Monday, August 6, 2018

"Youse anti-Semites are the New Nazis & VE VILL...Oops."

How many times a day/week/month/year does these phony anti-Semitic attacks take place? No one really gives a shit about the Swastika, except the holocaust junkies who never tire of reminding us GOYIM that they are the eternal victim, which can be soothed over with a massive amount of $$$$, until the next Swastika FF incident.
"Community Carpet-bombed with Hate"

Cries of 'anti-Semitism' vanish after suspect identified

NEW YORK -- More than 20 white, spray-painted swastikas were found early Monday morning [October 18, 2004] in the southern sections of Brooklyn and Queens [New York suburbs]. Two synagogues, two Jewish community centers, a Jewish funeral home, a rabbinical school, a medical building named after a Jew and numerous parked cars were targeted.

Investigators with the NYPD's Hate Crime Task Force swarmed over the area before sun-up, dusting for fingerprints, photographing and taking paint samples, then trying to remove the swastikas as quickly as possible so that the ultra-sensitive minority would not have to view the hated symbol of the Third Reich. The Judeo-authorities say this crime spree was particularly brazen because most of the synagogues and community centers have security cameras that are on 24 hours a day.
"It's all one and the same pattern, it appears," a hate-police spokesperson told the dozens of reporters who had gathered outside one of the victimized synagogues. After the morning service, curious Jews milled around hoping to see what had happened.
"I thought that with everything that's happening in the world right now, that it was going to hit us and it did," moaned Lenore Greenberg, 74, who learned of the incident from the rabbi during the service. "I'm angry, very upset, as are all of the congregants here," she said, adding it was particularly galling that the vandalism occurred on the Sabbath. "It's just sick," said her husband, Jack Greenberg, 78...

Meanwhile, Assemblyman Dov Hikind [more on Div below] offered a $5,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the "anti-Semites" responsible.

By mid-afternoon, the elite "Hate Crime" Task Force had made their arrest. Olga Abramovich, 49, of Brooklyn, was charged with criminal mischief and "related crimes," police said. The woman admitted targeting about 20 sites because she was angry at her former husband, a Jew, for dumping her and marrying a younger woman. An empty spray-paint can was found in the trunk of her vehicle.

Since the arrest, the media has dropped all mention of "hate" and "anti-Semitism." The candlelight vigils have been canceled. The ADL will not be issuing a press release.
This false flag was done on the Jew holy day, Saturday. Jews are supposed to refrain from many kinds of work/activities-known as melakha--on the Sabbath, like writing, unless they get a Rabbi exemption or get a Shabbos goy--a Gentile--to perform those VERBOTEN tasks. Like spray-painting Swastikas on synagogues. But I bet that is so enjoyed by the Jew terrorists, they do the painting themselves.
Doesn't matter if it's 2004 or 2018, the usual suspects keep playing this cruel game to maintain their eternal victim status, garner pity, sympathy and the mandatory outpouring of tax dollars from the city/state/nation's Treasury to their pockets.

And it's been going on for centuries....all over the western world.

Five Jews Arrested for Painting Swastikas on Israel Consulate

Jewish man accused of spray-painting swastikas on own home
Suspect arrested for spraying swastikas at Amsterdam Jewish cemetery

Police would not reveal the suspect’s identity or what they say his motives were for painting the Nazi symbol on the external wall of the 300-year-old Zeeburg Jewish Cemetery.

In 2013, the Zeeburg cemetery was reopened after nearly 70 years of neglect with the help of a few dozen Moroccan and Jewish youths who volunteered to renovate and clean up the area. Some 175,000 Jews are buried in the cemetery, located in the eastern part of the capital.

Along with other volunteers referred by the city of Amsterdam, the youths painted over graffiti-covered walls, cut overgrown grass and weeds, and helped restore some of the paths that crisscross the site.

In total, the restoration cost about $150,000, which was raised from Jewish and non-Jewish sources, including the city.
Notice there's no perps name, SOP for when a Jew gets caught. If his name had been Mohamed, it would of been all over the news. And that the cemetery had been neglected for nearly 70 years, but now, local Jews were able to fleece the Dutch GOY to pay for the remodeling.

Jewish suspects arrested over swastika graffiti on synagogues

Three students arrested in connection with a swastika spray-painted at their school

Jewish man arrested 'after posting swastikas on doors'
Romania: Anti-Semitic graffiti found at Elie Wiesel's home

The Romanian group for Monitoring and Fighting Anti-Semitism called it an act of vandalism against the “memory of Elie Wiesel, the memory of the Holocaust victims and the souls of the Holocaust survivors.”

Let me guess. HeLie Weasel's home is in need of remodeling and this will bring on a flood of shekels. Stay tuned! Yep, just click here to donate some much needed shekels GOYIM!

Another neglected Jew cemetery is in need of funds to rehab the place and like magic, an anti-Semitic 'hate crime' happens!

Hoax Alert: Pollution in Plock (2018)

After a thousand or so years of pulling these hateful stunts, many times duping the GOYIM into believing lies, it gave Jew Inc the idea for this:

"Will the REAL anti-Semites Please Stand up?"
Teen living in Israel charged with federal hate crimes in threats received by Jewish facilities

A teenager with dual U.S. and Israeli citizenship has been indicted on hate crimes and making false threats in what federal prosecutors assert was a multi-state torrent of hundreds of calls last winter to Jewish community centers and institutions, including the Israeli Embassy.

Michael Ron David Kadar - who is 19 and lived in Ashkelon, Israel, at the time of the alleged threats - was charged in a criminal complaint in April of making false bomb threats to Jewish sites in Florida from January to March 7, 2017, giving false information to police about harm to people in Georgia, and cyberstalking.

Prosecutors allege he used Internet services to place a telephone bomb threat to the ADL in Washington on March 7 and emailed a similar threat March 9 that pipe bombs had been placed in the Israeli Embassy. Karad also is accused of taking "extraordinary steps to conceal his identity and location" through technology, including voice alteration to make it sound as if a woman were the caller, use of proxy IP addresses, virtual currencies and caller ID "spoofing," U.S. Justice Department officials have said.
Although the FBI issued an extradition warrant for Kadar to Israel, our good friend and ally has refused the summons. They know an actual investigation could lead to places us GOY are best kept in the dark about.

Kadar made thousands of these threats, not hundreds. The outlet that told the real number, the German media site DW, just had to add a large pic of some Holocau$t™ memorial/story half-way thru the article.

"Nevar forget the 6 gorillion, Goyim. Now send us moar shekels for our pain!"

Using advanced technology, like voice alteration and caller ID spoofing, plus his BTC stash meant that some intelligence outfit or security firm was helping this 19 yo cry 'Wolf.' The threat to the ADL was a nice touch. It then allows those Gentile haters to scream that anti-Semites are growing in numbers, so send us more shekels so we can fight the menace they probably helped to create. And demand that Congress pass laws that will virtually wipe-out our Free Speech rights.
You might recognize the name of NYC Assemblyman Dov Hikind, a rabid supporter of Zionists, Apartheid Israel and those endless 'Wars for Wall Street and Israel.' He's also a bit of a racist, when he proclaimed in 2005:
Hikind has advocated for the profiling of Muslims of Middle Eastern and South Asian background as a response to terrorism. In 2005 he sponsored a bill to allow police to focus on Middle-Eastern men in subway bag searches. At a news conference, holding up photos of Muslim men, he said, "The individuals involved [in terrorism] basically look like this. Why must police think twice before examining people of a particular group?"

"There is a particular group who engage in these [terror] activities," Oddo told New York 1, a cable television news station. "They're not skinny balding Italian Americans from Staten Island."
Constantly kvetching about those nasty Nazis, as explained by the millions of holoFRAUD survivors....
...allows the Jews to get away with murder....literally. As Palestinians can attest to, since they're the real victims of an actual holocaust, the planned genocide of the indigenous Palestinians.


The comments about the REAL 9/11 terrorists at the 1:14 mark are interesting. And if you like magic, at the 5:54 mark, watch a 100 ton passenger jet disappear into the South Tower, AKA WTC 2. Amazing, simply amazing!

"There is a particular group who engage in these [terror] activities." Yes, they do and pretend to be our best friend and only ME ally, while they deftly pick our pockets, use False Flags to get Congress to keep sending our sons and daughters off to fight yet another war for the glory of Israel and stick a knife in our collective back.

I know this might be difficult to believe, but Dov is the son of Holocau$t™ survivors!

Dov is retiring from his cushy Assemblyman job. Maybe this is why?
Feds subpoena Hikind-associated charity for funneling millions in taxpayer cash May 2018

Assemblyman Dov Hikind touted the many “other opportunities” awaiting him when he abruptly announced his retirement — and one of them may involve a rematch with the feds, The Post has learned. The Brooklyn US Attorney’s Office slapped subpoenas on a Brooklyn-based Jewish charity that funneled millions in taxpayer cash to another nonprofit, which hired Hikind’s two sons, both organizations confirmed...

That cash got passed along to a charity called Our Place, where records reveal Hikind’s adult sons, Yoni and Shmuel ­Hikind, were employed as counselors for troubled Jewish teens...

The 18-term Brooklyn Democrat — who sparked controversy in 2013 by wearing blackface while hosting a costume party celebrating the Jewish holiday of Purim—unexpectedly announced his retirement from the Assembly late last month in a YouTube video that was vague on his future plans.

In 2014, Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s since-disbanded Moreland Commission to Investigate Public Corruption forwarded information it compiled about Hikind to Brooklyn federal prosecutors for potential investigation, a source told The Post at the time. The referral involved pork-barrel funds that Hikind steered to Maimonides Medical Center in his district, which paid Hikind $65,000 to produce ads on his radio show, according to reports.
"Youse Goyim are sticking your nosy noses into affairs that are way above your level of intelligence and the need to know. We tried to teach you that lesson on 9/11, but it looks like you knuckleheads need a refresher course!"
Jews can't eat bacon, but they sure do love pork. Why disband the Moreland Commission to Investigate Public Corruption? Were the investigations consistently leading to a certain group of ethnic gangsters who are very adept at fleecing GOYIM?

Wearing blackface? Say, maybe the NYT will hire Dov? Oops, forgot, they only want racists that hate white people!


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  4. To every Gentile on planet Earth : UNITE and destroy this human plague, this race of diabolical bloodthirsty cowardly pedophiles. You have no idea how scared of us they are ; THAT is why they are doing all the things they are doing ; because of their FEAR, and that fear is REAL, it is warranted, because we Gentiles have had enough !! It is time to engage the FINAL SOLUTION to humanity's problem !! DEATH to our enemy, NOW !! And let no man say these vermin don't deserve it. They have EARNED it. In fact . . . THEY WANT IT.

  5. They openly say they intend to kill everyone on the planet.

    They have been doing it for thousands of years.

    Now they really have the weapons to carry it out.

    So...the final war is near.

    You're NOT being given any other choice.

    1. Anonymous, I take some comfort in your words is mind-boggling to me...i have come across and met some educated, humorous and wonderful people, filled with character and logic, critical thinking skills, humility, and overall common sense, so i know these people exist out there in the world....yet I am not lucky enough to be surrounded by such people in my corner of the world...I have nobody with which to even discuss this stuff and it's a real downer...i feel very alone in my 'fight' and wish i had others around me who truly understood the gravity of this situation.
      I wish I could do even one small thing to help contribute to the gentile cause - for now I do my best to share with as many people as possible, even though it has cost me a bit - I will never back down because there is too much out there available that backs up what we know & freely talk about among ourselves in certain circles online. I continue to learn new things every day & so many pieces of the puzzle have come together - it is quite sickening, too, and now it is more blatantly obvious then ever before, with their new national law.

  6. They even have lying much bs can you cram in one place?–Gaza_barrier


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