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Letter from an Antioch Orthodox Father Concerning Russia & the Degradation of the West (Sub-titled "Do Jews Worship Satan"?)

The Antioch Orthodox church still allows its clergy to marry, which the Vatican does not, a practice going back to around the 11th Century. Before that, priests could and did marry, have normal sexual relations with their wife and raise a family. Upon dying, they would will any material possessions to their family, as is natural to do. The Vatican realized they were letting slip thru their grubby fingers lots of loot, so they forbade priests getting married, so that when they left this world, any possessions they had would go to the Vatican.
In the early 11th century Pope Benedict VIII responded to the decline in priestly morality by issuing a rule prohibiting the children of priests from inheriting property. A few decades later Pope Gregory VII issued a decree against clerical marriages.
That idiotic piece of greed has caused a whole slew of problems, mostly in the area of priests engaging in homosexual behavior with young boys. Trying to deny your body's hard-wired sexual procreation mandate is asking for trouble.

Father Ruskin ministers to the Orthodox Christians of Whangarei, NZ.

Now onto the blog, "Letter from an Antioch Orthodox Father Concerning Russia & the Degradation of the West (Sub-titled "Do Jews Worship Satan"?)"

This is the West's future, unless SANE people realize we're being destroyed from within and get off their asses and start raising hell.They can't reproduce, so they recruit, using bright colors and outrageous outfits to attract young, gullible minds.
Fr Michael Ruskin/July 3, 2018

A key pivot of the Christian West is the acceptance of self responsibility. While it’s necessary to be aware of external threats it is also profitable to examine ourselves. The real threat we face is from within, not without. Russia is corrupt and we are not? They want to destroy us and we don’t them to assume feudal status in a western led process of globalization? Who is surrounding whom with military bases?

Moscow isn’t dismantling the EU, it’s their own self loathing multi-culturalists who are flooding Europe with immigrants who are achieving that. They can’t protect their women and children, they have porous borders, yet we are supposed to fear a malignant Russia intent on invasion.

The Russians aren’t spawning neocon wars of death and destruction throughout the Middle East and in the Ukraine. They did not floodlight the Kremlin in rainbow colours and declare same sex unions marriages. Is Putin forcing us into such ideological absurdities? A marriage is the union of opposites whereas same sex unions are the addition of the same.

The West has become a secular atheistic project. Alienated from Christ who gave shape to our civilisation we now celebrate baseness and produce very little that edifies the human spirit. Whatever is happening in Russia is for them to work out. It’s drawing a long bow to suggest they resurrected the Church to lull us into a false calmness before deceptively overwhelming us. Much more likely that they have rejected a man centered worldview, whereas, we have adopted one. They are walking, however awkwardly, toward the light while we rush headlong into the dark. I do not see we need to fear them so much as the abject state we have willingly chosen.
The good (and intelligent Father) was responding to this article "The Russia deception of Western nationalists and the Church" in the "Fitzpatrick Informer."
Dear Brothers:

A small minority of us in the Western nationalist movement feel it imperative to alert leaders and persons of influence in our sphere of the great Russia deception. For it seems the great majority in our movement are being deceived on a massive scale by a decades-old, highly sophisticated, and highly co-ordinated campaign to lure the Church and Western nationalists into a trap in order to finally clinch world communistic government.

Essentially, the deception lies in the mistaken belief in the collapse of communist power in Russia, in the supposed Sino-Soviet split, and in the alleged rebirth of conservatism/nationalism/Christian orthodoxy in the current Russian Federation. Soviet defector Anatoliy Golitsyn attempted to warn the world of this grand Russia deception in the 1980s through his contacts in the Central Intelligence Agency; however, we fear his efforts may have been sabotaged by Zionist agents within the CIA, namely one James Jesus Angleton. As a result, his message appears to have been blocked from reaching the appropriate channels of power in government and, ultimately, omitted from foreign policy plans of Western nations.....
Fitzpatrick runs a decent blog, doing an excellent job of exposing Tubby the Grifter as the best POTUS Israel has had since the crypto-Jew traitor LBJ. His five-part series, "Trump controlled by Mossad," is on the money and worth reading or at the very least, browsing thru.
Now you know why 9/11 Inside Man, former NYC Mayor Giuliani is on Trump's staff....uh, that didn't come out right.

But I believe this time, Fitzpatrick is the one being deceived, as his so-called Soviet defector, Anatoliy Golitsyn was accused of spreading lies and deceptions.

Back when the WaPo actually had journalists. Or rather, as they were called then, reporters, they reported on doubts about the lies attacking Yuri I. Nosenko, who the CIA physically and mentally tortured for over 3 years, but he still stuck to his story that Golitsyn was a Soviet 'plant' or double-agent, whose defection to the West was part of a long running Soviet psyops plan.
Angleton did not object when David Murphy, then head of the Soviet Russia Division, ordered him [ Yuri Nosenko] held in solitary confinement for approximately three-and-a-half years. This solitary confinement included 16 months in a tiny attic with no windows or furniture, heat or air conditioning. Human contact was completely banned. He was given a shower once a week and had no television, reading material, radio, exercise, or toothbrush. Interrogations were frequent and intensive. He spent an additional four months in a ten-foot by ten-foot concrete bunker in Camp Peary. He was told that this condition would continue for 25 years unless he confessed to being a Soviet spy.
On March 1st 1969, Nosenko was formally acknowledged to be a genuine defector, and released, with financial compensation from the CIA.

If there's one involved in this sordid episode that is suspect, it's James Jesus Angleton, was chief of CIA Counterintelligence from 1954 to 1975. Not only did he help Israel get nukes, Angleton also deliberately broke laws by using the CIA to spy on Americans domestically, in a program called "Operation CHAOS."

"Pleased to Meet You GOYIM, Hoped you Guessed my Name"

Who--or what--would be mean and nasty enough to want to destroy any semblance of sanity on Earth?
Because SEX always sells and is a great way to lead ostensibly moral people on the Road to Hell. With Israel--and its world-wide gang of Sayanim--the more deviant and perverse, the better.
What Is A Sayanim?

The Sayanim is any Jewish person, that can be called on to assist another Jew in any cause. Since birth, the Jewish people have been taught of their superiority... and need for cohesion. The Sephardic Jews are the upper level of the race, and the Ashkenazim, which constitute 95% of all Jews, are the worker parasites of the race. Since the Sephardics first converted the AshkeNAZI, they brainwashed them into the idea that the world is their enemy and their fellow Jew is a "Quiet Guardian".

Who Is A Sayanim?

Every Jewish person is expected to be a potential agent (spy/sayanim), in varying degrees.

What Will They Do?

If the Jewish people sense a potential threat, the Jewish Sayanim is authorized to commit anything from simple harassment to business ruin, and even multiple murders. The Columbine Massacre was a perfect example. The police knew there were seven people involved, but five students, two sets of parents, one employer and psychiatrists, provided alibis and corrupted evidence.


Your Jewish accountant will relay any private bookkeeping info to a Jewish competitor, your friendly Jewish pharmacist will assist your Jewish doctor to poison you, a clerk at VISA will supply your private credit information to anyone, the list is endless.

“Satanic Cult Awareness” Training Guide

Found in the archives of the U.S. Department of Justice, this 1988 document lays out the rituals, mind control methods and the symbolism of satanic groups in the United States.

Sabbat sounds very similar to Judaism's Shabbat, and their holiest celebration, Purim, is suspiciously close to the Satanic celebrations between the Autumn Equinox and Halloween.

Any Questions?


  1. Judas-ism.

    Goats btw especially when they are a few days old are very lively and beautiful creatures.


    Perestroika Gorbatstjov is a jew. Yeltsin was a jew. Putin is a jew. In that sense the USSR is still going strong. In that sense Golitsyn is right.

    The priest writes on Russia: ´Much more likely that they have rejected a man centered worldview and we have adopted one. They are walking, however awkwardly, toward the light while we rush headlong into the dark. I do not see we need to fear them so much as the abject state we have willingly chosen.´

    Well, they have not rejected a man centered worldview. They let already for nearly 20 years one man run their world.

    The Russian Orthodox Church is run by old KGB buddies of P. who fakes being a Russian Orthodox believer. Two topmost rabbis of judas-ism, his real ´religion´, crowned him king of the jews a few years ago.

    And above all: the Kremlin is run by yids and so is the WH.

    The priest (if he is a catho, also if he is not) would do well to write letters to the Argentinian pedo pope who gives his many pink pedo priests a carte blanche.


    2 quite unknown images:

    Satanist K. Marx wrote a letter to Lincoln and congratulated him with stablising centralised govt.

    Lincoln idolised by the American communist party 1939.

    Lincoln was also in favor of a central bank btw.

    see: gj-comments at

    And yes under pressure he abolished slavery, and no, he is not the Great Emancipator:

    see: Debunking Lincoln

    CIA O

    1. I don't trust Putin, even though Russia--so far--has saved Syria from complete murderous anarchy.

      Of the nine Russian oligarchs that looted hundreds of billions from Russia after the USSR fell apart, EIGHT were Jews and Putin seems to be on a friendly basis with those crooks.
      He also pushed thru the Duma a law forbidding asking questions about the holoHOAX.

      And he's been in power too long.

  2. Check out.

    CIA O


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