond mere greed, stupidity and arrogance. So maybe there is a demonic influence in Hollywood that aspiring stars have to sell their soul to in order to become famous.

    I'll be touching on that in a coming blog that involves kiddie porn, bestiality, coverups, Hollywood pedos and the 9/11 False Flag, that are all tied together.

  3. Check out:

    (…) The Olmec introduced many things to the Americas, most of them good. However, the Xia/Olmec practice of Human sacrifice, which even intruded unto another Olmec invention, The Rubber Ball Game, was not. And there is no doubt, that the Amerindians wholehearted acceptance and subsequent practice of human sacrifice, was the major contributor to their demise. The hatreds that built-up because the strong were using the weak as pools of sacrificial candidates, meant that they would do exactly as they did do, when the occasion arose (…)

    Back to April 25 2018:

    A crucial line in a gj comment here at GS:

    ´At the corner of the Wundtrasse (the Woundstreet) and the Spiegelstrasse (the Mirrorstreet) a set of Mayan wall street paintings of a restaurant led me to to the hotel next to it.´

    During the sunny afternoon walk before stumbling at the Messe Hotel in Berlin I had a esp preview of how the child-human-sacrifice caused the down-fall of these till this pizza element crept in highly evolved black cultures in the Americas.

    Anyway, Dane Calloway is doing great in his non-violent approach, crushing this matrix wall.


    Another karma face:

    If you scroll through the WP twitter you find Bill C. , not exactly a happy camper.

    Bill Clinton is the son of Nelson Rockefeller:

    Sprite Sam comments:

    Larry Johnson My family is from a small town near Hope, Ark. It was always told that his mother was a gambler an liked the race tracks, liked to date, an dated a few men in her time. My uncle said she was a "rounder". He swears Rockefeller is the father and paid for his Oxford education. How else would a single woman in a small town pay for such an expensive education?

    CIA O

  4. It is quite a long thread, Greg, but at the end it shows the thickness of the yid forest we all move in. Well, seeing behind every tree a jew (or & vice versa) …. But rationally knowing and feeling that you are not what you conceive and perceive lightens any load immediato.

    It could be that the yidz take that as the basis for their kol nidre strategy but they remain satanic liers with the consequences in the here-and-here-after.

    Israhell is probably numero uno on the list of skin cancer countries. no lie, IS REAL.

    This piece is studied by the Tel Aviv cybersecurity yidz. It is about Borat Baron Cohen at Aangirfan. If A. does not place it, I understand because. No hard feelings. It is quite long but in my view not off topic:

    The spidercatweblog is quite questionable. A vid uploaded by them caught my attention. About Tutankamon who is according to their sources a European.

    Tut come on white? (His father and mother were both black. Very inventive, mutazion/e particolare)

    Well that´s exactly what jew run Las Vegas & Hollywood portray the ancient Egyptians.

    The first link they provide in that piece is

    Rational wiki (don´t know if this also j-run like wikileaks) on the eu times. I see now why the following thread did not not go their filter:

    First of all from where does the term ´Indian´ in American Indian comes from' ? Columbus had a book of Marco Polo with him. Marco Polo (1254 - 1324) went to the Orient China. India – very rich cultures in every way - via the Silk Road.
    MP inspired theVenetians and others to go back and forth via the Silk Road. The Ottoman empire where this legendary road starts got at war: roadblocks. The Europeans were forced to find other ways to get to the rich Orient.
    Marco Polo met the very dark skinned inhabitants of South India. When Columbus came to the what are now called the Carraibean, he thought he made it to India. …..he called these darkskinned people he saw Indians.

    Blacks were already in the Americas thousands of years before European Pale Faces ´discovered´ the Americas.

    About ancient black Egypt - KMT which litt. means black was the term the Egyptians used to describe themselves- the majority of the still white West and present Egypt itself sails the Nile (is in denial):
    and last but not least:

    At the end I write: @ soleJahway. Bollyn has brought this borat bnaibrith shit up once in his work. I cannot find it. But yesterday I stumbled upon Zionist Watch which is in many ways blocked by j-tube. But found a long list of well known fellowmortals who were all of the yid tribe. Only we don´t know.

    And one of them is Bollyn! Another name, that I remember: John Rappoport (never read much of him). With Bollyn I had many esp x-changes which are now confirmed by this Zionist Watch list.

    Also via Zionist watch this just now came up:

    Uploaded 31 july 2018

    Jerry Seinfeld (known to be yid) at a press conference in israhell november 2007.

    CIA O

  5. Strong piece, Greg, you anti-semites are the new nazis.

    Eh bien from gestern at A.:

    Never heard of ´catspiderwebblog´ till 2 days ago. They run a piece on the supposed whiteness of Tutankamon. Their first link is a ´news´ site called eu news. Just read the comments there and you know their agenda.

    Check out:

    REAL King Tut DNA Test = BLACK 100%

    A vid of 2012 that provides full proof of the nonsense put forth at catspiderweb about the same DNA leak shown on a Discovery doc.

    Black Egypt – The cover up (compilation)

    Featuring Senegalese scholar Cheikh Anta Diop who already in 1974 in Cairo at a UNESCO conference of 20 Egyptologists used DNA melanin dosage tests as proof that Egyptians were black.

    Egyptians themselves used the term KMT – which means black - describing themselves and their land.

    A j-tube of comment of 4 years ago summarises it sharply:

    Ancient Egypt was Black from the beginning according to the Cairo Symposium. The general consenus reached here was that there was " NO " evidence that Ancient Egypt was White, and they were " NOT " influenced by Mesopotamia, but by the Peoples from The Great Lakes Region of inner Africa. " UNESCO 1978 "

    Read what Herodotus & all the other writers of Greek Antiquity said about this.

    It is a yid psy op (and their useless fools included) to deny what Herodotus and DNA tests say.

    CIA O


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