Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Are Smart Phones Making People Dumb?

Here in Israel's colony of America, I'd say YES. I'll give some examples:

You've heard of the term, 'defensive driving,' where you stay extra sharp and keep scanning the road, looking for drivers who might be distracted by too little sleep or having an argument with their significant other or the ones you see weaving back and forth, thinking "That driver is drunk or high, need to GTFO the road or pass this fool."

Now when you see someone driving erratically, you can bet it's not because of booze or drugs, but their smart phones. Damn near every time you pass them, they'll be chatting on the phone or worse, texting and driving at the same time.

I also do 'defensive walking,' which is to keep an eye open for those cell phone junkies whose face is glued to the screen, oblivious to real world they're walking in. Seen them walk into people, road signs, or onto crosswalks into traffic, because they didn't look up to see the traffic signal.

You can bet they're waging a furious battle on the Twitter field of combat, and everyone else is just collateral damage. Speaking of Twitter, instead of sane people having reasonable or even heated discussions, many times its like watching a beef bone being tossed into a cage of starving dogs.

Back around 1995, thought the Internet was going to usher in a new Golden Era for humanity, since people would have the world's largest library at their disposal.

Boy was I ever wrong.


  1. that video is sickening- and the mother is an idiot

    1. "and the mother is an idiot"

      In more ways than one. Smart phone EMF waves have been shown to damage an adult brain, so what can they do to a baby's? And what she's doing to that baby is a form of torture, just to make a U BOOB video.

  2. she is also reinforcing negative behaviour patterns..
    ie: scream and you'll be rewarded
    the fact she thinks it's funny speaks to her being an imbecile as well

    Yes, she is an idiot in so many ways

  3. Is this a video of Cryin' Chucky Schumer ?


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